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There are many tricks and techniques out there to help you improve the quality of your photos and your photography skills. Below I have compiled a list with great articles and resources that cover various aspects of photography and have been published in the past here at Make your ideas art.

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Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Sean MacEntee

Article publié pour la première fois le 29/11/2013

Tips you need to take into account while considering mountains photography

The noteworthy aspect that associates with any form of adventure is the true sense of finding something new. Coming across an incredible piece of land and mountain arouses interest in the mind of an adventure admirer. Individuals who are more than interested to avail benefit of a perfect tour always prefers to use the services of a travel agent. A travel agent is the concerned individual who performs all the necessary arrangements related to the travel.

Avail Travel Agent

There is no point in opting for travel agencies without performing the necessary research. Launching an effective online research can assist you to find the travel agent who can suit your requirements in an appropriate manner. It is vital to perform a cautious selection of the travel agent. A reliable travel agent can assist you to decide on the travel packages that suits your requirement in a suitable manner. The fact that there are a number of agents offering their services makes it possible to make an appropriate choice suiting your purpose.

Enjoy Proper Guidance

Opting for a planned tour can relieve you from all sorts of worries. Adventure admirers can expect to gain true relaxation by considering the option of planned tour. Performing all types of packing activities on ones own effort cause hassles. The travel agents can ensure appropriate guidance and organization related to all tasks involved with travel packing. Apart from seeking help from a travel agent, there are a few other tips that can help to make your tour an indeed memorable one.

Perform Online Research

Gaining a clear conception about the place in advance is helpful in making your visit a truly memorable experience. It is truly a splendid thought to gain detailed facts and information about the food, culture and lifestyle of the place you are contemplating to visit. Adventure admirers who are planning to visit remote and local places can always consider holding a pre-travel notion related to the same. You can always perform an exhaustive online research and gain vital facts and details about the best places to visit and culture and lifestyle of the people of that area. It is a delightful thought to move around in a relaxed manner and gain a realistic conception about all aspects.

Photography Boosts Travelling Experience

Adventure lovers who remain interested to visit hill places must attach due importance to the aspect of mountains photography. However, you must gain a concrete idea about your exact location. It is equally vital to hold a clear understanding about the positioning and lighting effects if you plan to take the ultimate photograph. You must also remain creative if you want to take the best picture of the tourist attraction. The candid photos that are creative and appealing can help you to cherish the best moments of your life for an extended period. You must keep your eyes open for a long time so as to take the creative snapshot.

A majority of the individuals remains interested to take mountains photography since it helps to cherish the best travelling moments for an extended period. You can always consider your shots so as to make the memory exciting and long lasting. You can always carry along with you a tripod that can make the photographic experience even more exciting and hence make the tour enjoyable. Equally crucial is to make sure that the lenses and sensors are maintained in a clear condition so as to improve the photographic effect. A majority of the adventure lovers remains more than interested to visit mountains since it helps to enjoy the true beauty of nature. The thought of visiting hilly locations excites all individuals.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution photo by Raymond Bucko, SJ

Article by Ryan Holman

Ryan Holman is a published fine art photographer from USA. He is specialising in the nature landscape, mountains photography, city landscape and many more. He get inspired capturing images that make him feel emotional.

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/04/2013

Top Tips on How to Improve Your Wedding Photography Skills

If you are interested in becoming a wedding photographer, you need to first take steps to improve your photography skills. You may love photography, but turning your hobby into a profession that pays will require time, effort and dedication.

Here are some top tips on how you can make your hobby into profession and become successful in it:

