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Useful Interior Designing Ideas to Add a Little Zest to Your Bedroom

What comes to your mind when you think about your bedroom? Well, it is a tranquil retreat, a place where you rejuvenate yourself after a tired working day. Disorganized bedroom with clothes and things messed up as well as unexciting posters, furniture can leave you stressed.

Among the several rooms, bedroom is one area of the house that is generally neglected. This is because guests seldom enter this room and you spend most of your time taking a nap. Since you can relax and revitalize yourself in the bedroom, it is important to ensure that it is the most inviting room in the house – a place where you can take pleasure in the time you spend.

If you are all geared up to renovate your bedroom and feel that a tight budget could thwart your efforts then consider these valuable suggestions to add a little zest to your bedroom.

Apply New/Fresh Coat of Paint

The very first thing that you need to do to brighten up your room is to apply fresh coat of paint. Don’t undervalue new colors, particularly when it comes to changing the ambience of a room. Considering your feelings about certain colors is key to enhancing your bedrooms value.

For a relaxed feeling try painting your room with blue color. Red or purple shade for the walls of your bedroom must be applied if you want it to give you an intimate feel. These are wonderful colors that add vigor and create a romantic atmosphere to a cozy bedroom.

Hang Up Some Art

Show your artistic skills by hanging up your creative pieces on the walls of your bedroom. To stay motivated hang up inspirational quotes and you can even make a collage of your family or other things that truly inspire you. Adding beautiful art work adds personality and style to your bedroom.

Create Your Own Headboard

If you find that your bed’s headboard is making you doze off, then it is time you get started creating your own headboard. There are innumerable ways to renovate your headboard without spending thousands of dollars.

One of the best ways is to utilize unused items. An old door comes handy to create an amazing headboard. Cut off the ends of the door and smoothen it, apply a fresh coat of paint to it and your headboard seems to be all ready.

If you find that your bedroom is all cluttered up, you need to pay attention to organizing your living space. Try donating or selling unwanted items or store them in storage units offered by firms like Londonremovals.

Look out for inexpensive shelving to store items. This makes your bedroom well organized and adds in style to the room.  

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Article by Samuel Joyce

Samuel Joyce is a devout writer but also happens to be working with london removals Company from the past seven years. He had since then contributed several topics related to home improvement, home removals, interior decoration etc for many blogs. He lives in London with his wife and a lovely child. He loves to spend his time with family and friends.

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By Greg Habermann

Bring The Freshness Of Spring Into Your Living Room

Has winter snatched away all the life and brightness out of your living room? Have the layers of thick draperies, rugs, and dark shaded furniture dulled the entire room. Give a refreshing spring boost to your living room with ideas that color, bloom and liven up your living room.

Give Your Room A Shade Of Spring

Consider re-painting your room with spring colors. The bright spring colors lend a calm and refreshing ambience to the room. You should make use of lively, bright color-combos like lime green/red, white/light green, cream/white, cream/red/light brown, etc.

Your surroundings would just “spring” up with these colors. Make sure to put a tinge of green in everything, don’t overdo it though. You could also hire expert interior designer, who are able to mimic the great outdoors and incorporate it in their designs. Unleash your creativity but keep it bright and neat.

Remove The Dark And Bring In The Light

Try and get rid of everything that dulls down the room and the atmosphere. The dark colored sofas, cushions, drapes, window glasses etc. all should be changed. Instead, bring in light colored sofas, light linen sheers, brightly colored and printed cushion covers etc. If you think replacing sofas would be heftily expensive, then you could opt in for sofa slipcovers available in assorted colors, patterns, and sizes to suit your needs.

Change The Thick Rugs And Heavy Winter Mats

Change the warm, thick and heavy winter mats and rugs spread around your house. Cover your surroundings with bright, lively, and more of pastel shades mats. This would enlighten the room and cheer up the ambience almost instantly.

Chandeliers And Bright Candle Holders

Shop for some brightly shaded, glowing chandeliers and candle holders. The candle lit holders would light up your room like never before and your room would radiate with bliss and serenity.

Floral Arrangement Around The House

Spring is the time for flowers, bloom, and colors. Let all this surround you all the time in your living room and other places in the house. Plants and twigs on tabletop and assorted colorful flowers vases are a great idea. It would breathe new life into any kind of room. You could make use of Christmas wreath as well. Wreathe suits your house any time of the year. They impart festive, charged, and rejuvenating characteristic to your place. Containers filled with colorful pebbles give an organic look. Just put your creativity to a test while doing this.

