Tips on Turning Old Spaces into New

If you want to convert or transform your old room, space or house into something that is new, you will need to look at the possibility of hiring the services of interior designers in Mumbai. If you lack the requisite financial resources, you can still choose to do this task on your own. You can give the space your own unique style that is not in any other house within the neighborhood or elsewhere for that matter. If you feel that the furniture is old, or that the interior design is outdated, then there are a few things you can perform on it to transform it completely and make it into something that is new.

If you are concerned about the huge sums of money you might be forced to spend, you should not be. It is not true that every time you want to carry out a new project involving interior designers in India, that you must set aside some huge sums of money. Even though you will pay some fee, it doesn’t have to be top dollar rates. Now this is not to say that you need to get rid of all your furniture, even if it is heirloom simply because you don’t want to be the odd one out by failing to buy and fit IKEA furniture in the house. You can still use the same furniture if you feel they are of sentimental value to you.

When you finally decide to improve the old space and transform it into something that is new and fresh, you will have to seek out the expert input of interior designers in India. The interiors can be contrasted expertly and creatively in such a way that you end up with an entirely new design. Get some modern furnishings and use them to accentuate the old interiors that you wish to change. Simple refinishing of the structural beams, crown molding, door frames and window is enough to make it appear as new as anything you might have imagined.

In order to create a fresh interior, which is far from the old, you ought to invest in the best painters and experts with the right tools to carry out stripping, and refinishing. If you decide to hire the experts of interior designers in Mumbai, you will need to check their expertise in the area of replacing hardware in the house to create a new look. The goal is not to be lost even as you work on improving your interiors. If the end product is not an attractive house interior, then there is no point in progressing with this task. If there are hanging light fixtures, why don’t you replace them with recessed lighting?

If you have wooden furniture in your house, you don’t have to throw them out simply because you wish to create a new look in your house. You can repaint them, or refinish them remarkably well. If your items of furniture are fitted with strolled legs, you can have this replaced with straight and contemporary styles that create a very clean image.

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Author Bio

The author is highly experienced interior designer. He has worked with several interior designers in Mumbai. His experience in this field was obtained while working wit the most successful interior designers in India. He is currently training new interior designers in India, which is one of the best countries to practice new ideas, while integrating them with the old.




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By Wicker Paradise

Useful Interior Designing Ideas to Add a Little Zest to Your Bedroom

What comes to your mind when you think about your bedroom? Well, it is a tranquil retreat, a place where you rejuvenate yourself after a tired working day. Disorganized bedroom with clothes and things messed up as well as unexciting posters, furniture can leave you stressed.

Among the several rooms, bedroom is one area of the house that is generally neglected. This is because guests seldom enter this room and you spend most of your time taking a nap. Since you can relax and revitalize yourself in the bedroom, it is important to ensure that it is the most inviting room in the house – a place where you can take pleasure in the time you spend.

If you are all geared up to renovate your bedroom and feel that a tight budget could thwart your efforts then consider these valuable suggestions to add a little zest to your bedroom.

Apply New/Fresh Coat of Paint

The very first thing that you need to do to brighten up your room is to apply fresh coat of paint. Don’t undervalue new colors, particularly when it comes to changing the ambience of a room. Considering your feelings about certain colors is key to enhancing your bedrooms value.

For a relaxed feeling try painting your room with blue color. Red or purple shade for the walls of your bedroom must be applied if you want it to give you an intimate feel. These are wonderful colors that add vigor and create a romantic atmosphere to a cozy bedroom.

Hang Up Some Art

Show your artistic skills by hanging up your creative pieces on the walls of your bedroom. To stay motivated hang up inspirational quotes and you can even make a collage of your family or other things that truly inspire you. Adding beautiful art work adds personality and style to your bedroom.

Create Your Own Headboard

If you find that your bed’s headboard is making you doze off, then it is time you get started creating your own headboard. There are innumerable ways to renovate your headboard without spending thousands of dollars.

One of the best ways is to utilize unused items. An old door comes handy to create an amazing headboard. Cut off the ends of the door and smoothen it, apply a fresh coat of paint to it and your headboard seems to be all ready.

If you find that your bedroom is all cluttered up, you need to pay attention to organizing your living space. Try donating or selling unwanted items or store them in storage units offered by firms like Londonremovals.

Look out for inexpensive shelving to store items. This makes your bedroom well organized and adds in style to the room.  

Featured Image:  Creative Commons – Attribution by Wicker Paradise

Article by Samuel Joyce

Samuel Joyce is a devout writer but also happens to be working with london removals Company from the past seven years. He had since then contributed several topics related to home improvement, home removals, interior decoration etc for many blogs. He lives in London with his wife and a lovely child. He loves to spend his time with family and friends.

