Top 5 Design Tricks for Beautifying Your Home for the Summer

Now that summer is approaching, it is time to rid yourself of the stuffy signs of winter for good. Sprucing up your home for summer is not difficult or expensive, and you don’t have to be a professional decorator to do so. Use these five tips to brighten up your home indoors and out and welcome the summer with open arms.

Brighten interiors with pillows

Did you know that by switching out your pillows you can completely change the feeling of your living areas and bedrooms? You don’t even have to replace the entire pillow, just the pillow case! Look for bright pillow covers at inexpensive stores. If you don’t have a pillow that fits the case, you can stuff it with polyester stuffing for an inexpensive pillow you can easily use anywhere in the house. Choose brighter versions of colors already present in your home. For example, if you have maroon accents in the winter, switch to a bright red or even a magenta shade for summer. Patterns also transform a room into summer.

Switch out stuffy curtains

Heavyweight curtains can really drag the feeling of a room down. Switch out your stuffy winter curtains for gauzy, lightweight curtains for summer. If you still want the light-blocking power of heavier draperies, simply exchange dark colors for brighter colors. Floral patterns and gingham are also perfect patterns for summer draperies.

Add color to your yard

Unless you live in a desert, you can grow plants in your yard during the summer months. Just adding a few bright blooms to flower beds can really perk up an outdoor space and make it feel inviting. A couple of flowers planted in pots by the door creates a welcoming atmosphere. Scattering flowers and greenery around a patio also encourages summer outdoor activities. In a pinch, you can always use fake greenery instead of real flowers.

Bring comfort outdoors

Summer was made for spending time outdoors, but if your outdoor areas are uncomfortable, no one will want to stay out there. Fill your yard or patio with comfortable furniture, side tables, and brightly colored cushions and pillows to encourage outdoor lounging. Provide other comforts as well, such as a cooler full of cold beverages or a fire pit to keep warm on cool summer nights.

Bring outside in

Another easy way to prepare your home for summer is to bring the outdoors into the house. Bring in natural reminders of the outdoors, such as bark or wicker furniture, flowers and other plants, or paintings of bright, summery scenes. You can even switch out a traditional style rug for a modern rug in bright patterns. Floral patterns are big right now, and perfect for summer decorating.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to transform your abode into a summer paradise. You may be surprised how just a few simple changes completely transform your indoor and outdoor areas without spending much of your hard-earned money. Of course, to really reach the full benefit, keep those areas clutter-free.

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Article by Ashley Williamson

This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and an occasional blogger. Currently working in a curtains salon as an assistant. When she is not working she likes to travel and do yoga.

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Add Character to These 3 Home Areas – Bedroom, Living Room, Conservatory

What does your home say about you? Whether or not you are aware of it, your interior décor is a reflection of your family’s character. Sentimental accessories and unique designs will truly transform your house into a home.

If you want your home to speak of your personality, you may think out of the box with these clever tips on how to add character to your living area, bedroom, and conservatory.

Living Room

The living room is one of the cosiest areas in your house and it can also be customized according to your taste. An extensive mix of your favourite collections can certainly bring appeal to your living room.

Family photos can help make your living space more personalized. Create a group of photos in black and white, put into similar frames with the same colours. You can combine portraits with the same colour to create a formal look. You can also buy collage frames to display your favourite colours.
You may also decorate your walls with special items. You can place a shelf underneath any wall art with other items that you want to display. To make it visually appealing yet simple, you may have the same item in a set of three.

In addition, you may add a bookshelf into your living room to make it appear more chic. You can also make use of items like throw pillows and candles. All of these decors enhance your space and make it cosier. You can also add a huge area carpet at the centre of your living area with a design you love.
Don’t forget to give each section of your living space a flattering glow to shed the finest light in every family moment.


Your bedroom is your private place where you can be yourself without any rules.Why don’t you let your own territory reflect your personality, tastes and moods, and hobbies?

First, sit and plan out a design that will greatly suit your interests instead of just picking randomly. If you are into music, sports, or books, then you use that as a theme to reflect your hobbies and interests.

Next, limit yourself to a few colours. Colours affect your mood, so you have to pick a colour of your own preference, such as the one that makes you happy or the one that makes you feel inspired and colour your room with that.

Add photographs and posters on one side of your wall. You may also put up photos of outings with your friends and families or posters of the exciting places you have visited, your favourite celebrity, music icon, and whatever else that you can think of.


A conservatory needs careful consideration just like any other parts of your home. There are modular designs available in different configurations, but the customized conservatory enables home-owners to choose a design according to their character.

For instance, if you want to transform your bland conservatory into a music room, then you can start by bringing in all musical instruments that you already have. Then, add some accessories that suit your favourite music genre.

