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Be Careful When Looking For a Wedding Photographer

You definitely would want your wedding to be perfect in all the aspects. Whether it’s your wedding dress or table settings at the venue, you want everything to be perfect that day.  So is the case with your wedding photographer. Photographers are like magicians who capture the most memorable moments of your life on a piece of paper. Here are some tips to be followed in order to find a perfect and flawless photographer for your wedding.

Familiarize Yourself With Various Styles of Wedding Photography- Wedding photography offers a wide array of styles to choose from. You can choose from traditional, classic, journalistic and many more styles. It’s better to have a look at some of the wedding photographs of your friends. You can also have some suggestions from the internet. Google is the best way to reach any kind of information these days. It’s better to contact a photographer after finalizing the style you want to go with. However, if you want to consult it with your photographer, having some information beforehand will be better.

Define Your Budget Considerations- If you don’t want to waste your time in a professional which later turns out to be out of your reach, you should start only after defining your budget. Searching a photographer without knowing your budget capacities will include lots of unsuitable options in your list unnecessarily which will waste your precious time.

Collect Some References- The first step towards a good professional is to collect a few references. There are lots of ways to collect references. The first one is to consult your friends, colleagues and neighbors. They may be of great help in such a situation. If you don’t get much of references through the, you can also have help of the internet. There are lots of sites which provide such references with contact details of the photographers. Yellow pages may also be viewed to collect such references.

Have a Look at the Website of the Photographer- You can visit the website of the photographer to have an idea about his work. But remember, you don’t have to be impressed by the grandeur of the website. Go to the page which features the portfolio of the photographer. Observe all the photos carefully to ascertain the quality of the work of the professional. Other pages of the websites may be accessed to know other things about the photographer.

Go Through Online Reviews- If the professional you are considering is proposed by some of your friends, you can skip this part but if you have got the references from the internet or yellow pages, it’s imperative to have some reviews about them. The most convenient place to have such reviews is the internet. Scads of review websites are there to assist you. But don’t consider the reviews and testimonials on the sites of the photographers. They are not as reliable as reviews posted on review sites.

Select a Full Time Photographer- The world of photography keeps on changing continuously. So you would want to deal with a photographer who is completely aware of all the recent changes in photography. So it’s always advisable to hire a professional which is a full time photographer. Such photographers keep in regular touch with the other professionals of the industry and acquaint with all the changes instantly. A part time photographer will not be so aware of the latest trends. Hiring a full time photographer means you will have superior quality due to the use of the latest techniques and a wide range of options to choose from.

Ask Him for Some Samples- You must ask the wedding photographer to show you some samples of his work. Here we are not talking about a few masterpieces created by the photographer. They can be seen in the portfolio also. This time you should ask the professional to provide you a complete album of a wedding. It will let you have a better idea about the quality of the professional. If you find that just some main photos are shot and developed beautifully and the other ones are not that good, then you know what to do. Enter the contract with a photographer only after being absolutely satisfied with his quality.

Ask for Some Customers References- No good professional will deter from providing references of his old or existing customers to new ones. If he knows that he is providing efficient services, he will find no problem with it. You must ask the photographer you are considering about some of the customers references. If the photographer refuses to do so, you shouldn’t consider him anymore. And if he provides the references, contact some of the customers and try to find out how satisfied are they with the services of the professional.

Confirm the Contents of the Package- You must be aware of all the things you are to receive in the package of wedding photographs. Various photographers offer different packages to their customers. You must make sure that you receive all that you want in your wedding photography package. If you are planning to have a grand and large wedding, maybe you have to hire two photographers for thorough coverage.

Going through all the above steps can make you reach a good wedding photographer. You definitely will not want to compromise with the quality of the photographs of this special day of your life. So make your selection wisely.

Article by Yon Rolf

Yon Rolf is a professional photographer in Las Vegas who likes to share his knowledge about photography with all those who are interested in it. He is also writer for Sarah Timmins Photography. Being a veteran of the industry, he has every that information about photography that can turn even a layman into a professional. No change in photography world can go unnoticed by him.

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By John Loo

Wedding Photography Props – The Do’s and Dont’s

Every bride wants to capture every beautiful and memorable moment on her wedding day, and aside from the formal shots, it is becoming more popular and requested that wedding photography include some informal and cheeky shots. Incorporating props that go along with your wedding theme and style can make for some great candid shots and showcase a favorite hobby. If you both love to fish, for example, an inflatable fish at the end of a rod adds a touch of whimsy.