Re-Organize Your Room And House

This is indeed the most important part. You need to have an open and spacious surrounding in order to give it a spring look. Start with re-arranging the furniture and stuff in your house. Check on the stuff for their utility and importance. Do away with idle and useless things. If you feel some households are not used presently, but would come handy in future; you could resort to self storage in that case. Some old inherited belongings have your sentiments attached with them. You really don’t know what to do with them and that’s where self-storage comes to the focus. Many efficient self-storage companies like London Self Storage, provides quality service, storage and protection for your cherished belongings.

After you have finished with all these steps, you would find a new life and energy flowing through your room and home. It would simply emit the joy that you always wish to cherish during spring.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Greg Habermann

Article by Samuel Joyce

Samuel Joyce is a devout writer but also happens to be working with removal Company from the past seven years. He had since then contributed several topics related to home improvement,self storage in london, interior decoration etc for many blogs. He lives in London with his wife and a lovely child. He loves to spend his time with family and friends.

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Creative kid’s rooms

A child’s bedroom should capture their personality completely, becoming a fun place for them to hang out. Decorating your little one’s room can be a fun and exciting project where you can really channel your creative flair. Here are some great ways to unleash your inner child and get creative…

Wall art

Hanging picture frames in a kid’s room is simply an accident waiting to happen. With toys and balls being thrown about in play, it is a matter of time before they are knocked down and broken.

Instead, go for a foolproof way of injecting art into your kid’s room by painting designs directly on the wall. Select a theme that your kid’s enjoy, whether it’s princesses or dinosaurs, and let your creativity run free.

If you don’t have a steady hand, but still want to revamp their bedrooms, you could always use wall stencils instead of going freehand. Stencil Warehouse have a great collection of stencils, in a variety of shapes and sizes that will allow you to easily transform any playroom or bedroom.


While you let your creativity loose in your child’s bedroom, you can give them the opportunity to do the same.

Specially designed chalkboard paint can be painted directly onto any surface, whether it’s a wall or a wardrobe, to create a space for your kids to draw and get creative. This is great if your kids are messy, as the chalkboard will provide hours of entertainment, with the chalk simply wiping away when they’re done.


Plain, wooden furniture can look drab in your kid’s bedroom, but there are a number of simple and easy ways to update them.

Tying ribbons around the handles is a cost-effective way to liven up the furniture. Also, replacing the handles for funky designs, like jewels, is a great way to update your tired old furniture.

5 Interesting Arts to Decor your Home and Office

Some people might think that art is expensive or needs huge investment, especially when they see a neat office or a home filled with decors. Putting decorations on your home and office depends on creativity and imagination. Most of the time, it only requires being organized and having artistic ideas.

By simply looking around, you can discover that there is still a lot of space for art. Afterward, you can think of going to a décor shop or even make your own designs. These days, you can easily find a decor equipment store like Madison Art Shop, where you can buy all the things you need for decorating your area. Below are the most common interesting artwork for your home and office.


You can buy a painting made by famous artist, but that may hurt your wallet. You also purchase cheap paintings that can still amazing to the eyes. Another choice could be making your own painting. Paintings are expressions, and those who understand them focus on the color, tone, and their rhythm. They care for the smallest detail and the medium used in a certain painting. An abstract painting in an office can ease the pressure in work.


Drawings can be from real-life objects or result of imagination. A simple but creative drawing can make office visitors smile and be relaxed. A drawing of a happy family that is hanged in the living room reminds family members of their bonding moments. Young children are attracted to colored drawings. In fact, you can let your children draw what he likes. Then, place it in a frame and your wall will now have a memorable moment of his childhood.

Collage or mosaic

A collage is an artwork that consists of various materials, including newspaper clippings, pictures, photographs, ribbons or other objects that are glued together to a piece of paper or canvas. The word “collage” was derived from “coller,” a French word for glue. A collage is different from a mosaic because the latter is more of a combination of cut photos or broken ceramics or tiles. Either of the two can be an eye-catching scene at home or inside your office. 


A sculpture can be in the form of wood, ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass. While this artwork is most of the time found in schools, parks, and historical places, you can also include one at home or in your office. But of course, you should consider the space, especially in homes with young children running around. In offices, a sculpture is usually placed in the lobby and for visitors’ view. You can easily find one in stores, or hire a professional sculptor for the job. 