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Surprise Your Spouse With Handmade Gifts2

Surprise Your Spouse With Handmade Gifts

Is your spouse’s birthday coming soon? Or is your anniversary just round the corner? Or you would like to surprise your beloved one for no reason at all, just to manifest your love towards him/her. That means you will need a nice and original present to give to your sweetheart. But what exactly? The stores are filled with tons of ‘ready’ gifts you can just pick up and give to your spouse, but this somehow shows lack of character, so to say. In other words, you need a unique present that is not already owned by thousands of people. And a sure way to achieve this is to come up with a nice idea and actually make the gift yourself. Not only will this be cheaper but also tells a lot for you in terms of how much you care for you significant other. Here are some ideas you can find interesting.

1. Cookies in a jar

What better way to show your love than through presenting sweets? If you and your spouse share the same opinion, try out this idea. It’s not actually the whole ready cookies, but rather all dry ingredients that constitute the cookies. They are to be layered in a jar and it will make up an attractive presentation. The jar can be decorated with ribbon and fabric and you can also use a small piece of string to attach the recipe to the jar.

2. Homemade bath salts in a jar

Another jar-related idea. What’s good about jars is that you can re-use old jar you have laying around the house, clean them well with E17 whatever you like and also decorate them. This gift is inexpensive AND luxurious. A typical recipe includes baking soda, sea salt, food coloring (it would be best to use natural varieties), some glycerin (it’s better if it’s vegetable-based) and the aromatic poils you like the most. Presentation is the key. Again, the jar can be decorated whichever way you prefer.

3. A holiday wreath

A welcoming and impressive holiday gift, whatever the occasion, is a living wreath. They are quite easy to make – you just need evergreen boughs, wire and assorted greenery. Plus an hour or two of free time. Soon, you will have a couple of wreaths which would cost you more than $50 if you were to buy them off the store.

4. A reusable shopping totebag

Now this is a nice gift that’s not only useful but also environmentally friendly. Nowadays,when there are literally millions of plastic bags used and disposed on a monthly basis, the use of a bag, made of fabric that one can carry to the store numerous times is more than encouraged. Basic sewing skills is all you need, as making such a bag is not that difficult.

5. DIY orange candles
It’s exactly what the name suggests – candles, made out of oranges. As with the previous projects, this one is also not to difficult to make. Get an orange, cut it in two half-spheres and scoop out the meaty part, leaving just the rind. On the bottom half-sphere, leave the stringy white part – it is to be used as a fuse. Fill the same half-sphere with olive oil and light the aforementioned stringy white part. Poke some holes into the top part and cover. You will not only have a romantic light, but also pleasant orange aroma.

Article Images are provided and/or licensed by the author.

Article by Cindy Davis

Cindy Davis is blogger, writer and housewife. She likes writing about home improvement and home maintenance topics, including household cleaning. Her present article includes helpful and useful tips on how to surprise your beloved one in untypical and original way.

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10 Exclusive Home Décor Tips

Shifting to an empty home is just like starting drawing on a blank paper. You have an open ended question and countless answers to respond. For having a successful result you should be wise and decisive, so that you could opt for suitability yet beauty for your home premises. Presently the trend of interior designing is becoming increasingly popular. This emerging interest is encouraging many designers to write tips and ideas for having an exclusive home décor.

Different articles along with illustrations are making it easier for everyone to approach new styles and designs for decorating home environment.  For sharing more regarding this here I am going to describe 10 exclusive additions to your home décor.

1. Creative candles:

Small candles with creative stands look amazing in your dwelling. The empty shelves over your fireplace can be filled with these little candles. Depending upon your selected theme you can choose them in any style. They are available in different shapes like a wide range of spring flowers candles are visible in different stores.

2. Draped panels:

Sometimes little is more than enough same is the case with draped panels over curtains. By hanging a plain contrasting color fabric over your room curtains you can create a formal yet exciting feel. This is an inexpensive and admirable idea.

3. Beads as separators:

Without spending much on expensive screens you can also create fabulous beads separators. Take colorful beads and fill them in a string, make several strings and then hang them between the door spaces. This will cover the space like a curtain and with give a beautiful glance along with soothing voice on every touch.

4. Textured walls:

Plain walls are becoming outdated; presently the trend of textured walls is prevailing all around. For having variety you can treat with any single wall of each room in a same style but with different colors. This will create harmony in your dwelling. It’s not always necessary that you opt for expensive patterns you can also paste cheap wall papers.

5. Unique lampshades:

Carved lampshades tinted in different contrasting colors are amazing artifacts. You can cover corner spaces by placing creative lamps. This will serve you in a multiple way.

6. Display kids art:

Kid’s room is also an important portion of your house. While decorating other portions you cannot leave this part as it is. For adding interesting feel you can display your kid’s art work through variety of ways. By hanging a colorful bulletin board, you can create a focal point in their sleep corner this will help you in displaying their cute drawings.