  • Learn About Photography Equipment and Gear: Spend time learning as much as possible about different photography equipment, gear and accessories. Professional photography is not about pointing and shooting. It requires many equipment and you should know how to use them and understand their functions.
  • Check Your Equipment: Before you begin taking shots, it is important that you check your gear. This means your camera, lens and lights should be in good working order to ensure quality pictures.
  • Plan Your Photo Shoot: Wedding photography is not about reaching the venue and shooting pictures. It requires proper planning where you can stand and shoot and what angles will give you the best photos. This is the reason why professional wedding photographers like to visit the venue before the actual event. You too can do this by planning the entire shoot and for this make it a point to visit the venue. You can also use this opportunity to instruct your clients how to pose for the photo shoot.
  • Get Instructions from Your Clients: Most couples have an idea what they want out of their wedding photographs. So sit and have a detailed talk with your clients and ask them if they have any special request or instructions. Make a note of it and ensure that you incorporate them while you are taking photographs. If some of their requests seem outrageous, explain politely why it cannot be incorporated.
  • Get an Assistant: As a professional photographer, you need an assistant to help you set up the props, camera tripod, lighting and other stuff that you may need to ensure high quality images. So hire an assistant, who knows how to use a camera. This way, if the need arises, you can also ask your assistant to click a few shots.
  • Have Backup Gear: Always carry backup gear, so that if something goes wrong with the camera, lights or lenses, you have a spare to fall back on. This will allow you to work without getting stressed out.
  • Use Continuous Shooting Mode: To click fabulous wedding photographs, make sure you set your camera on continuous shooting mode. This will allow you to get great shots and ensure that you do not miss out on important pictures. Always ensure that while shooting you take honest shots of the couple, their family and guests. This will allow you to capture emotions and the mood of the wedding and make your pictures great.
  • Enjoy Your Work: If you want to be successful and be counted as one of the best wedding photographers in Charleston SC, make sure that you enjoy your work. Have fun while clicking photographs without losing any of your professionalism and expertise.

You will find many wedding photographers, both amateur and professional. However, to become a good and sought-after photographer, you need to constantly hone your skills. Get a great portfolio ready by clicking photographs of your friend’s or family member’s wedding. Use this portfolio to showcase your skill and expertise as a wedding photographer. Keep practicing and improving your skills and before you know it, you will be one of the better photographers in Charleston SC.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by  Robert Raines

Article by Erin

Erin is considered to be one of the best wedding photographers in Charleston SC. If you are planning a wedding, he would be the ideal choice and you will be extremely happy with the quality of his pictures and the creativity and passion that he puts into each photo shoot.


Article publié pour la première fois le 10/05/2013

Christy Thompson at Canal Room

Tips to Get Some Great Pictures on Events

Having been a part of some events as a photographer, I have come to understand that photography is more about catching the perfect moment rather than trying to make one. The beauty of the picture comes with the honesty and subtlety of the emotions that are being captured. Adding some simple touches to your work can make a world of difference to the results.

Introduce Yourself

At any event, a photographer is one of the people who will get in touch with just about everyone. Take a minute of the guest’s time and introduce yourself. Do make a polite request of photographing them so that once you take a picture, they do not express their displeasure on an unwanted picture being captured. Also ask them if they are interested in large size with relatively cheap canvas prints later on. Some might be interested in getting larger sizes of their snaps.

Study Your Audience

The people you will be photographing are your audience and like any artist, closely study them. Have a close look at their emotions of joy, pleasure, concern and care. Feel the energy and connect with them understanding their feelings.

Photograph with a Purpose

As you become more and more familiar with the event and the people, you will automatically be able to locate chances of capturing some great stills. As you have already sought permission, you can take some pictures without intimating the person who is being photographed. This often helps you bring out the very best of pictures. Many people are not comfortable with being photographed and act unnaturally in front of the camera. Catching them unaware can help you in taking some of their most memorable pictures. Also take the pictures considering that these may have to be printed on photo paper. If the pictures were to be printed on a larger size, for example, using canvas printing, will they look good?

Take Your Time

There are no prizes for clicking fast; it will only help you filling your memory cards with pictures that are not of good quality. Take your time if you want to get the best pictures. Make sure that the lens has been properly adjusted and lighting for the picture is adequate and you will not under or over expose the snap.

Take Multiple Photos

Make sure that you take at least two of a kind. Sometimes the best in the business are unable to deliver in a single snap shot or on occasions, a second shot is even better. Either way, having a back shot, if not two, is something you must do.

Get Closer

Although modern cameras allow you to zoom in from long distances, it is ideal that you get closer while you take a picture. The results in general get better and you are able to get sharper images. It also allows you to focus more on the person or persons you are looking to photograph and the distractions such as people moving around are least. A clearer picture will help in getting great results if one wants to have prints on canvas for these pictures.

Be Prepared

A great opportunity can arrive at any point. Never be in a slumber when you are working and be sure to have your mind ready for such an opportunity. As soon as one provides itself to you, pounce on it.