Just like sculpture, pots can also make a wonderful home décor. You can also put one on the lobby of your office. While some would suggest that pots should only serve as planters, there are people who love to collect huge and antique pots. These kinds of pots can be expensive, but are also good investments. There are also small pots can be placed on an office table or study table at home. They can be used as pen holders or to simply add design to the surroundings.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Neil McIntosh

Article by Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is the Sales Executive at Madison Art Shop. Madison Art Shop is online art supply company in USA and they are totally focused on giving the widest product selection of art at the most competitive prices.

A Pinch Of Creativity Accentuating Space In Your Home

You don’t have to necessarily be claustrophobic to feel the discomfort inflicted by a small spaced house. Small space around the house gets under your skin slowly and naturally. The condition gets even worse in summers. This is the time when you wish for a lot of space for simply lying around, ventilation or comfort.

There are a lot of simple and creative things one can do to better organize the house. This would bring out the space already present but littered with useless stuff. A little bit of creativity here would go a long way to spice up your dull surroundings.

1. Chase Away Dark, Bring In lights And Whites

Never splash your house with a dark/dull paint. This would give a feeling of walls closing in on you. Go for whites, light or pastel shades. This would impart a widening affect. If you live with kids, avoid excess of white as it would require a great deal of maintenance. Instead go for some other shades like beige, light green/brown/blue etc.

2. Accessories In Proportion

Never forget to choose furniture, racks, closets etc in conformity with the space available. Very huge furniture would suffocate your room and very small would serve no purpose. So, choose a design that best suits the geometry of the house. Go for daybeds, futon beds etc which serve as a wide sofa in addition to a decent bed. Murphy beds would be apt in such a situation. These beds are attached to the wall. These pull out of the wall with bedding’s on one side and a multipurpose table on the other. Choose a small bed over an elaborate one in small rooms.

Buy multipurpose furniture like convertible dining tables. These convert into a pool table when turned upside down. Go for sofa cum lounge beds, multipurpose tables and racks.

3. Space Around Your Bed

Do away with tables, chairs etc around your bed. Hang small utilities like watches, notebooks, cell phone accessories etc. in a bag on a hook over the wall. Attach a folding chair or table below the window sill to be used as an ironing board or study table.

4. Space Under Beds

Elevate beds and utilize the space beneath for storing cardboard boxes filled with less used items. You could also go for pull out drawers attached to the bed and keep clothes and other belongings there.

5. Window Treatment

Go for wide and tall window frames. This would dramatically give a very spacious and bright look to the house. Don’t use heavy, overly decorated window accessories. Use valence curtains or light see-through curtains to let more light diffuse inside. Match the color of the curtains with walls around so as to give an extended look. Use very light blinds on windows.

6. Flooring

Never contrast the color of the surroundings with the floor or floor rug. This would impart boundaries and give a patched look to the house. The floor rug should be covered within the furniture above it and should match with the style of the furniture.

7. Vertical Cabinets

Replace ground racks, closets, and shelves with vertical standing ones erected on the walls. This would supply more space for other big items on the floor.

8. Mirrors And Frames

Decorate house with big sized mirrors reflecting a good amount of light. This would spruce up the surroundings by giving it visual depth and width. Place a large sized mirror in front of a big window to brighten up the room. Fix a group of mirrors of random sizes on the wall over the mantle or in the guest room to give it a trendy appearance. Stick no more than 2 photo frames on a wall in a small room. Keep it simple and tidy.

9. Furniture Traffic

Make sure the traffic and direction of furniture is well organized. Keep sofa, chairs, etc. away from the walls and don’t let one accessory intersect another. Make a point to leave space for comfortable trespassing.

10. Do Away With Big Sized And Idle Accessories

Sell, replace, or store the idle/ space consuming big sized items. For instance old huge sofa, entertainment systems, grungy closets etc. You need not necessarily dispense them away, you could go for self-storage of cherished/ inherited belongings. The idea is to clear out the space and let the hidden beauty surface.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Imobiliária THÁ

Article by Suzan Hall

Suzan Hall is a part time blogger. She covers various topic related to home, interior decoration, and Moving house storage etc. She loves to spend her time with family, friends and enjoys sharing tips and advises online.