On the other hand, if you are a bookish person and you want to turn it into a library, then you can buy bookshelves and place them at the edges of your conservatory. Then you can just add a modish table and comfy seating furniture at a specific part of the room. Also, make sure that you have good lighting to enable you to fully understand what you are reading or writing.

With these easy suggestions, you can surely add character into your living area, bedroom, and conservatory. Always remember that whatever you do, ease and comfort comes first so you have to ensure that the interior design and furniture you have chosen is comfortable. And before you personalize your home interior; do not forget to check your budget.

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Article by Sophia Hayes

Sophia Hayes is the DIY consultant of Conservatory Info based in the UK. Her number one goal is to give the best conservatory design for every homeowner. She believes that every client deserves a perfect place to relax.

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picture of rug

When Budget And Discount Doesn’t Mean Used And Poor Quality

An article looking at how discounted rugs can be an affordable option for any home without having to compromise on quality.

Your Home
Your house and its interior design are unique to you. It is the place you can retreat to after a hard day’s work and is a place to feel safe in when life gets tough. You home’s ddcor expresses some of your personality to its visitors and may be full of little items you have collected from your travels and experiences in life.

Take rugs as an example. Many people see them as a costly item that is not so much a necessity but more of a luxury. You may want one in your home to protect your wood floor from the ash in the fire or your toddler’s over heavy use of pushing cars, but rugs are often seen as an expensive commodity. True, they can be expensive when you look around in various shops, but this isn’t always the case and they don’t need to be. Looking on the internet for budget rugs that fall into your price range won’t mean the rug will be poor quality and defective. The demand for such products is out there and more and more suppliers are trying to meet the demand whilst tapping into this new revenue stream.

Rugs can tie the colours of a room together or they can be bold and add a splash of colour to neutral tones in the room. Be it a hallway or dining room, a rug will not only enhance the warmth and feel of the room but it will protect the flooring too. With cheaper rugs you can feel secure that if you do spill that bottle of red wine on it then it can be replaced quite easily without breaking the bank. If you get bored of it then you can easily find another use for it without feeling guilty about how much you paid for it.

Budget And Discount

Regardless of how much money you have to spend on something, no-one wants to spend more than they need to. In this day and age very few of us have the luxury of not needing to watch the pennies each month. Cheaper options for decorating our home are being demanded but we want to be sure of the quality too. Do budget and discounted items necessarily mean used and poor quality? Not necessarily. Will it mean the product is defective if you buy the cheapest option? Probably not. Today there is a whole range of products for every level of the market. This means you can find the thing you are looking for in your home without it having to cost the earth and without it falling apart in the first month.

Whether you visit a DIY store, a local carpet shop, or an online shopping merchant for your budget rugs, your perceived lack of budget doesn’t mean that you can’t end up with a beautiful and long lasting new artifact in your home. Get out there and take a look and you will see what we mean.

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Article by Diyana Levi

Article written by Diyana Levi a freelance writer, who will often visit this page to look at different budget and style options and be inspired.

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Choosing Contemporary Art For Your Home

Contemporary art can serve many functions in your home. It can be used to add a focal point to a room, make a space feel more intimate, or even to update a traditional design style. The key to choosing the right pieces is to think about the mood you want to create in the room and how the artwork can help you achieve it. Use these tips to help you get started:

1) Size up the space.

Size is a major consideration when choosing new artwork. You don’t want to overwhelm the wall with a piece that is too large or underutilise your space with pieces that are too small. The best rule of thumb is to mirror the size of the wall when choosing pieces: if you have a narrow vertical space, select a piece that is narrow and vertical as well. If you have a larger space, you may want to think about adding one large piece or a collection of photos to fill up the space. Remember that artwork should be displayed on the most prominent walls of the room, so take that into consideration when you’re sizing up your space. The mantle is an ideal space to hang artwork, as is the blank wall behind your living room couch.

2) Look for complementary colours.

While contemporary artwork won’t necessarily match the overall theme of your room, it should complement it. One easy way to do this is to choose a piece that utilises the same colour scheme as the rest of your interior. In particular, look for a piece that incorporates the room’s principal hue to pull the décor together. Remember that cool tones create a calming effect, while warm tones are more cosy and inviting. If you want to make your artwork the focal point of the room, consider hanging it on an accent wall to naturally guide the eye.

3) Consider the frame.