7. Framed old memories:

For adding more emotional attachment in you for your dwelling, you can select few of your memorable family pictures. Mount them with an attractive frame and hang them against the wall. Few framed photos will add up life in your space.

8. Striking table tops:

Empty table tops look informal and often untidy. To give them a nice looks, place small braided table clothes over them. This will look more pleasant and tidy.

9. Exclusive cushions:

Cushions covered with amazing styles along with interesting shapes look very attractive. Stitch small eye catching sofa cushions for your sofa beds and even for your bed to rise up its beauty.

10. Rugs:

Small rugs with traditional designs are much more fascinating. Cover your empty spaces with them and enhance the attractiveness of your plain floor.

These were the 10 cheap and exclusive ideas for your home décor. Add them in your house and enjoy the best surrounding. Hope you like it.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Reiner Kraft

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By: Adele Berenstein

Choosing Contemporary Art For Your Home

Contemporary art can serve many functions in your home. It can be used to add a focal point to a room, make a space feel more intimate, or even to update a traditional design style. The key to choosing the right pieces is to think about the mood you want to create in the room and how the artwork can help you achieve it. Use these tips to help you get started:

1) Size up the space.

Size is a major consideration when choosing new artwork. You don’t want to overwhelm the wall with a piece that is too large or underutilise your space with pieces that are too small. The best rule of thumb is to mirror the size of the wall when choosing pieces: if you have a narrow vertical space, select a piece that is narrow and vertical as well. If you have a larger space, you may want to think about adding one large piece or a collection of photos to fill up the space. Remember that artwork should be displayed on the most prominent walls of the room, so take that into consideration when you’re sizing up your space. The mantle is an ideal space to hang artwork, as is the blank wall behind your living room couch.

2) Look for complementary colours.

While contemporary artwork won’t necessarily match the overall theme of your room, it should complement it. One easy way to do this is to choose a piece that utilises the same colour scheme as the rest of your interior. In particular, look for a piece that incorporates the room’s principal hue to pull the décor together. Remember that cool tones create a calming effect, while warm tones are more cosy and inviting. If you want to make your artwork the focal point of the room, consider hanging it on an accent wall to naturally guide the eye.

3) Consider the frame.

Canvas paintings can be hung without a frame, while paintings and drawings done on paper will likely require one. When choosing a frame, it’s important to take into account both the artwork itself and the overall architectural style of the room. For contemporary artwork, a simple flat frame is ideal. Gold frames complement artwork and room décor that incorporates a warm colour palette, while silver frames are well-suited for a cool colour palette. Homes with an overall traditional or country décor might utilise natural wood frames, while ones with a more modern feel should stick with traditional black or silver frames. Whichever frame you choose, remember that it should highlight—rather than detract from—the artwork itself.

4) Play with light.

Lighting is an important consideration when displaying artwork. Living room ceiling lights like low-hanging pendant lights can be used to highlight artwork, as can well-positioned track lighting or accent lighting. You may also consider adding a lighting fixture with a dimmer switch so you can control illumination as you please. Pieces that are framed behind glass (e.g. paintings and drawings on paper) should not be hung opposite large windows, as natural light will create glare.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Adele Berenstein

Article by Mike Wimmer

Mike Wimmer is an interior designer and home stylist with a specialist love for Living room ceiling lights.

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Top Tips for a Creating a Stylish Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place where you can escape the rest of the world and lie back in a hot bath, leaving your troubles outside the door. There is no better way to chill out and relax after a long day. However, all too often our bathrooms become cluttered and messy, preventing us from getting as much out of them as we should be.

If this is the case with your bathroom, here are some quick tips to make it into the most stylish, relaxing room in the house in no time at all.

Give It A Makeover

One of the best ways to make an instant difference is to make all of those minor repairs and changes that you have been meaning to do for so long. Before you do anything else, fix those cracked tiles, clear up the mould and fix any dripping taps. These minor changes can mean a big difference for you.

Buy a New Bath

A great way to make your bathroom a place where you want to spend as much time as possible is to invest in a new bathtub. If you have been stuck with the same old standard model for years, it’s time to treat yourself and get something really special.

A new bath won’t be cheap if you want something really special, but it will be money well spent. A free-standing bath is one of the most stylish types of bath that you can get. You will need the space for it, but if you have a large bathroom then it can be ideal.

Alternatively, opt for a whirlpool bath complete with a shower. This is the ultimate in luxury and will be like your own mini spa waiting for you after work every day. Throw in some stylish chrome taps and fittings and your new gorgeous bathroom will be well on its way.

Fit Stylish Lighting

Bathrooms can enjoy a huge boost from a few carefully placed lamps. Try to find some lighting solutions that are specially made for bathrooms, and then fit them in the corners and alcoves. You can even fit a light in the shower if you want. Use features like dimmers so that you can get the atmosphere just right, and make sure there is a place to light some candles.

