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Contemporary poster design #2

Contemporary Poster Design #2

Hello and welcome to our contemporary poster design series! Today we have a stunning selection of 24 posters coming to us from Atelier Martino&Jaña, Diego L. Rodríguez, Francois Hoang & Grzegorz Domaradzki! So lets enjoy their works! Did you know? By the 1890s, the technique had spread throughout Europe. A number of noted French artists […]

Silhouettes by Julie de Waroquier

Amazing conceptual photography

Today’s photography (and photographic art since some of them are slightly photoshoped ) is coming to us by the photographers Michel Rajkovic , Julie de Waroquier, Mikko Lagerstedt and Michal Giedrojc! They may make you dream, or feel lonely but either way definitely amazed! Lets enjoy them! Images are displayed here because they are licensed as Creative Commons – Attribution at the Behance […]

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