Be Yourself

Do not try to imitate other’s style of photography. Everyone has his or her own instinct and you must follow it. Know what suits you more and follow the style that you feel confident with. The rest will fall in place by itself.

Featured Image: CC NC Attribution photo by DeShaun Craddock – source

Article by Serven

Serven is professional writers he wrotes many article about different categories. Now is currently writing for photography tips.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/02/2013


Taking Beautiful Photos Using Your Point-and-Shoot Camera

No matter how impressive, expensive or feature-packed a camera is, the one thing that manufacturers can’t include in the state-of-the-art design of any camera is the ability to use it well. Taking great photos is about timing, a discerning eye and a love of the visual. As a photographer you can take beautiful photos with nothing more advanced than a point-and-shoot or even a smartphone camera. These few short tips will help you find out how.

Read the Manual, then Experiment

Many people use a point and shoot straight out of the box, sticking to a preferred general setting. Most of these cameras come with menu settings that would have blown away a professional camera fifteen years ago. Start by taking your time to familiarize yourself with the features, and when you know that the option for taking photos of close-up text is just a few clicks away, try experimenting. What happens when you take a portrait with this setting? What effects do you get from taking a photograph in a dimly lit restaurant with the sunset setting? Play, experiment, enjoy.

Stop Taking Portraits

One of the key distinctions between a professional photograph and an amateur one is that professionals keep the focus away from the centre of the image. When you’re filming something – and a good point-and-shoot takes photos and records videos – that is the only time to put your subject on center. Instead, include your subject within the environment. Place them to either side, with interesting parts of the fore- and background having as much importance. You can produce very good pictures by playing with contrast, highlights and angles.

Tell a Story

Photography is about capturing a moment, not capturing a person or a thing. This is the most fundamental mistake people make when taking photos. Use the whole space within your viewfinder to capture a moment that tells a story. Once you’ve experimented with your settings, stopped taking portraits and developed an appreciation of details and even the mundane, you can start to take professional quality photographs by experimenting with things like silhouettes, patterns and ‘artsy’ photographs that capture something suggestive instead of explicit.

Turn of the Flash

One of the greatest discoveries you will make in experimenting with settings is that there are ways to avoid using the flash. When you have to use one, dampen it, as the flash on a point-and-shoot will simply bleach your photos of color and depth.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/09/2013

By Thomas Abbs

Depth Of Field: Improving Your Creative Photography Skills

Considering how so many people are openly sharing their knowledge about photography, it’s no wonder why there are a lot of photography techniques to make your pictures look better.

CC Attribution by Jim Kelly

Although a professional photographer has several techniques up his sleeve, one that’s commonly used is the depth of field (DOF). Because of how dramatic the effects of depth of field are in your photo, mastering it will take your photography skill a notch higher.

But before we even start discussing about DOF, let’s get to its description first so we’d all be on the same page.


“The distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera.”

What does that definition mean to you? It simply means that you need to learn how make your image background super blurry so you can take cool photography! But there is a lot more to it than that. If you can master DOF then you can take creative photographs just like a pro. But to become a true master is an art.

Let’s now take a look at the things that you need to know about DOF:

1.)     Learning about aperture is a must

The Aperture of a camera refers to the lens diaphragm size that regulates the amount of light that’s allowed to pass into the camera at the moment of exposure. It controls your depth of field.

The larger your aperture is, the shallower your depth of field becomes. Conversely, the smaller your aperture is, the deeper depth of field you’ll get causing more focus on the entire image. The aperture is measured by using a scale of f-stops.

Since adjusting the aperture plays a key role when controlling your depth of field, having a camera with an aperture of full manual mode is highly advisable. This allows you more control by making micro level changes on your depth of field.

CC – Attribution by Tim Sheerman-Chase

2.)    The background and positioning matters

Regardless of how large your aperture is, if there is no object in your target image’s background, then you won’t be able to convey its depth of field effectively.

Having said that, aside from choosing the right aperture, be sure to position yourself accordingly so as to make the background visible when capturing photos.

The DOF also plays a key role in softening the background or blending your target object to the background. Through the use of depth of field, even if your background looks busy, you can still soften it by making the whole image cohesive.

3.)    Zooming in and out affects the depth of field

Now if you’re in a hurry, instead of adjusting your aperture to get the right figures, you can instead use the zoom in or zoom out feature of your camera.