The same holds true for your wedding. You want to capture all the fun that everyone is having -especially since you can’t be a part of it all- but your photographer can’t be everywhere at once.

One of the most popular additions to traditional wedding photographers is the photo booth. It’s fun, it’s interactive, and it gives all of the special people in your life an opportunity to document their presence in your big day. A photo booth captures the joy of innocent children and is also good for recording guests like work friends. Even the bride and groom should make a point to steal a moment or two alone in the booth and capture some fun, romantic, and intimate photos.

Be sure to place the photo booth somewhere that everyone will be congregating, like by the food or drinks tables. To capture the spirit of unadulterated joy and fun at your events, provide props. Props are fun for all ages, and can liven up even the dullest photographs. Still shots, while nice and necessary, won’t have you laughing hysterically decades from now when you look back at grandma playing an inflatable saxophone with giant sunglasses. Props can bring out anybody’s goofy side, and the funny photos you’ll get will be priceless.

Here are some more creative prop ideas to enhance the photographic memories of your special day.

From dinosaurs to monkeys and giraffes or giant pink flamingos, blow-up animals provide a fun backdrop. Musical instruments, like guitars and drums and saxophones, are also available. These work best with the larger photo booth rentals. They might seem silly, but watch everyone come and have a look at these inflatables and not be able to resist the urge to have a couple of funny photos.

Parasols and Umbrellas:

Depending on the size of the photo booth, parasols and umbrellas can be a great prop, lending a sense of nostalgia to the scene. Try to choose ones that match the wedding party colors.

Feather Boas:
Dressing up in feather boas and brightly colored scarves can be a whole lot of fun, especially for the ladies and little girls.

Nerdy – Dork Glasses:
Nerdy glasses can be found pretty much anywhere. Look at thrift stores, rummage sales, or dollar stores. Buy the largest, geekiest, weirdest glass you can find.

Antique Frames:
Look for old frames from thrift stores and rummages sales. Spray paint them in funky colors, like bright pink neon, glitter, or shiny metallics. This gives your guests the opportunity to frame themselves.

Hats can be expensive, but when you keep an eye out for them on clearance, or scour the area thrift stores, you can find a reasonably inexpensive way of letting your guests add some style and flair to their photo ops. Concentrate a tad more on mens’ hats, like top hats or fedoras. The ladies aren’t as likely to want to risk their hairdos. The bride can also consider asking some of the men in the family to donate any unused hats to the cause.

Fake Flowers:
Bouquet of fake flowers fashioned from your bridal colors can be fun to replicate the bride’s flowers. Craft stores and dollar stores usually have flowers and ribbons that can quickly be fashioned into mini bouquets for little girls to play make-believe for their photos.

Moustache on a Stick:
Handlebar moustaches, frames that say “Wanted-Reward,” one-dimensional hats, and thought bubbles are just a few of the items available at party stores. You name it, they’ve got it. If you need to stick to a tight budget, these are totally ripe for a do-it-yourself project.

Who doesn’t love wigs? While they may not be the most popular prop at the start of the gala, as the day wears on and the libations flow, wigs can become surprisingly popular, even with the men! Scouring second hand stores always reveals a few long-lost wigs laying around.

Everybody, young and old, loves bubbles! They look great floating around in photos and they are so inexpensive, they are a must-have prop.

Place a giant blank poster-board somewhere in the venue, this provides an opportunity for the guests to leave their well wishes right there on the day and as emotions rise.

Additional Tips:

  1. Find a trunk or lightweight storage container to store all of your different props in. Decorate it in theme colors of the wedding.
  2. Carouse the dollar stores, resale boutiques and thrift stores for hats, gloves, boxing gloves, hand cuffs, ties, belts, gaudy jewelry or anything that will encourage people to be wacky.
  3. Disposable cameras are a great way for your guests to capture whatever is going on in their circle. How do you ensure that Uncle Bill’s hilarious moves on the dance floor are captured? With disposables! Depending on your budget, each table can have one or everyone in the wedding party have their own. Children can capture some incredibly poignant shots, reminding everyone how life is seen through a child’s eyes.