Canvas paintings can be hung without a frame, while paintings and drawings done on paper will likely require one. When choosing a frame, it’s important to take into account both the artwork itself and the overall architectural style of the room. For contemporary artwork, a simple flat frame is ideal. Gold frames complement artwork and room décor that incorporates a warm colour palette, while silver frames are well-suited for a cool colour palette. Homes with an overall traditional or country décor might utilise natural wood frames, while ones with a more modern feel should stick with traditional black or silver frames. Whichever frame you choose, remember that it should highlight—rather than detract from—the artwork itself.

4) Play with light.

Lighting is an important consideration when displaying artwork. Living room ceiling lights like low-hanging pendant lights can be used to highlight artwork, as can well-positioned track lighting or accent lighting. You may also consider adding a lighting fixture with a dimmer switch so you can control illumination as you please. Pieces that are framed behind glass (e.g. paintings and drawings on paper) should not be hung opposite large windows, as natural light will create glare.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Adele Berenstein

Article by Mike Wimmer

Mike Wimmer is an interior designer and home stylist with a specialist love for Living room ceiling lights.

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Top Tips for a Creating a Stylish Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place where you can escape the rest of the world and lie back in a hot bath, leaving your troubles outside the door. There is no better way to chill out and relax after a long day. However, all too often our bathrooms become cluttered and messy, preventing us from getting as much out of them as we should be.

If this is the case with your bathroom, here are some quick tips to make it into the most stylish, relaxing room in the house in no time at all.

Give It A Makeover

One of the best ways to make an instant difference is to make all of those minor repairs and changes that you have been meaning to do for so long. Before you do anything else, fix those cracked tiles, clear up the mould and fix any dripping taps. These minor changes can mean a big difference for you.

Buy a New Bath

A great way to make your bathroom a place where you want to spend as much time as possible is to invest in a new bathtub. If you have been stuck with the same old standard model for years, it’s time to treat yourself and get something really special.

A new bath won’t be cheap if you want something really special, but it will be money well spent. A free-standing bath is one of the most stylish types of bath that you can get. You will need the space for it, but if you have a large bathroom then it can be ideal.

Alternatively, opt for a whirlpool bath complete with a shower. This is the ultimate in luxury and will be like your own mini spa waiting for you after work every day. Throw in some stylish chrome taps and fittings and your new gorgeous bathroom will be well on its way.

Fit Stylish Lighting

Bathrooms can enjoy a huge boost from a few carefully placed lamps. Try to find some lighting solutions that are specially made for bathrooms, and then fit them in the corners and alcoves. You can even fit a light in the shower if you want. Use features like dimmers so that you can get the atmosphere just right, and make sure there is a place to light some candles.

Keep It Minimalistic

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom into a stylish room where you want to spend more time is to get rid of all of the clutter. This includes all of those bottles that have built up over the months. Buy yourself a simple cabinet if you don’t already have one, and keep everything out of sight to create a more minimalistic style that will help you to relax.

Make It Bigger

If space is lacking in your bathroom, a simple way to make it seem bigger is to add some strategically-placed mirrors. By adding mirrors you can help to make the rest of the room feel bigger so that you don’t feel so confined. It’s quick and simple, and you can make the mirror a feature of the room on its own by adding a stylish metal frame.

Get the Bathroom You Deserve

It’s not hard to get the perfect bathroom, it just takes a bit of work. Start with the tips above and see what changes you can make to your bathroom, and in a short space of time you could easily have the bathroom that you have always dreamed of.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Lindsay Grant

Article Joshua Lewis

Joshua Lewis is an expert on all things related to the bathroom. He works at Better Bathrooms, where you can find stylish and unique features for your bathroom.


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6 Unique Flooring Designs

Are you looking for innovative ways to brighten up your home? If you’re in the mood to decorate, do check out our unique flooring design ideas. The past years, we’ve seen flooring ideas taken to a whole new level. From sandstone paving used indoors to quartz tiles used as creative accents, there’s a lot of things you can do to make your flooring more interesting. All you need to do is let your creative mind wander and draw inspiration from different flooring materials.

Colored Stone Tiles

One of the easiest ways to add colour to your flooring is by making use of colored stone tiles. The great thing about using stone tiles these days is that you can find it in just about any colour imaginable. From fire truck red to azure blue, there’s a wide array of shades that you can choose from. You can even use a number of different colours to create a colourful flooring pattern for your home.

Mosaic Floor

Although mosaic flooring has been around for quite a long time now, the ideas are endless. The mosaic design is considered to be one of the most flexible concepts when it comes to flooring so you can easily make it match the overall theme of any room. The mosaic florals theme is starting to become a big trend among top interior designers so if you want to add a subtle feminine touch to your living room for example, this would be a good way to go.