Keep It Minimalistic

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom into a stylish room where you want to spend more time is to get rid of all of the clutter. This includes all of those bottles that have built up over the months. Buy yourself a simple cabinet if you don’t already have one, and keep everything out of sight to create a more minimalistic style that will help you to relax.

Make It Bigger

If space is lacking in your bathroom, a simple way to make it seem bigger is to add some strategically-placed mirrors. By adding mirrors you can help to make the rest of the room feel bigger so that you don’t feel so confined. It’s quick and simple, and you can make the mirror a feature of the room on its own by adding a stylish metal frame.

Get the Bathroom You Deserve

It’s not hard to get the perfect bathroom, it just takes a bit of work. Start with the tips above and see what changes you can make to your bathroom, and in a short space of time you could easily have the bathroom that you have always dreamed of.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Lindsay Grant

Article Joshua Lewis

Joshua Lewis is an expert on all things related to the bathroom. He works at Better Bathrooms, where you can find stylish and unique features for your bathroom.


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By: Reiner Kraft

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

If you’re like most homeowners, you want your living room to be a multi-functional space where you can spend the majority of your time. Choosing and executing the right theme is pivotal to creating the perfect ambience for both your family and your guests. Consider these pointers when designing your dream living room:

1) Do your homework and choose a design theme.

If you’re new to interior design, start by collecting ideas. Browse home décor websites to find living room design ideas that inspire you, then study them closely to identify the individual elements that carry the theme throughout the room. For example, a modern living room might juxtapose a solid-coloured couch with an area rug that has a punchy geometric print, while a formal Victorian living room might incorporate furniture with decorative wooden-carved embellishments and luxe fabrics alongside ornate window treatments and highly patterned flooring. Remember to consider both aesthetics and function when choosing a design style.

2) Find a focal point.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to start thinking about the arrangement of the room. Choosing a focal point for your living room and arranging your other pieces around it will help draw attention to your room’s key feature—a cosy fireplace, a grand piano, or a fascinating sculpture. No matter what you choose, make sure nothing else competes with it.

3) Create conversation areas.

Living rooms are social spaces, so when you’re finalising the layout of the room, create conversation areas where family and guests can easily chat with one another. Remember that sofas and chairs with backs are more comfortable than those without, so try to avoid ottomans, stools, and benches. Pull the area together with a coffee table and/or an area rug that fits your design style.

4) Find the perfect colour scheme.

This is a very important consideration that ties in with the overall theme and mood of the room. A colour scheme that utilises soft yellows and off-whites will create a warm yet traditional ambience, while one that incorporates earthy browns and kelly green seems to bring the natural world inside. Smokey blacks paired with greys, whites, and deep red accents give off a contemporary vibe, while rich purples and dark greys exude luxury. Remember that if you’re working with a smaller space, light hues can really help open up the room.

5) Let there be light.

The right lighting can turn your living room into a warm, inviting space. Living room ceiling lights come in a variety of design styles: an elegant chandelier might be perfect for a formal living room, while a ceiling fixture with a steel or chrome finish is ideal for a modern living room. Add track lighting and accent or cove lighting to highlight artwork or bookshelves when the lights go down, and place task lighting such as floor and table lamps near areas where you’ll be reading or working.

6) Personalise the room.

When your main design work is done, don’t forget to add a few finishing touches. Displaying your favourite artwork or family photos on the wall or placing plants near the window will help distinguish your new living room into a space of your very own.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Reiner Kraft

Article by Martin Simeonson

Martin Simeonson is a Danish interior designer with a passion for Scandinavian décor and blossoming love for UK DIY projects.

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How to Maximize Your Small Workspace

How to Maximize Your Small Workspace

In terms of our workspace, most of us are fairly limited, particularly if we’re discussing a home office. In fact, very few of us can afford the luxury of having a room at home that we can devote entirely to the functionality of an office.

Instead, we make “workspaces” in rooms that are typically used for other things as well. For example, a living room might provide us with a corner for a small desk and some space for storage. If there aren’t any other options in the house, that becomes your office.

Although it is not ideal, it’s what a lot of us are limited to work with, therefore, it’s a good idea to learn how to maximize and efficiently use the workspace that we do have.

Here are a few ways to do it:

1. Have a nice desk, chair and computer — The three things that you shouldn’t cheap out on would be the three things you’ll use most often. Your desk might have to be small, but that doesn’t mean it has to be junk. Try and find something that fits your needs, but keeps a high standard of quality as well.

Likewise, your chair is going to go a long way in determining how comfortable you are in your limited amount of work space. It also says something about the look and feel of where you’re working, so don’t be afraid to spend some extra money to make sure that you’re comfortably seated.