While props are fun, traditional wedding photographs provide that touch of timeless class, and a photographer is still needed. Adding props provides a great interactive way for guests to get involved, but you don’t want to forget about the “real” pictures, either. Like everything in life, balance is key.

Every wedding is special, but time passes, memories fade, and real life sets in. Being able to look back at the day through photographs helps to remind us what is really important. We see the people who have come and gone, we take delight in the beauty, laugh at our goofiness, and we cherish those thoughts and images even more.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by John Loo

Article by Nada

Nada is a content writer interested in all things to do with wedding photography, in particular wedding photography Melbourne. Nada enjoys exploring and sharing her knowledge, learning and photography experiences.

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By: Sean MacEntee

Important Questions to Ask to Your Photographer for Ensuring Unique Wedding Memories

It can be sometimes debilitating in selecting the most suitable wedding photographer for your most valuable day in your life. Undoubtedly, you will desire for the ideal wedding photography, may be gamos photography without investing much in it. You will surely love to have a photographer who will not only take snaps in the style of your vision but will give you memories to cherish for life. Moreover, you will need a professional who is experienced, understanding, creative, and easy to work with. So, how do you ensure that you will choose the right professional? Well, choosing the right wedding photographer becomes easy when you are aware of what to ask.

You can begin by calling and taking an interview of each of the promising photographers for narrowing your choices. The very first think to know is whether they are available on the day of your wedding or not. If not, you simply have to leave them, thus, narrowing down the list instantly. Then, you need to find out prices along with the style of wedding photography (posed style, black and white, or color). Once you shortlist the photographers after this interrogation, you then will have to set up a face-to-face interview. In some cases, the photographer with whom you talk may not be the one who will take care of your event. Therefore, ensure that you meet the photographer who will be in charge of your event. At the time of interview, asking the following questions will make it easy to finalize the most suitable one.

What’s the Level of Experience?

It does not suffice to have a professional photographer. In fact, the photographer should also be an experienced professional who is now an expert in wedding photography for conserving your beautiful memories in an efficient manner. After all, it is the most memorable day of your life. Further, knowing about the prior experience gives you an idea of the film and flash required to obtain the desired outcome. So, it makes much sense to ask your photographer regarding his experience.

  • How many years of experience you have in professional wedding photography?
  • Did you have a formal training or degree in this field?
  • Is this photography a hobby or profession for you?
  • How frequently you photograph in weddings?
  • Have you photographed in the fixed location before?
  • Do you use professional equipments? Is there any backup in case any equipment suddenly ceases to function?

Can I View Your Portfolio?

Photography is a creative art due to which it is a subjective matter. Therefore, you may or may not like the style of a particular photographer. Therefore, ensure that you take a view a portfolio of former weddings the professional has photographed for obtaining a good idea of what to expect on your big day. Take a look of the portfolio from beginning to end, instead of just going through the best photos. Ask the pro about the style in use as many like posed shots while rest loves more candid shots. In addition, also ask about the usage of color photos and digital camera.

Can I Get in Writing?

This is for getting a contract for protection if you are discontented with the photography services. When you take the help of the judicial system for settlement, it will only consider the clauses present in the contract. So, ensure to obtain all details in writing, such as expected services, schedule, cancellation policy, fees, all details of your photo packages, name and address of yours as well as of your photographer, and date. Finally, the copy should be signed.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Sean MacEntee

Article by Hannah Hedwig

Hannah Hedwig is a professional blogger who loves to write on topics related to travel and personal events. She was recently looking for a professional photographer for her wedding due to which she came across Hannah was quite happy with its service.