Coin Floor

Another creative way to spruce up your flooring is to use copper pennies. Copper pennies can add an interesting flair to your flooring, especially when applied side by side. This is a perfect unique flooring idea if it’s always been your dream to literally walk on money. it can be a bit time consuming to apply the copper pennies one after the other to your flooring but once you see the overall effect, you’ll realize that it’s worth the extra effort.

Optical Illusion Carpet

Optical illusion floors can be a cool idea for your home, especially if you’re on the lookout for something that is out of the ordinary. It won’t just give your home a unique feel, but it’s also guaranteed to surprise family and friends who come over. There are already quite a number of optical illusion carpets readily available on the market today so take your pick.

Floor Vinyl Stickers

If you’re one of those people who have been bitten by the wall sticker bug, you might be interested in floor vinyl stickers this time. Floor vinyl stickers can offer you a lot of freedom since there are all sorts of designs that you can use. Just remember that floor vinyl stickers work best on flat clean surfaces so make sure to do the necessary preparations before application.

DIY Drawn Floors

Want to express your unique sense of creativity? You can try drawing your own design on your floors. Just cover it with white plastic material and start doodling away. Once you’re done, you can seal the floor with a couple of layers of polyurethane spray to protect the design and give it a glossy finish.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Boa-Franc

Article by Aubrey Madrona

Aubrey Madrona is a Social Media Specialist. She loves Music and spends a lot of her time playing piano and reading. She’s currently building her reputation as an online writer of Marble Mosaic.


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Get a Fantastic Painting of Your Favourite Pet to Hang in Your Home

Pets are more than just animal companions, they are much loved members of our families and we treat them as such. We take care of our pets just as much as we would look after our own. We form a bond with our pets that cannot be broken.

Get Pet Portraits from Photos of You and Your Pets

As pet lovers we tend to take a lot of photos over the years of our pets. We take solo portraits of our fuzzy friends curled up asleep, and we also take posed photos of our pets in our (or their) favourite places. We also take photos of us with our pets, just like we would other members of the family.

However, these photographs are susceptible to weathering. In time, they will fade, curl and tear, and the paper will yellow. If you want to protect your favourite photos of you and your pet then you should consider getting pet portraits from photos of you and your pet.

These incredibly lifelike interpretations, made from treasured photos of your beloved companions, are the perfect way to demonstrate your love for your pet.

There are a number of mediums for you to choose from, including:

  • Oil Portraits – Oil portraits are a common medium chosen by many customers. It’s a preferred medium because it utilises both bright colours and texture to create a lifelike reproduction of the photo provided.
  • Watercolor Portraits – Watercolour portraits are another popular choice. These gentle images utilise pastel colors and soft brush strokes and create beautiful renditions of treasured photos.
  • Pencil Portraits – Pencil portraits are a great medium to use for both colour and texture. This simple tool is extremely effective and it is a great medium to use for the reproduction of much loved photographs.
  • Charcoal Portraits – Charcoal portraits are highly artistic and this is a particularly powerful medium to use for animals that have mainly black fur, as it can be used to convey both colour and texture.
  • Pastel Portraits – Pastel portraits are a great medium to use for a softer effect. This medium is great for demonstrating highlights and depth.
  • Acrylic Portraits – Acrylic portraits, like oil paintings, are bright and bold, although they are not often used for animal portraits.

Ideas for Your Pet Portrait

If you’re looking for inspiration for a photo to use for a pet portrait, then here are some ideas.

  • Use a photograph of your pet as a puppy or a kitten – these make very cute photographs of your pets first moments as a member of your family.
  • Use a photograph of you and your pet together – these photos are fantastic and will serve as a great starting point for your pet portrait.
  • Use a photograph of the group – if you have more than one pet then use a picture of your pets together for a great looking painting.

The Perfect Present for Animal Lovers

Pet portraits from photos are the perfect present to give to animal lovers, and they will genuinely appreciate such a personal, meaningful and heartfelt gift from a fellow family member.

Be sure to look around online and see the different mediums before you choose the medium for your pet painting, and remember, pet portraits are not just limited to cats and dogs, they can also be of horses and other pets that you have in the homo.

Pet portraits from photos are the perfect way to immortalize your best images of you and your pets. Paint Your Life creates beautiful handmade pet portraits in a number of different styles, helping you to get an incredible and lifelike illustration of the bond shared between you and your animal friend.

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By:  Christopher Barson

A Guide to Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design. Good lighting doesn’t just make your home look nice, it also makes you feel safer, promotes feelings of wellbeing, and allows you to perform day-to-day tasks such as cooking, reading, or writing more easily.

The lighting you should choose for each room in your home will depend on the size of the room and what it is used for. Here’s a quick look at the range of lighting choices that are available to you.