Your computer is the last piece of the puzzle and it will round out the core of your workspace. Again, if you pinch pennies here, you’re going to cost yourself productivity. Make sure your computer is fast enough to handle the work you’ll be doing. In addition, make sure that it won’t be too big or small for where it will be setting.

Whether you should get a laptop or a desktop is also something you’ll need to consider.

2. Go as minimal as possible — If you can get away with using just one pen, and not a whole cup full of them, then do so. In every other area possible, try to cut back on things and only make room for the items you absolutely need in order to be productive.

As so much work is done on a computer these days, the things you need to have in order to stay productive are probably minimal to begin with.

Just be certain that you don’t keep unnecessary items on your desk or on the floor space around your work area. Clutter will quickly choke a small workspace out and it will make you feel like you have even less room to use than you originally thought.

3. Target dark colors — Darker colors will appear to take up less space than light colors, which is nice as most office furniture is typically offered in darker shades.

If you have dark walls, this rule becomes somewhat flexible; however, you should avoid whites and lightly colored pieces to so that your space doesn’t end up looking more miniscule than it actually is. This won’t make or break you, but it can help if you’re already going in the right direction.

4. Keep it clean and organized — This goes along with the minimal idea, but in more of a sense that you need to keep your work area clean and organized as often as you can. A desk that is clear will look much more roomier compared to a desk with a lot of things out of place.

Having the minimal amount of items in your workspace will make this process easier, but it doesn’t guarantee that things will always be clean and organized. For that to happen, you’ve got to put the work in yourself.

That solution might sound simple, but the more effort you’re able to put into staying organized, the more efficient your workspace will be, regardless of how small the space is.

Featured Image: Licensed/Owned by the author 

Article by Marcela De Vivo

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who covers everything from marketing, tech, to health & wellness. She currently works with Protect America and just recently remodeled her home, so she studied up on designing the most productive workspace, which definitely paid off in the end!


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By: Greg Habermann

5 Home Improvement Ideas For Modern Homes

If you’re looking to increase the value of your home, you may be considering taking on a home improvement project. Make sure to choose projects that will increase the aesthetics and efficiency of your home both now and in the future. Here’s a run-down of the top 5 home improvement ideas for modern homes:

1) Energy efficient windows and steel entry door replacement

Sustainability is a hot topic in today’s housing market, so homeowners looking to increase property value should undertake projects that boost the energy efficiency of their home. Look for windows that have been given an A rating by the BFRC to replace your current single-pane windows; you’ll start seeing instant savings on your monthly household heating and cooling bills. Likewise, steel entry doors use magnetic weather stripping to maximise heating and cooling efficiency. And while they’re not perfect for all home designs, they’re sleek, modern look fits perfectly in a contemporary home.

2) Lighting

Updating the lighting fixtures in your home to have a more modern look can help boost the aesthetics and the value. LED lighting is becoming a staple in modern homes, and looks particularly luminous in pendant chandeliers. While steel and chrome finishes are trademark of the contemporary style, the latest trend is to add a pop of colour. Red glass chandeliers, blue glass mini pendants, and black chandeliers and pendant light all make great additions to a contemporary home, especially one with an otherwise muted colour scheme.

3) Upgraded appliances

Major kitchen appliances are more energy efficient than ever, so if you’ve been thinking about replacing your dishwasher or refrigerator/freezer unit, now is the time to do it. As with your window and entry door replacements, look for new appliances with a rating of A or above (e.g. A+ or A++) to ensure you’re getting the greenest technology on the market. Stainless steel is still the go-to choice for kitchen appliances, but now we’re seeing them being integrated into the kitchen cabinetry or the countertops to create a more seamless look.

4) Kitchen island

The kitchen island is now seen as a staple component of modern kitchens. Not only does it provide you with extra space to prepare meals, it also serves as an informal eating area and hangout spot. Kitchen islands work best in large spaces with open floor plans, but it is possible to add an island in a smaller space as well. The key is to make sure you have approximately 91 cm (36 in) of walk space around the island. For smaller rooms, a simple table or butcher’s trolley may function as an island, while larger rooms can accommodate two-sided or bi-level islands.

5) Updated flooring

Polished hardwood floors are a trademark feature of modern home design, but if it’s been some time since you moved in, they may be looking a little worse for wear. Consider sprucing them up with a product like Restor-A-Finish—which acts like a stain—or resurfacing them altogether. Another simple, cost-effective way to update your flooring is to buy new area rugs. Look for trending colours and punchy geometric prints to give your home that sleek modern feel.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Greg Habermann

Article by Martin Simeonson

Martin Simeonson is an interior designer full of advice on room decorating ideas with a Scandinavian twist.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/05/2013

Creative Commons - Attribution Photo from MAZZALIARMADI.IT on Flickr

Types of Bedroom Furniture

Moving into your first home can be a daunting task. There are just so many things you have to think of, from making sure the paper work is in order to closing the deal. If this is your first home, then you may not have a lot of stuff with you. That means you will have to buy and choose your furniture. More important, you must make sure you choose the right bedroom furniture. That’s because your bedroom is your sanctuary. At the end of hard day, all you probably want to do is go home and take a deep sleep in your comfy bed. Your bedroom must be your sanctuary, a place where you can rest. At the same time, it must also be functional. You will need a place where you put all your personal items, store them and keep them safe. That’s why your choice of bedroom furniture is very important. You need to make sure that you pick the right furniture so you will have the right kind of bedroom. And if you’ve never bought bedroom furniture before, you may not be sure about what to guide. So, read further so you will know about the different types of bedroom furniture.