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By Mike Baird

Some Tips to Make Your Wedding Photographs Outstandingly Beautiful

Wedding holds special importance in the life of a person. People start to plan for it months ago. One has to make all the choices very carefully while planning the wedding. One of the toughest choices you have to make here will be the selection of the photographer. A good photographer knows perfectly which moment is to captured and from which angle. But you can also make some efforts to make your wedding photos look amazing. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Price Should be Considered at Last- While searching for a good photographer, don’t have a glance at the prices until you judge their work. Just pay attention to the quality of work and then try to find out the prices. The prices of professionals make a psychological impact on our minds which doesn’t let us judge their capabilities perfectly. For example, if we know that a photographer is charging high for his services, we will try to find quality in his work, regardless of his actual performance. But the price is definitely not a determinant of the quality of a photographer anyhow.
  • Suggest Some Ideas to the Photographer- Your ideas and preferences can be of great help in giving a personalized touch to the photographs making them unique and outstanding. You can suggest some portrait locations to him which are very important for you like the restaurant where you had your first date, the garden where the proposal was made or some other memorable place.
  • Get Your Formal Photographs Shot Before the Ceremony- If there’s no problem, you can ask the photographer to shoot the formal photos before the ceremony. If you choose to do so, you will have a lot of time for the guests and also it will let you enjoy the wedding care freely as all the formal shots would have been taken. In this modern era, nobody deem it bad luck to see his bride prior to the wedding.
  • Appoint Somebody to Manage the Shooting- You can appoint a person from your side who can help the photographer in calling the people who are to be shot. The person appointed for the purpose should be familiar with most of the guests so that he or she can manage the things effectively. It will make the process quicker and more efficient for the wedding photographer.
  • Keep a Touch Up Kit Near You- You must keep a touch up kit with your maid of honor to make you look refreshed and beautiful throughout the ceremony. The kit should be having an important touch up things like lipstick, hair spray, blotting paper etc. You have to look beautiful in all your wedding photographs, so don’t let the glow on your face fade during the entire wedding.
  • Drink Plenty of Water- You must drink lots of water on your wedding day. In fact you should make it a habit before a few days of the wedding. The dehydrated body doesn’t look good. It makes the body and face lose its freshness. But being the main attraction of the day, you need to be refreshed all the time. So keep on drinking water at short intervals.
  • Keep Yourself In perfect Position- You must pay attention to your position while being photographed. Try as much as possible to be in front of the camera. After all it’s your day, so you should be highlighted most. Take great care all the times that you are facing the guests and camera all the time so that you look perfect in all the photos.
  • Plan Your Exit- Planning your exit can be of great help in creating exceptionally good photographs. Moreover, it gives one more opportunity for the guests to have a look at the couple before leaving. Such a set-off can make the wedding photographer to capture these particular moments beautifully.
  • Relax and Enjoy- Don’t let any worries annoy you on the auspicious day of your wedding. You should be absolutely relaxed and enjoy the wedding. The joy in your heart will reflect on your face and thus the photographs will look even more fabulous.

Taking care of all the above things will certainly make you receive exceptionally fine-looking photographs, but as discussed earlier, the selection of a good photographer is imperative. Making an online search has become the best way to find out all the required information about all sorts of professionals. All the photographers of twenty first century know how important it is to maintain an online presence. They all are there on the internet with their official sites.

You can visit the sites of the wedding photographers and go through their portfolio to ascertain the quality of their work. Accessing the portfolio of a photographer is the best way to ascertain his performance. You can also take help of the review sites to assess more about its capabilities. These reviews are offered by those who have already got their weddings photographed by the photographer. So they may be relied on unhesitatingly.

Select a good wedding photographer and make the charm of your wedding unforgettable through remarkable photographs. After all, it’s one of the most important occasions of your life.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Mike Baird

Article by Yon Raulf

Yon Raulf is regularly writing articles and shares his views on photography topics. He is experience holder on wedding photography in Las Vegas. He talks about the various aspects associated with this line of work.


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What You Can Do to Avoid Wedding Photography Nightmares

Your wedding day is a special event that is going to take a place in your memory for many years to come. This is the one day that you’ll want to have go perfectly and you have done everything you can within your power to find the best professionals to help this perfection come to light. As the married couple though, you’ll also have to do your part and help the professionals so that they can do their job right and produce the products and services just the way you want them.

When it comes to photography at a wedding, you’ll have a few responsibilities of your own to take care of. It’s not only a bad photographer that can cause poor photos to come out of a photo shoot but also the people that are having their pictures taken. Here are some of the things you can do to help out the photographer that you have hired for your wedding so that you get the exact shots you want.

Give the photographer a schedule

The photographer should not be expected to be a mind reader and know exactly when the cake is going to be cut, when the first dance will take place and when the bouquet is going to be thrown. While the schedule doesn’t have to be exactly down to the minute, there should be a rough time estimate given to the photographer so that they know where they should be during the event. Remember that the photographer is only human too and may need to take a bathroom break and time to eat and should know when the major events of the wedding will be happening.