The Living Room

Ideally, you should lay out your living room to take advantage of as much natural light as possible, so that it requires minimal lighting during the day. Most living rooms are multi-purpose rooms, where people spend time relaxing, watching TV, working, and practicing their favourite crafts or hobbies.

The multi-purpose nature of this room means that you need a good variety of lighting options. A central chandelier is a good starting point, and a nice form of decorative lighting, however extra lighting is needed to ensure that everyone in the room can see clearly, and that there are no ugly dark corners in the room.

Use multiple light sources, and choose the strength and type of each light carefully. Central lights should have a high lumens value (meaning that they glow brightly), while decorative lighting in the corners of the room can be softer and dimmer. In most cases, energy saving light bulbs are a good choice for the living room. If you suffer from migraines, however, then you may want to use halogen instead of CFL based bulbs.

Halls and Stairways

Halls and stairways aren’t places that people tend to spend a lot of time in, but that doesn’t mean that you can skimp on lighting in them. For safety, you should make sure that your stairways are well-lit.

A single pendant light will provide adequate lighting for a small porch, but stairwells require more than one light source. Place lighting fixtures eight feet apart. Consider matching the design of these light fixtures to the chandelier in your hallway for a stylish look.

The Kitchen

Lighting in the kitchen must be both functional and decorative. Opt for fluorescent under-cabinet lighting to minimise shadows in your work area. Add strong recessed ceiling lights around the walls, and pay particular attention to the amount and quality of light near your sink, oven, and anywhere else where you will be doing a lot of work.

Choose light that is glows brightly and is as close to the colour of daylight as possible (such as a halogen light) so that you can see clearly while preparing food.


Opt for multiple lighting sources in the bedroom. Consider a single pendulum light in the centre of the room, lamps with dimmer switches on either side of the bed, subtle down lighting near your dressing table, and lights around your wardrobe and mirror.

The bedroom is the only room where having an absence of light is a good thing. Use heavy curtains or blinds to block out light from outside, and make sure that the light sources you introduce into the room are not overly harsh.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Christopher Barson

Article by A. Elliott

This article was written by A. Elliott for Juice Electrical energy saving devices.

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By: J Aaron Farr

Design Tips for Enhancing the Look of Your Bedroom

If you are in the process of redecorating your house, you may want to spend a bit of time on the bedrooms, as this is a room where most people spend quite a bit of their lives. Simply by changing the furniture and the décor, you will be able to create a space that is inviting and easy on the eye. A change of colour can give the impression that the bedroom is far bigger than it actually is. You will also be able to purchase furniture and fixtures and fittings that have been designed especially with small spaces in mind. Wardrobes with conventional doors can take up quite a lot of space, as the doors need to swing out to open. By purchasing some sliding doors you will be able to utilise the area in front of the wardrobes in a much more efficient manner.

How to Make your Bedroom Look Bigger

Simply by rearranging the furniture in your room you will be able to gain quite a bit of space in most cases. You may also want to purchase some wardrobes with sliding doors and a bed with storage space under the mattress. Doors that slide take up far less room than conventional swinging doors and they are now available in a wide range of different materials and colours. You will be able to find many companies online selling space saving doors and other items to help you redesign the interior of your home or apartment. Companies like Spacelide have many different wardrobe and room sliding doors on their websites and it is also possible to order doors to your own specification.

Dividing a Room into Separate Areas

Depending on your existing decoration and furniture, you will be able to select from a wide range of designs and materials for your new sliding doors. One of the most common materials is glass, as it is hardwearing and also has the added advantage of letting in light. Investing in some room dividers is another option you have and by splitting your existing rooms up into separate areas you will be able to attain more storage space or even an extra bedroom. Once you have split your room into separate areas then you may want purchase some new, space-saving furniture for it. By positioning mirrors at strategic points around the room you will also be able to give an illusion that the area is bigger than it really is.

Space Saving Ideas for Bedrooms

  • Purchase some folding tables that can be attached to walls
  • Bunk beds can save a lot of space in children’s rooms
  • Recess shelving into walls
  • Install sliding wardrobe and entrance doors

Frameless sliding glass doors could transform every home in your property, making it a much more up-to-date place to live without having to purchase a new property. You will be able to buy space-saving doors and furniture for all of the rooms in your house from specialist companies on the Internet.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by J Aaron Farr

Article provided by Spaceslide

Spaceslide, a subsidiary of Portico Midlands Ltd., has partnerships with some of UK’s top ten house builders. This company produces and installs door systems and manufactures bedroom furniture.