Bed and Mattress

Of course, the centerpiece of your room will be your bed. You will need a bed that matches your personality and gives you the right comfort level you want. Most likely you will need to buy a separate mattress and bed frame. The mattress itself will have to be purchased at a specialty mattress store. They will have to expertise to help you pick the right firmness and material. Then, you will have to decide on the frame. The bed frame is what adds style and pizzazz to your boring old mattress. It will include the headboard, which is important when it comes to buying bed frames. If you’re the type of person who likes to read or sit up in bed, then you may want to purchase a cushioned headboard so you can sit up comfortably without having to use more pillows. Of course, it goes without saying that you should pick a design and style that suits your taste and matches the rest of your furniture. There are many types of bed frames today that you can have your choice. If your room is decorated in a modern style, you can opt for a platform bed or a metal bedframe with sleek, clean lines. If you’re more of a romantic, you can have a four poster bed made of wood to give your room an elegant, Old World feel.

Size is also an important consideration when it comes to purchasing beds and mattresses. There are industry-standard sizings when it comes to bed and mattresses and if you purchase a queen or king mattress, it should be able to fit in the same size frame from most manufacturers, but still, take measurements to be absolutely sure.

Side Tables

Side tables are important pieces especially for people who like to do other things in bed aside from sleeping. If you like to read in bed, you may want a place to keep your glasses and your reading lamp. Also, if you have any personal items you want to keep close, many side tables offer drawers and shelving so you can have extra storage space for them

Clothing Storage

Image provided and/or copyrighted by the author

Image provided and/or copyrighted by the author

You will most likely be using your bedroom as the place where you change in and out of your clothes, so it’s important you have clothes storage. Unless you have a walk-in closet, you will need some drawers and cabinets. If your home comes with built-in cabinets – great! You may just want to buy some extra closets in case you need them. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a closet and perhaps a set of drawers. A standing closet can be used for things you need to hang and keep upright, like dresses, shirts and jackets. A chest of drawers can help keep your clothes folded neatly and organized. Some companies may offer to help you create built-in closets as well, which can help you save on space.


If you have the space for it, you can also add some seating to your bedroom. For example, there are special benches your buy that you can put at the foot of your bed or by the window. These benches can also be built hollow so they can be used as extra storage underneath. Larger master bedrooms have a nook or alcove called a bedroom retreat. This is specially designed to hold a comfy chair for reading or sipping tea. You can add a pair of wingback chairs or a loveseat, plus a small table for holding drinks or books.

Additional Furniture

There may be other types of furniture that aren’t found in all bedrooms, but you may want to have them anyway. For example, you may want to have additional storage space. You can get some hope chests or trunks that you can place in the room or at the foot of your bed so you can store your precious items in. You may also want a display case with windows, if you have small souvenirs or antiques you always want to keep close and show off. If you love your gadgets and your home entertainment systems and want them in the bedroom, you should also get special furniture for them. You may want to get a multimedia center so you can place your flat screen TV at the right angle that’s comfortable for viewing in bed. There are also special types of cabinets that can keep these gadgets hidden in place so you can take them out when you want to watch something and store them away so it doesn’t destroy the aesthetics of the bedroom. If your bedroom also doubles as your home office, then you will need a desk where you can sit down and do your work in peace, without any distractions.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution Photo from MAZZALIARMADI.IT on Flickr – source

Article by Jess Ross

Myself Jess Ross is graduated with a double major in English and Business Management from the University of Ohio. A Columbus native, I went back to my home city after graduation to work in several advertising companies, before striking it out on my own in Shanghai, China, working for an International furniture manufacturing company in East Asia. I helped increase the company’s sales by 30% and began expanding into Europe and North America. After working in China for a number of years, I moved back to Columbus. I worked for my family’s bedroom furniture store(www.BedroomFurnitureSpot.Com)( 888-530-2337), and worked to expand their markets as well as their offerings into more like bedroom furniture beds, dressers and chests,  nightstands, mattresses and much more.

My Google Plus presence is reachable through: Jess Ross

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The Importance of Door Handles in Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing your kitchen, there is one feature that many people either don’t care enough about to put any thought into it, or it just doesn’t occur to them that it’s an important decision- door handles.

Imagine your kitchen without the handles on the doors, not only do they serve a functional purpose (you’d struggle to get things out of cupboards or drawers without them!) but without them your kitchen just wouldn’t look right.

The same can be said for if you were to use handles that didn’t work with the rest of your kitchen design, they would look out of place and detract from the rest of the kitchen.

The lowly handle can in fact be the main element pulling a whole kitchen design together, by utilising the same handle on a variety of different drawer fronts or cabinets, perhaps they are different colours or materials, the use of the same handle can bring that cohesion to your kitchen that it might otherwise have been lacking.

Your handles don’t of course all have to be exactly the same, however if they share at least one attribute, such as design, material or colour, then the theme can be continued throughout your kitchen.

You must take into consideration the type of kitchen you are placing your handles in- for example a country kitchen would be more suited to a wooden knob style than a chunky chrome handle. Although realistically you are going to need a lot of handles to sort out your whole kitchen, this doesn’t mean you should cut costs by going for cheaply made ones- remember these are things you’re going to be using every single day to open your cupboards and drawers so they are going to be handled a lot and therefore need to be durable, which is a characteristic not possessed by cheap materials, so you must invest in good quality handles to be assured of a great and longlasting kitchen.

Images courtesy of Doors Sincerely.

Paper DIY Crafts For Your Home 1

Paper DIY Crafts For Your Home

Looking to add a few decorative touches to your home, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Use paper to add the flourishes you want without breaking the bank. Update furniture, create decorative pieces like chandeliers and window hangings and brighten up a room with pretty paper options.

Image courtesy of Heather (Williams) Gruber /

Image courtesy of Heather (Williams) Gruber /

Any type of paper can be used—newspaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper or origami paper all make for visually interesting decorative embellishments. Wrapping paper and origami paper come in a wide variety of prints and colors—with wrapping paper being ideal for large projects. Have a sealant on hand, especially for projects in the kitchen or bathroom that will be exposed to moisture.

Art for your walls

Use paper with bright patterns or prints to decorate your walls. Simply frame paper with prints you like, or layer textures, colors and other scraps of paper to create an image, a collage, or random patterns for your own artistic creation.

For a high-impact, low-cost wall art solution, frame pretty paper in simple black frames. Add interest to the display by choosing different, yet coordinating paper patterns and vary the size of the picture frames.

Furniture makeovers

Have furniture that can use a facelift? Instead of painting the pieces, decoupage paper onto chairs, tables, stools, sideboards and other furniture pieces. Cut paper into patterns for a decorative touch or patchwork different colors of paper for a bright addition to a child’s room. Make sure you use sealants for furniture or surfaces that will get a lot of wear and tear.


Transform bland to beautiful by simply changing the light in a room with different colored lampshades. Textured paper adds contrast to the other materials present in the room; printed papers add another decorative detail. If creating an entire lampshade seems daunting, attach stripes of paper to a plain, store-bought lampshade. Try thin vertical strips or wide horizontal bands, mixing and matching the stripes in a room. For advance DIY-ers, try cutting patterns into paper and layering those designs over your own lampshade creation or a pre-made one. Or, try pleating paper for a retro lampshade.

Image courtesy of Patrick Gannon/

Image courtesy of Patrick Gannon/


Paper chandeliers can be whimsical or delicate, sophisticated or playful, depending on your design. Create a simple paper lantern or get a bit more complicated with ruffles and pom-poms. Or create a mobile and weave small battery operated LED lights into the frame for a twinkling, delicate addition to a little girl’s room. Advance DIY-ers can add a light bulb cord set to their paper creations and hang as you would any chandeliers from the ceiling. If you like to change up your décor frequently, make the paper chandelier detachable so you can swap out your designs at your whim.


Creating paper curtains is one great way to decorate a window without blocking out light or to dividing a room without breaking up the room too much. String cut-out bits of paper and sew the squares together, spaced regularly, to make a string as long as the window or space you wish to cover. Use different shapes, alternate plain with patterned, or vary the weights and textures of paper to liven up the design. Confetti paper curtains may not provide a lot of privacy, so they are probably best used as decorative touch.

Change up the décor and tone in your room with a few simple DIY projects. Whatever type of paper your use, these inexpensive, fun and room-changing ideas to give your place the new look you want.

Article by Marcela De Vivo

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who covers everything from health to marketing. As a mom who recently remodeled her home, she loves fun, DIY projects that she can do with her kids, whether it’s making newspaper trees or tissue paper hot air balloons.



Space Saving Tips To Transform Your Home

There’s nothing worse than living in a cramped, cluttered and overcrowded environment. Life’s hard enough without being able to come home and relax in your own space. Sadly, with our increasingly busy lifestyles, ever shrinking house sizes and metropolitan living this is a reality that many of us face.