Design Tips for Enhancing the Look of Your Bedroom

If you are in the process of redecorating your house, you may want to spend a bit of time on the bedrooms, as this is a room where most people spend quite a bit of their lives. Simply by changing the furniture and the décor, you will be able to create a space that is inviting and easy on the eye. A change of colour can give the impression that the bedroom is far bigger than it actually is. You will also be able to purchase furniture and fixtures and fittings that have been designed especially with small spaces in mind. Wardrobes with conventional doors can take up quite a lot of space, as the doors need to swing out to open. By purchasing some sliding doors you will be able to utilise the area in front of the wardrobes in a much more efficient manner.

How to Make your Bedroom Look Bigger

Simply by rearranging the furniture in your room you will be able to gain quite a bit of space in most cases. You may also want to purchase some wardrobes with sliding doors and a bed with storage space under the mattress. Doors that slide take up far less room than conventional swinging doors and they are now available in a wide range of different materials and colours. You will be able to find many companies online selling space saving doors and other items to help you redesign the interior of your home or apartment. Companies like Spacelide have many different wardrobe and room sliding doors on their websites and it is also possible to order doors to your own specification.

Dividing a Room into Separate Areas

Depending on your existing decoration and furniture, you will be able to select from a wide range of designs and materials for your new sliding doors. One of the most common materials is glass, as it is hardwearing and also has the added advantage of letting in light. Investing in some room dividers is another option you have and by splitting your existing rooms up into separate areas you will be able to attain more storage space or even an extra bedroom. Once you have split your room into separate areas then you may want purchase some new, space-saving furniture for it. By positioning mirrors at strategic points around the room you will also be able to give an illusion that the area is bigger than it really is.

Space Saving Ideas for Bedrooms

  • Purchase some folding tables that can be attached to walls
  • Bunk beds can save a lot of space in children’s rooms
  • Recess shelving into walls
  • Install sliding wardrobe and entrance doors

Frameless sliding glass doors could transform every home in your property, making it a much more up-to-date place to live without having to purchase a new property. You will be able to buy space-saving doors and furniture for all of the rooms in your house from specialist companies on the Internet.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by J Aaron Farr

Article provided by Spaceslide

Spaceslide, a subsidiary of Portico Midlands Ltd., has partnerships with some of UK’s top ten house builders. This company produces and installs door systems and manufactures bedroom furniture.

How to Start Up a New Vintage Style in Your Home

What is vintage interior design? Vintage style is a grey area when it comes to interior design. Vintage is a style anywhere from 20 years old to 100 years old, and it differs depending on who you talk to about it. Vintage is too old to be considered modern, and once you get past 100 years, furniture and decorations become antiques. Vintage style typically refers to pieces that have withstood the test of time and are still fashionable to this day. So, anything from 1915 to 1990 is in the vintage era. You can also define certain styles further by the time period represented within the vintage time frame. Examples would be 60s vintage style, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern.

How to start a vintage style in your home The most important thing to get right when beginning a vintage style makeover is the planning phase. What do you want your vintage style to look like? Do you want a 60s vintage look, or do you want it to look like your house is straight from the 30s? The trick is to stick to a theme. Do you want the pieces to fit into a certain color scheme? It is all up to you. Will your vintage style work with your house? Will the items you want have enough space to fit in your house?

You can also outfit your home with vintage styles used around the world. For example, you could have a vintage style used in France or the “French Colonial” style from some Caribbean islands. Once you know where you want to go with your vintage interior design, you need to find the right individual pieces.  Making sure to plan will show guests that you are serious about vintage interior design, and nothing you have will feel out of place.

Where to get your items Going to garage sales can be a good practice for getting great-looking vintage furniture at affordable prices. You can also search the Internet, of course. You can check out websites that sell vintage furniture, or you can go look on websites like EBay or Amazon. If you find a piece of vintage furniture in mint condition, you should expect to spend a hefty sum for it. A lot of times a person will hold an unused piece of décor or furniture just to capitalize on it when it becomes a sought-after item. Whichever way you choose to get your vintage items, you are getting closer to having a house full of your favorite vintage style.