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By:  Ethan

Creative Wall Art to Perk Up Your Living Space

Take a stroll down memory lane and try recollecting history studied during school days, particularly about how early man scribbled on the walls of his cave. Even to this day most of us find it mystifying about how early man created pictures on the walls of his cave in a speedy, indecipherable manner. However, history lessons of those days disclose that right from the start man has always been very enthusiastic about home décor.

Right from drawing on walls in a careless manner, showcasing his charcoal drawings and finally learning the technique of handling modern art, man has come a long way in making an attempt to learn the art of wall décor.

When it comes to jazzing up your walls, our ideas are restricted to hanging up framed photographs, paintings and utilizing lighting fixtures that will brighten up your living space. Although these are some good ideas to smarten up your home, you must not be restricted to these ideas alone. By utilizing some creativity you can add a little zest to the walls of your home. Here are a few creative wall décor ideas that will transform a dull wall into stunning and elegant one.

Add Style to Your Walls with Artistic Stone Wall Décor

If you are looking to add charm to your home, then choosing wall décor with beautifully designed stones is the perfect option. Artistic stone wall décor is ideal for homes that have good amount of space. For more elegance ensure to have good storage solutions in your home.

Covering up the entire wall with stone tiles, enhances the appearance of your home. Stone tiles with bright colors are the best choice for those looking to add style and classiness to the living space.

One thing to keep in mind prior to buying stone tiles is to choose best quality ones. This will help you maintain your walls effortlessly. Utilizing stone tiles of the similar color for walls and flooring will make your living space more comfortable. Stone tiles made of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone are best for wall décor.

Wall Stickers – Cheap décor to Beautify Your Walls

If you have a limited budget and aren’t willing to exceed your budget limit then there is nothing better than the wall sticker décor. Don’t be frustrated with the amount of time and effort you will require for this kind of wall décor. The results you get after finding the most appropriate stickers and adorning your walls with them are worth the time and effort.

Finding readymade stickers can be tough. In such a case you can use materials like wood or lightweight stones as well as your creative skills to create your own designs. To give your walls a more stylish look, you must use inexpensive décor like wall stickers.

Stencil Wall Décor – Cost-effective, Simple & Cool Way to Jazz Up Your Walls

Stencil wall décor jogs your memory about stencils used by kids for art projects. The same stencils your kids use are great for jazzing up your walls and giving them a new appearance. You will find stencil wall décor to be the most inexpensive and cool way to add a little zest to your walls.

Utilizing spray paint to create eye-catching and fashionable designs is one way of jazzing up your walls. Spray paint can also be used to form patterns on stencil designs.

Besides, you can also use stencils for creating cartoon characters. Colorful flowers and other designs are few creative things you can create with stencils.

Transform your home’s appearance and make it more inviting to guests by utilizing these creative wall décor ideas.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Ethan

Article by Rony Mikal

Rony Mikal is a writer and music enthusiast.  As a writer he contributes for various online publications that mainly include business, home removals and storage, health and environmental issues. When he’s not educating readers with his work, he’s most likely found tapping feet to his favorite tunes.

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By: Reiner Kraft

Living Room Interior Design Ideas

If you’re like most homeowners, you want your living room to be a multi-functional space where you can spend the majority of your time. Choosing and executing the right theme is pivotal to creating the perfect ambience for both your family and your guests. Consider these pointers when designing your dream living room:

1) Do your homework and choose a design theme.

If you’re new to interior design, start by collecting ideas. Browse home décor websites to find living room design ideas that inspire you, then study them closely to identify the individual elements that carry the theme throughout the room. For example, a modern living room might juxtapose a solid-coloured couch with an area rug that has a punchy geometric print, while a formal Victorian living room might incorporate furniture with decorative wooden-carved embellishments and luxe fabrics alongside ornate window treatments and highly patterned flooring. Remember to consider both aesthetics and function when choosing a design style.

2) Find a focal point.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to start thinking about the arrangement of the room. Choosing a focal point for your living room and arranging your other pieces around it will help draw attention to your room’s key feature—a cosy fireplace, a grand piano, or a fascinating sculpture. No matter what you choose, make sure nothing else competes with it.

3) Create conversation areas.

Living rooms are social spaces, so when you’re finalising the layout of the room, create conversation areas where family and guests can easily chat with one another. Remember that sofas and chairs with backs are more comfortable than those without, so try to avoid ottomans, stools, and benches. Pull the area together with a coffee table and/or an area rug that fits your design style.

4) Find the perfect colour scheme.

This is a very important consideration that ties in with the overall theme and mood of the room. A colour scheme that utilises soft yellows and off-whites will create a warm yet traditional ambience, while one that incorporates earthy browns and kelly green seems to bring the natural world inside. Smokey blacks paired with greys, whites, and deep red accents give off a contemporary vibe, while rich purples and dark greys exude luxury. Remember that if you’re working with a smaller space, light hues can really help open up the room.

5) Let there be light.

The right lighting can turn your living room into a warm, inviting space. Living room ceiling lights come in a variety of design styles: an elegant chandelier might be perfect for a formal living room, while a ceiling fixture with a steel or chrome finish is ideal for a modern living room. Add track lighting and accent or cove lighting to highlight artwork or bookshelves when the lights go down, and place task lighting such as floor and table lamps near areas where you’ll be reading or working.

6) Personalise the room.

When your main design work is done, don’t forget to add a few finishing touches. Displaying your favourite artwork or family photos on the wall or placing plants near the window will help distinguish your new living room into a space of your very own.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Reiner Kraft

Article by Martin Simeonson

Martin Simeonson is a Danish interior designer with a passion for Scandinavian décor and blossoming love for UK DIY projects.

Article publié pour la première fois le 08/05/2013

How to Maximize Your Small Workspace

How to Maximize Your Small Workspace

In terms of our workspace, most of us are fairly limited, particularly if we’re discussing a home office. In fact, very few of us can afford the luxury of having a room at home that we can devote entirely to the functionality of an office.

Instead, we make “workspaces” in rooms that are typically used for other things as well. For example, a living room might provide us with a corner for a small desk and some space for storage. If there aren’t any other options in the house, that becomes your office.

Although it is not ideal, it’s what a lot of us are limited to work with, therefore, it’s a good idea to learn how to maximize and efficiently use the workspace that we do have.

Here are a few ways to do it:

1. Have a nice desk, chair and computer — The three things that you shouldn’t cheap out on would be the three things you’ll use most often. Your desk might have to be small, but that doesn’t mean it has to be junk. Try and find something that fits your needs, but keeps a high standard of quality as well.

Likewise, your chair is going to go a long way in determining how comfortable you are in your limited amount of work space. It also says something about the look and feel of where you’re working, so don’t be afraid to spend some extra money to make sure that you’re comfortably seated.

Your computer is the last piece of the puzzle and it will round out the core of your workspace. Again, if you pinch pennies here, you’re going to cost yourself productivity. Make sure your computer is fast enough to handle the work you’ll be doing. In addition, make sure that it won’t be too big or small for where it will be setting.

Whether you should get a laptop or a desktop is also something you’ll need to consider.

2. Go as minimal as possible — If you can get away with using just one pen, and not a whole cup full of them, then do so. In every other area possible, try to cut back on things and only make room for the items you absolutely need in order to be productive.

As so much work is done on a computer these days, the things you need to have in order to stay productive are probably minimal to begin with.

Just be certain that you don’t keep unnecessary items on your desk or on the floor space around your work area. Clutter will quickly choke a small workspace out and it will make you feel like you have even less room to use than you originally thought.

3. Target dark colors — Darker colors will appear to take up less space than light colors, which is nice as most office furniture is typically offered in darker shades.

If you have dark walls, this rule becomes somewhat flexible; however, you should avoid whites and lightly colored pieces to so that your space doesn’t end up looking more miniscule than it actually is. This won’t make or break you, but it can help if you’re already going in the right direction.

4. Keep it clean and organized — This goes along with the minimal idea, but in more of a sense that you need to keep your work area clean and organized as often as you can. A desk that is clear will look much more roomier compared to a desk with a lot of things out of place.

Having the minimal amount of items in your workspace will make this process easier, but it doesn’t guarantee that things will always be clean and organized. For that to happen, you’ve got to put the work in yourself.

That solution might sound simple, but the more effort you’re able to put into staying organized, the more efficient your workspace will be, regardless of how small the space is.

Featured Image: Licensed/Owned by the author 

Article by Marcela De Vivo

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who covers everything from marketing, tech, to health & wellness. She currently works with Protect America and just recently remodeled her home, so she studied up on designing the most productive workspace, which definitely paid off in the end!


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5 Interesting Arts to Decor your Home and Office

Some people might think that art is expensive or needs huge investment, especially when they see a neat office or a home filled with decors. Putting decorations on your home and office depends on creativity and imagination. Most of the time, it only requires being organized and having artistic ideas.

By simply looking around, you can discover that there is still a lot of space for art. Afterward, you can think of going to a décor shop or even make your own designs. These days, you can easily find a decor equipment store like Madison Art Shop, where you can buy all the things you need for decorating your area. Below are the most common interesting artwork for your home and office.


You can buy a painting made by famous artist, but that may hurt your wallet. You also purchase cheap paintings that can still amazing to the eyes. Another choice could be making your own painting. Paintings are expressions, and those who understand them focus on the color, tone, and their rhythm. They care for the smallest detail and the medium used in a certain painting. An abstract painting in an office can ease the pressure in work.