However, by following just a few quick and easy space saving tips, you can transform your home into a spacious, palatial environment to rush back to.

De clutter

Start here and don’t look back. Don’t be afraid to get rid of those larger space hording items, such as, that dresser you inherited from aunt Margaret that you never use (or ever really liked).

There are numerous sites out there that can help you find a pretty penny for these items. Before you know it you’ll be rid of old aunt Margaret’s dresser and gained an extra square foot of space or two.

Creative Commons – Attribution by Wicker Paradise

Start looking at the space around you with a different point of you. Get to know all the nooks and crannies above every door and at the back of every closet. These are your nuggets of gold, your storage spaces!

Any space no matter how small can be used to tuck away those pesky items that clutter up every workspace insight.

Lighten Up

Optimize the natural light you have available to you. Mirrors and light can make a dramatic difference when creating a light, air filled atmosphere to unwind in.  This can be as simple as removing any obstacles to light, to well placed mirrors light bring reflected light into the room.

You can also use artificial lighting to create an illusion of space. Using, up-lights, directed high into the ceiling, or down-lights, casting light downwards from the ceiling, can expand the feeling of space in the room. If you’re pushed for natural light, use high kelvin day light bulbs in lamps dotted around the room to boost your light levels.

Set the tone

There’s no reason why you can’t use bold primary colours in smaller spaces to inject a bit of personality into your living space. The tricky bit is balancing this against softer lighter tones that aren’t as imposing or as light hungry, so you can maintain the feeling of space and air around you.

Try limiting your bold colour choices to small areas of the room and set these against neutral, light background colours that complement the space.

Keep it simple

The furnishings of the room are the finishing touches to the canvas created with good use of light, tone and space. Try complementing your neutral canvas with a soft woolen carpet, avoid oversized garish designs that will clash and distract.

Limit the number of items there purely for decoration and where possible for simple, functional yet stylish furniture. A classic example of this is floating shelves that provide an elegant solution to storage without pinching floor space.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by mick sz4

Article by Anna Jones

Anna Jones is an experienced freelancer and blog writer, who also works with uShip couriers and has a passion for interior design, crafts and home décor.

Classic Hotel room featuring Natural color hardwood floor (Knotty Walnut)

The Art of Home Decoration after You Relocate

Moving to a new house needs the complete change up of living accessories and the stuff in the house. You have moved to a new home and left your old home. You have to start from the scratch decorating your home and setting it up for the house warming party and after living. It is recommended that you start decorating your new home after you have settled in for some time because you will get to know about the colors and the arrangement that will look good in your new home.

Turning your house to home is a tricky task and it involves the artist within you. Many people go crazy adding up all the artifacts and the antiques to the new home making it full of clutter. The key here is to keep the decoration natural and keeping it simple, because simple is beautiful. Below are some of the ideas that you can adopt to make your home more beautiful.

  • Clean the old house: After leaving your old home you must have cleaned the home and would have carried all the stuff to the new home using man and van service. It is important that at your old home you should categorize the items needed and the items that are of no use. So what’s the use of getting the stuff you do not need at all to your new home? You should hold a garage sale or donate the stuff to charity as you do not need to add clutter to your new home.
  • Start with bedroom: Bedroom is the place where you spend one third of the time when you at home. Assuming that you are on a tight budget then purchasing affordable bedding is the first thing to get. You can paint the walls of the bedroom with a color that compliments your furniture and the curtains. People who get up early should look for light and more translucent treatments. Your bed room should mirror your personality.
  • Don’t shop for all the things at once:  It is recommended that you should live at least for 2 months before you begin purchasing for the home décor items. Remember not to make your home a lifeless furniture showroom. Purchase the things slowly keeping in mind the theme of your home. You have to live in the house for some time before you have a hang of the theme.
  • Solve the practical problems without spending much: There might be some of the problems that arise while living in a place, like your kitchen cabinets are drab, then instead of getting a overly expensive cabinet will not be a good idea, instead you can paint it and change some hardware and a new looking kitchen cabinet is ready to be used.
  • Wake up the artist sleeping within: At the end of the day it is your home so you have to get your inner instincts to play some music. What I want to say here is that bring out the artist hidden inside and get some creative ideas and put them in place. You know best what your requirement is and what will go well in your home.

These were some of the tips which can help you to make your house a complete home. Rest anytime one can take the advice of friends or family members who recently moved, plus you can go through some of the home décor magazines and find some stuff over the internet.

Featured Image: CC Attribution photo by Mirage floors – source

Article by Tony Parker

Tony Parker is a writer and environmental enthusiast. Apart from writing about DIY guides, and home improvement tips, he is concerned about creating awareness about modern home décor ideas and storage ideas ,relocation tips some simple steps like Get the affordable services of Man and van Bath, saving money, using modern techniques and implementing right technology can help. That’s exactly what Tony loves to write about