Zoom in = Lowers/minimizes the depth of field

Zoom out = Increase/maximize the depth of field

If you have photography techniques that you’d like to share, I want you to know that I am as interested to hear about what you have to say. I urge you to share your tips in the comments section below so we can start learning form each other making each other better photographers one technique at a time.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Thomas Abbs

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/04/2013

By Mike Baird

Some Tips to Make Your Wedding Photographs Outstandingly Beautiful

Wedding holds special importance in the life of a person. People start to plan for it months ago. One has to make all the choices very carefully while planning the wedding. One of the toughest choices you have to make here will be the selection of the photographer. A good photographer knows perfectly which moment is to captured and from which angle. But you can also make some efforts to make your wedding photos look amazing. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Price Should be Considered at Last- While searching for a good photographer, don’t have a glance at the prices until you judge their work. Just pay attention to the quality of work and then try to find out the prices. The prices of professionals make a psychological impact on our minds which doesn’t let us judge their capabilities perfectly. For example, if we know that a photographer is charging high for his services, we will try to find quality in his work, regardless of his actual performance. But the price is definitely not a determinant of the quality of a photographer anyhow.
  • Suggest Some Ideas to the Photographer- Your ideas and preferences can be of great help in giving a personalized touch to the photographs making them unique and outstanding. You can suggest some portrait locations to him which are very important for you like the restaurant where you had your first date, the garden where the proposal was made or some other memorable place.
  • Get Your Formal Photographs Shot Before the Ceremony- If there’s no problem, you can ask the photographer to shoot the formal photos before the ceremony. If you choose to do so, you will have a lot of time for the guests and also it will let you enjoy the wedding care freely as all the formal shots would have been taken. In this modern era, nobody deem it bad luck to see his bride prior to the wedding.
  • Appoint Somebody to Manage the Shooting- You can appoint a person from your side who can help the photographer in calling the people who are to be shot. The person appointed for the purpose should be familiar with most of the guests so that he or she can manage the things effectively. It will make the process quicker and more efficient for the wedding photographer.
  • Keep a Touch Up Kit Near You- You must keep a touch up kit with your maid of honor to make you look refreshed and beautiful throughout the ceremony. The kit should be having an important touch up things like lipstick, hair spray, blotting paper etc. You have to look beautiful in all your wedding photographs, so don’t let the glow on your face fade during the entire wedding.
  • Drink Plenty of Water- You must drink lots of water on your wedding day. In fact you should make it a habit before a few days of the wedding. The dehydrated body doesn’t look good. It makes the body and face lose its freshness. But being the main attraction of the day, you need to be refreshed all the time. So keep on drinking water at short intervals.
  • Keep Yourself In perfect Position- You must pay attention to your position while being photographed. Try as much as possible to be in front of the camera. After all it’s your day, so you should be highlighted most. Take great care all the times that you are facing the guests and camera all the time so that you look perfect in all the photos.
  • Plan Your Exit- Planning your exit can be of great help in creating exceptionally good photographs. Moreover, it gives one more opportunity for the guests to have a look at the couple before leaving. Such a set-off can make the wedding photographer to capture these particular moments beautifully.
  • Relax and Enjoy- Don’t let any worries annoy you on the auspicious day of your wedding. You should be absolutely relaxed and enjoy the wedding. The joy in your heart will reflect on your face and thus the photographs will look even more fabulous.

Taking care of all the above things will certainly make you receive exceptionally fine-looking photographs, but as discussed earlier, the selection of a good photographer is imperative. Making an online search has become the best way to find out all the required information about all sorts of professionals. All the photographers of twenty first century know how important it is to maintain an online presence. They all are there on the internet with their official sites.

You can visit the sites of the wedding photographers and go through their portfolio to ascertain the quality of their work. Accessing the portfolio of a photographer is the best way to ascertain his performance. You can also take help of the review sites to assess more about its capabilities. These reviews are offered by those who have already got their weddings photographed by the photographer. So they may be relied on unhesitatingly.

Select a good wedding photographer and make the charm of your wedding unforgettable through remarkable photographs. After all, it’s one of the most important occasions of your life.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Mike Baird

Article by Yon Raulf

Yon Raulf is regularly writing articles and shares his views on photography topics. He is experience holder on wedding photography in Las Vegas. He talks about the various aspects associated with this line of work.


Article publié pour la première fois le 13/05/2013