Slow down the major events

It’s going to be difficult for your wedding photographer to get a great picture of you and your spouse cutting the cake if you do it too quickly. Even though you are ecstatic and have your mind in a million different places, try to remember that the photographer is there and needs you to slow down for some picture taking. The more shots the photographer is able to take, the better chance you have of ending up with some stunning photos.

Ask the photographer what they need

When you hire a photographer the first thing you’re going to do is talk to them about pricing and the type of photos you want taken at your wedding. Once you have found a good photographer to work with you’ll have to also find out what they need from you in order to take the best pictures. Don’t be afraid to write down what their needs are and address them on your wedding day.

There is so much that you want to have perfect on this special day but getting great photos is one of the most important things that you need to concentrate on. When the day has come and gone, these photos are going to be your lasting memory of the event and something that you can send to your family and friends as special mementos of the occasion. Make sure that you do your part to avoid wedding photography nightmares so that you end up with the best pictures possible.

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Article by Jessica Josh

Jessica Josh is an author who has been blogging and writing online for a number of years.  Her love of wedding photography, wedding trends and fashion has allowed her to review companies such as

How to Find and Appoint a Good Wedding Photographer

Your wedding ceremony is one of the most precious and unmatched moment of life. Capture your memories by finding the best wedding photographer to help ensure everlasting pleasure while avoiding expensive photo shoots. Post your requirements and receive offers from various wedding photographers. Search for popular wedding photographers to hire the top person for finest job. When searching online, you come across a variety of wedding photography websites where quality services delivered with detailed budget recommended for you.

Choosing the wrong wedding photographer has particular consequences as doing it yourself, so you have to choose wisely when deciding for wedding ceremony. Ask as many people as you can before hiring wedding photographers in UK, see if anyone knows someone that has done good work before and now it’s your turn to cherish the magical moments of life. Always check for the licensed wedding photographers. By the way, having the license means that they have met the permissible guidelines to do the job professionally.

Make sure that you get the best quality on photo prints as far as wedding ceremony goes with lots of happy moments. Its huge responsibility to capture happiest moments of life for newly wed couple. That’s why wedding photographer is the professional that will gain immense admiration from wedding couple.

Few more things you should know before opting for wedding photographers in UK:

  • Always look for the charges applied by them for each photo print.
  • How much they will charge for enlarged prints asked for few special prints.
  • In which format photographs will be delivered to us.
  • What kind of photographic camera will photographer set up for shoot.
  • Do wedding photographers offer packages for special parts of event?
  • Do they have time to assist in photo editing if asked by us?

Wedding is the most precious celebration in someone’s life that needs special photo shoot from professional photographers. For pleasant feel, you should hire the best wedding photographer in town. You are in better position to get the best wedding photographer for that magical event, whether that’s a famous photographer or not.

Add a bit of uniqueness to your wedding photographs by asking for prints on canvas. Achieve that exact look you are searching for walls as canvas prints ideally creates magic on eyes of viewers.  You spent hard earned money on wedding photography so make sure they are printed on canvas for beautiful appearance of walls with pleasant moments relived by you with each day.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by kate hiscock

Article by Mike

Mike is a guest post writer and occasionally writes blog for canvasdesign that’s always working with impressive ideas of photo to canvas conversion and delivering the best quality service for buyers.


The Artistic Wedding Photography of Carlo Carletti

It’s a pleasure to feature an array of wedding photos by Carlo Carletti – lead photographer of the studio based in Tuscany Italy.

Carlo Carletti is an award winning wedding photographer with a unique informal contemporary approach to wedding photography. He was born in 1966 in Tuscany and always been passionate about photography. His talent was exposed very early in life as a creative photographer right from the start with his publications on the landscapes of Tuscany.

What I find interesting about Carlo’s work is the underlying narration of the event – the ability to tell a story and capture the emotions: people don’t remember what you say, what you do will eventually fade away with time, but they will never forget the way you make them feel and this is what makes this line of contemporary wedding photography such an intense narration – a timeless tale which comes to life every time the wedding photo album is viewed.

Carlo’s photojournalist career starts in 1987 as a freelance for newspapers and magazines in Tuscany, but immediately develops a liking for wedding photography as couples discovered Italy as a primary wedding destination. His vocation develops into a career in 1997.

Carlo’s motto: Embrace the Event, Live the moment – I’ll be your narrator

Here are some Wedding photos by Carlo Carletti: