a nice living room

Tips for Designing a Contemporary Home Living Room

When it comes to home living rooms, many people think that the only way to achieve a contemporary look is by using hard edges and cold colors. While this may be true in some cases, there are many ways to create a modern living room using warm and inviting materials. This article will explore some

augmented reality

How Mobile Technology Revolutionized How the World Appreciates Visual Arts

Many think that technology is very distant from the art territory. But many fields will always have something that’ll connect them. You can say that mobile phones back then lacked style until parts became smaller. This paved the way for mobile phone manufacturers to focus more on design. Now that’s a solid connection between technology

Travel photos

Travel Photography: A Continental Journey of Visuals

If you are a travel photographer or at least aspiring to be one, you must be frustrated at not being to go out and enjoy your craft due to the current pandemic situation. To make the most of this time, you can start to plan and make your itinerary for journeying around the world as

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