In any case, it is all up to your creativity. People will buy a used piece of furniture and restore it or just keep it as is to show that it has had an interesting past. Whatever vintage style you like, you should use. Even if you have a variety of vintage items from different time periods it is all up to your preference – just make sure they mix well! If you keep using these tips, you will have a house that screams “tasteful vintage” to show off to your friends and family.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Maegan Tintari

Article by Gabriel Nelson

Gabriel Nelson works with High Camp Home, a company that specialized in décor. Gabe has written and produced many types of content for many types of websites, especially in the home improvement area. Gabe loves to read, write, play video games, go swimming and fishing.

Top Tips for a Creating a Stylish Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place where you can escape the rest of the world and lie back in a hot bath, leaving your troubles outside the door. There is no better way to chill out and relax after a long day. However, all too often our bathrooms become cluttered and messy, preventing us from getting as much out of them as we should be.

If this is the case with your bathroom, here are some quick tips to make it into the most stylish, relaxing room in the house in no time at all.

Give It A Makeover

One of the best ways to make an instant difference is to make all of those minor repairs and changes that you have been meaning to do for so long. Before you do anything else, fix those cracked tiles, clear up the mould and fix any dripping taps. These minor changes can mean a big difference for you.

Buy a New Bath

A great way to make your bathroom a place where you want to spend as much time as possible is to invest in a new bathtub. If you have been stuck with the same old standard model for years, it’s time to treat yourself and get something really special.

A new bath won’t be cheap if you want something really special, but it will be money well spent. A free-standing bath is one of the most stylish types of bath that you can get. You will need the space for it, but if you have a large bathroom then it can be ideal.

Alternatively, opt for a whirlpool bath complete with a shower. This is the ultimate in luxury and will be like your own mini spa waiting for you after work every day. Throw in some stylish chrome taps and fittings and your new gorgeous bathroom will be well on its way.

Fit Stylish Lighting

Bathrooms can enjoy a huge boost from a few carefully placed lamps. Try to find some lighting solutions that are specially made for bathrooms, and then fit them in the corners and alcoves. You can even fit a light in the shower if you want. Use features like dimmers so that you can get the atmosphere just right, and make sure there is a place to light some candles.

Keep It Minimalistic

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom into a stylish room where you want to spend more time is to get rid of all of the clutter. This includes all of those bottles that have built up over the months. Buy yourself a simple cabinet if you don’t already have one, and keep everything out of sight to create a more minimalistic style that will help you to relax.

Make It Bigger

If space is lacking in your bathroom, a simple way to make it seem bigger is to add some strategically-placed mirrors. By adding mirrors you can help to make the rest of the room feel bigger so that you don’t feel so confined. It’s quick and simple, and you can make the mirror a feature of the room on its own by adding a stylish metal frame.

Get the Bathroom You Deserve

It’s not hard to get the perfect bathroom, it just takes a bit of work. Start with the tips above and see what changes you can make to your bathroom, and in a short space of time you could easily have the bathroom that you have always dreamed of.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Lindsay Grant

Article Joshua Lewis

Joshua Lewis is an expert on all things related to the bathroom. He works at Better Bathrooms, where you can find stylish and unique features for your bathroom.


Paper DIY Crafts For Your Home 1

Paper DIY Crafts For Your Home

Looking to add a few decorative touches to your home, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Use paper to add the flourishes you want without breaking the bank. Update furniture, create decorative pieces like chandeliers and window hangings and brighten up a room with pretty paper options.

Image courtesy of Heather (Williams) Gruber /

Image courtesy of Heather (Williams) Gruber /

Any type of paper can be used—newspaper, wrapping paper, tissue paper or origami paper all make for visually interesting decorative embellishments. Wrapping paper and origami paper come in a wide variety of prints and colors—with wrapping paper being ideal for large projects. Have a sealant on hand, especially for projects in the kitchen or bathroom that will be exposed to moisture.

Art for your walls

Use paper with bright patterns or prints to decorate your walls. Simply frame paper with prints you like, or layer textures, colors and other scraps of paper to create an image, a collage, or random patterns for your own artistic creation.

For a high-impact, low-cost wall art solution, frame pretty paper in simple black frames. Add interest to the display by choosing different, yet coordinating paper patterns and vary the size of the picture frames.

Furniture makeovers

Have furniture that can use a facelift? Instead of painting the pieces, decoupage paper onto chairs, tables, stools, sideboards and other furniture pieces. Cut paper into patterns for a decorative touch or patchwork different colors of paper for a bright addition to a child’s room. Make sure you use sealants for furniture or surfaces that will get a lot of wear and tear.