Drawings can be from real-life objects or result of imagination. A simple but creative drawing can make office visitors smile and be relaxed. A drawing of a happy family that is hanged in the living room reminds family members of their bonding moments. Young children are attracted to colored drawings. In fact, you can let your children draw what he likes. Then, place it in a frame and your wall will now have a memorable moment of his childhood.

Collage or mosaic

A collage is an artwork that consists of various materials, including newspaper clippings, pictures, photographs, ribbons or other objects that are glued together to a piece of paper or canvas. The word “collage” was derived from “coller,” a French word for glue. A collage is different from a mosaic because the latter is more of a combination of cut photos or broken ceramics or tiles. Either of the two can be an eye-catching scene at home or inside your office. 


A sculpture can be in the form of wood, ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass. While this artwork is most of the time found in schools, parks, and historical places, you can also include one at home or in your office. But of course, you should consider the space, especially in homes with young children running around. In offices, a sculpture is usually placed in the lobby and for visitors’ view. You can easily find one in stores, or hire a professional sculptor for the job. 


Just like sculpture, pots can also make a wonderful home décor. You can also put one on the lobby of your office. While some would suggest that pots should only serve as planters, there are people who love to collect huge and antique pots. These kinds of pots can be expensive, but are also good investments. There are also small pots can be placed on an office table or study table at home. They can be used as pen holders or to simply add design to the surroundings.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Neil McIntosh

Article by Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is the Sales Executive at Madison Art Shop. Madison Art Shop is online art supply company in USA and they are totally focused on giving the widest product selection of art at the most competitive prices.

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By: Wicker Paradise

Cool Furniture Designs for Home

It’s really nice to see designers from all over the world come up with amazing designs for furniture which are not only attractive but are also practical to use. But with a wide range of designs to choose from, furniture shopping can be the most exhausting part of any home improvement project. But don’t worry, with the following cool design ideas, you can find the perfect piece of furniture for your home sweet home!


Image provided and/or licensed by the author

Image provided and/or licensed by the author

You must have gotten tired of your old rounded or maybe squared table in your living room so you think of buying a new one – something unique and more functional. Cool table designs available in the market today feature unimaginable shapes that are way beyond the traditional rounded or squared tables. Modern tables come in various shapes and sizes, colors, and accents. There are tables that are made from pure glass (from top to bottom) while others are made from elegant sturdy wood that has been curved to perfection. Some tables come with digital features, including beautiful lights. Others have built-in chairs, multiple drawers, hidden storages, and the like.

Sofa tables are a great furniture option too! These tables are very stylish, elegant-looking, and can perfectly fit a modern house. Sofa tables are accent furniture pieces that can revamp any space, whether a living room or a bedroom. They are designed to rest on the back of a sofa and are an excellent choice for a small space. Sofa tables are multifunctional furniture. Their usage features can help store more items and save space.


If you want your living space look really awesome, you should not forget to place an accent chair. Accent chairs come in cool designs, shapes and colors. They can break any monotonous arrangement in a living room, bedroom or outdoor space, and can give such area a very attractive eye-catching look. Most accent chairs are uniquely designed. In the corner of your living room, you can place a ball-shaped chair that has bright color and is made from unique materials. Just one cool chair can significantly revamp your space.


Cool cabinets are those that come with surprising shelves, hidden storage systems and stylish designs. It doesn’t have to be always the traditional ‘box’ type cabinets that you open like windows. There are cool cabinet designs that are custom-fit to any area. Among the most popular cabinet designs today are the built-in wall cabinets. They really look attractive. Aside from this, wall cabinets are space-savers. If you’re living in a small home or apartment, they are a great cabinet choice!

Cool cabinet designs are not only stylish. They are practical to use too. A good cabinet is something that has multiple functions, plenty of shelves or storage, and do not consume too much space.

Finding the perfect furniture for your home is actually easy. As long as you have an idea of what furniture type and design you want, you can find the best piece to compliment your home!

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Wicker Paradise

Article by Jess Ross

Myself Jess Ross is graduated with a double major in English and Business Management from the University of Ohio. A Columbus native, I went back to my home city after graduation to work in several advertising companies, before striking it out on my own in Shanghai, China, working for an International furniture manufacturing company in East Asia. I helped increase the company’s sales by 30% and began expanding into Europe and North America. After working in China for a number of years, I moved back to Columbus. I worked for my family’s another store (www.SofasandSectionals.Com)(888-567-7632), and worked to expand their markets as well as their offerings into more like sofas, sectionals, sofa table, couches, loveseats and much more.

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