Transform bland to beautiful by simply changing the light in a room with different colored lampshades. Textured paper adds contrast to the other materials present in the room; printed papers add another decorative detail. If creating an entire lampshade seems daunting, attach stripes of paper to a plain, store-bought lampshade. Try thin vertical strips or wide horizontal bands, mixing and matching the stripes in a room. For advance DIY-ers, try cutting patterns into paper and layering those designs over your own lampshade creation or a pre-made one. Or, try pleating paper for a retro lampshade.

Image courtesy of Patrick Gannon/

Image courtesy of Patrick Gannon/


Paper chandeliers can be whimsical or delicate, sophisticated or playful, depending on your design. Create a simple paper lantern or get a bit more complicated with ruffles and pom-poms. Or create a mobile and weave small battery operated LED lights into the frame for a twinkling, delicate addition to a little girl’s room. Advance DIY-ers can add a light bulb cord set to their paper creations and hang as you would any chandeliers from the ceiling. If you like to change up your décor frequently, make the paper chandelier detachable so you can swap out your designs at your whim.


Creating paper curtains is one great way to decorate a window without blocking out light or to dividing a room without breaking up the room too much. String cut-out bits of paper and sew the squares together, spaced regularly, to make a string as long as the window or space you wish to cover. Use different shapes, alternate plain with patterned, or vary the weights and textures of paper to liven up the design. Confetti paper curtains may not provide a lot of privacy, so they are probably best used as decorative touch.

Change up the décor and tone in your room with a few simple DIY projects. Whatever type of paper your use, these inexpensive, fun and room-changing ideas to give your place the new look you want.

Article by Marcela De Vivo

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Los Angeles who covers everything from health to marketing. As a mom who recently remodeled her home, she loves fun, DIY projects that she can do with her kids, whether it’s making newspaper trees or tissue paper hot air balloons.



Creative Wall Art to Perk Up Your Living Space

Take a stroll down memory lane and try recollecting history studied during school days, particularly about how early man scribbled on the walls of his cave. Even to this day most of us find it mystifying about how early man created pictures on the walls of his cave in a speedy, indecipherable manner. However, history lessons of those days disclose that right from the start man has always been very enthusiastic about home décor.

Right from drawing on walls in a careless manner, showcasing his charcoal drawings and finally learning the technique of handling modern art, man has come a long way in making an attempt to learn the art of wall décor.

When it comes to jazzing up your walls, our ideas are restricted to hanging up framed photographs, paintings and utilizing lighting fixtures that will brighten up your living space. Although these are some good ideas to smarten up your home, you must not be restricted to these ideas alone. By utilizing some creativity you can add a little zest to the walls of your home. Here are a few creative wall décor ideas that will transform a dull wall into stunning and elegant one.

Add Style to Your Walls with Artistic Stone Wall Décor

If you are looking to add charm to your home, then choosing wall décor with beautifully designed stones is the perfect option. Artistic stone wall décor is ideal for homes that have good amount of space. For more elegance ensure to have good storage solutions in your home.

Covering up the entire wall with stone tiles, enhances the appearance of your home. Stone tiles with bright colors are the best choice for those looking to add style and classiness to the living space.

One thing to keep in mind prior to buying stone tiles is to choose best quality ones. This will help you maintain your walls effortlessly. Utilizing stone tiles of the similar color for walls and flooring will make your living space more comfortable. Stone tiles made of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone are best for wall décor.

Wall Stickers – Cheap décor to Beautify Your Walls

If you have a limited budget and aren’t willing to exceed your budget limit then there is nothing better than the wall sticker décor. Don’t be frustrated with the amount of time and effort you will require for this kind of wall décor. The results you get after finding the most appropriate stickers and adorning your walls with them are worth the time and effort.

Finding readymade stickers can be tough. In such a case you can use materials like wood or lightweight stones as well as your creative skills to create your own designs. To give your walls a more stylish look, you must use inexpensive décor like wall stickers.

Stencil Wall Décor – Cost-effective, Simple & Cool Way to Jazz Up Your Walls

Stencil wall décor jogs your memory about stencils used by kids for art projects. The same stencils your kids use are great for jazzing up your walls and giving them a new appearance. You will find stencil wall décor to be the most inexpensive and cool way to add a little zest to your walls.

Utilizing spray paint to create eye-catching and fashionable designs is one way of jazzing up your walls. Spray paint can also be used to form patterns on stencil designs.

Besides, you can also use stencils for creating cartoon characters. Colorful flowers and other designs are few creative things you can create with stencils.

Transform your home’s appearance and make it more inviting to guests by utilizing these creative wall décor ideas.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Ethan

Article by Rony Mikal

Rony Mikal is a writer and music enthusiast.  As a writer he contributes for various online publications that mainly include business, home removals and storage, health and environmental issues. When he’s not educating readers with his work, he’s most likely found tapping feet to his favorite tunes.

Space Saving Tips To Transform Your Home

There’s nothing worse than living in a cramped, cluttered and overcrowded environment. Life’s hard enough without being able to come home and relax in your own space. Sadly, with our increasingly busy lifestyles, ever shrinking house sizes and metropolitan living this is a reality that many of us face.

However, by following just a few quick and easy space saving tips, you can transform your home into a spacious, palatial environment to rush back to.

De clutter

Start here and don’t look back. Don’t be afraid to get rid of those larger space hording items, such as, that dresser you inherited from aunt Margaret that you never use (or ever really liked).

There are numerous sites out there that can help you find a pretty penny for these items. Before you know it you’ll be rid of old aunt Margaret’s dresser and gained an extra square foot of space or two.

Creative Commons – Attribution by Wicker Paradise

Start looking at the space around you with a different point of you. Get to know all the nooks and crannies above every door and at the back of every closet. These are your nuggets of gold, your storage spaces!

Any space no matter how small can be used to tuck away those pesky items that clutter up every workspace insight.

Lighten Up

Optimize the natural light you have available to you. Mirrors and light can make a dramatic difference when creating a light, air filled atmosphere to unwind in.  This can be as simple as removing any obstacles to light, to well placed mirrors light bring reflected light into the room.

You can also use artificial lighting to create an illusion of space. Using, up-lights, directed high into the ceiling, or down-lights, casting light downwards from the ceiling, can expand the feeling of space in the room. If you’re pushed for natural light, use high kelvin day light bulbs in lamps dotted around the room to boost your light levels.

Set the tone

There’s no reason why you can’t use bold primary colours in smaller spaces to inject a bit of personality into your living space. The tricky bit is balancing this against softer lighter tones that aren’t as imposing or as light hungry, so you can maintain the feeling of space and air around you.

Try limiting your bold colour choices to small areas of the room and set these against neutral, light background colours that complement the space.

Keep it simple

The furnishings of the room are the finishing touches to the canvas created with good use of light, tone and space. Try complementing your neutral canvas with a soft woolen carpet, avoid oversized garish designs that will clash and distract.

Limit the number of items there purely for decoration and where possible for simple, functional yet stylish furniture. A classic example of this is floating shelves that provide an elegant solution to storage without pinching floor space.

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Article by Anna Jones

Anna Jones is an experienced freelancer and blog writer, who also works with uShip couriers and has a passion for interior design, crafts and home décor.

Redesign Your Bathroom With These 5 Easy Tips

When you think of a bathroom design, you probably place design appeal just as highly as functionality on your list. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice one to achieve the other if you master a few decor tips. Even if you don’t have a lot of time or a big budget to work with, these five ways to redesign your bathroom are within your reach. Keep reading to find out how to make your bathroom space beautiful.

Start with light. The lighting in your bathroom can either allow you to better display all your hard work or obscure a super stylish space. Choose light fixtures that amp up your wattage, such as vanity lights around the mirror or sea gull lights that shine directly onto your countertop. Also, it is a good idea to have light fixtures in more than one area; for example, lighting by the sink should be accompanied by lighting above or near the shower.

Grab a paint roller. This is the easiest and most immediate way to change the look of any room. Open up the layout of your bathroom with an accent wall or brighten the entire room with a lighter colour. If you want to add texture, you can also try to install new wallpaper.

Get Organized. If you feel like your bathroom’s too cluttered, there’s a good chance that you just need to rearrange some items. Pick up a chest of drawers made from a material that can withstand humidity so that you can keep most of your personal care items and cleaning materials out of sight. This will free up counter space and allow you to add decorative elements while also making your bathroom more functional.

Install tiling. This is a great tip not just for the floors but also for the walls and the shower. Tile is easier to clean and looks much sleeker when compared to linoleum. It will also give the effect of multiplying light as it bounces off of the tile’s surface.

Make your mirror work. Reflective surfaces can do wonders when it comes to brightening up a bathroom or even reinforcing your chosen design motif. To instantly make your bathroom look bigger, simply install a bigger mirror. If you already have a large mirror, make sure to secure it stylishly with washers (they’re cleaner and sleeker) or to surround the edges of it with adhesive moulding.

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Article by Sam

Sam is known for designing beautiful room makeovers and creating stunning spaces.

Decorating a Country Villa

Are you looking for the perfect country retreat? A country villa can be a peaceful haven for you to relax and regroup after the pressures of a long work week in the city. But how do you decorate your new villa so that you achieve this feeling of remoteness and calm? Here are some tips to help.

Embrace the simple life

For many people, country life represents a return to simpler times. Therefore, decorate with a minimalist’s eye. Choose only the furniture you know you will need and use a lot. Choose furniture based on functionality rather than something with a sleek, modern look. Or, when choosing a sofa, choose something with soft lines and a comfortable feel, such as an overstuffed variety. Save the sleek edgy one for your apartment down-town.

A calming colour scheme

If you’re looking for a sanctuary in which to unwind, choose a calming colour scheme that will promote peace and relaxation. Therefore, you want furniture made of darker wood. You’ll also want to look for “earth tones,” such as browns, yellows, greens and reds, which are associated with calm.

A retro look

Harken back to simpler times with a few retro items and antiques displayed around the villa. These can include a record player, a typewriter, an antique phone, or any other kitschy items that will make you think of bygone eras when life was simpler. You can also display retro artwork like old movie posters or album art from old records. To find these items, spend some time browsing thrift shops, consignment shops, antique dealerships, or online.

Appreciate the fresh air

You can also take your time in the countryside as an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and experience nature. Set up a table in the garden to enjoy alfresco dining in the peace and quiet of the countryside. You can also add other places to relax such as a hammock, a comfortable bench, or a few deck chairs for tanning during the summer months. Best of all, you can spend time outdoors without having to hear what’s going on in the neighbours’ garden.

An eye to sustainability

Finally, when you decorate your dream villa, think about sustainability. Since you will be enjoying the natural environment, why not take steps to preserve it? Therefore, look into energy and water-saving alternatives such as a low-flow shower-head, energy-efficient lights and ceiling fans instead of air conditioning.

No matter how you choose to decorate, though, your country villa should be your sanctuary. Show off your personal style and decorate as you wish!

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Article by Sam

Sam is an interior designer with a focus on minimal designs and luxury bathroom trends.

Inspiring Home Decor Ideas

When you set out to create a new look for your home, what are the design basics that will prove to be most useful for you? Whether you’re overhauling the living room or searching for a way to make your kitchen more functional, there are always simple design solutions that you can employ. In fact, we’ve rounded up five ways to get inspired to change around your home so that you can get started straight away.

The artful statement. If you’re searching for design inspiration, there may not be a better way to get started than searching for artwork. It could be a striking sculpture or a vivid painting, but once you find it, you’ll start to think of ways to incorporate it into an overall design for an entire room, thus sending you on an interior design mission that will set your home apart.

The vintage sofa. Many home-owners have a love of vintage items but can’t sort out exactly how to use this kind of furniture without making the entire house look old. A good strategy is to place items together that are polar opposites; for example, your vintage sofa will stand out more with a few modern silhouettes. Or you could find another contrasting design theme — such as East meets West — to add visual interest to your home décor.

The island counter-top  You can fit an island counter-top into your kitchen no matter what colour palette or design theme you already have. These pieces can be made with a range of materials — such as granite, poured concrete or wood — depending on what your design objectives are. This will also provide you with more working space while you’re cooking, making it a functional addition, too.

The breathtaking bed. From the canopy bed to four dramatic posters, foregoing a typical headboard can make your design work in the bedroom a cinch. Find a statement piece of furniture to set the tone, and then accentuate it with a fitting colour palette. Don’t forget to play with textures, as well, which is the perfect way to incorporate linens. Rich materials like silk and velvet pair well with soft fabrics like cotton.

The absence of things. Because sometimes, good design is more about what you don’t have, make sure to utilise white space wisely. While you have to make some decisions based on necessity, such as when you choose a good washing machine or decide on the size of your sofa, your décor will be given a chance to shine if it’s not stifled by competing with too much furniture. Overall, the key to inspired home décor is to remember that less is often more.

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Article by Sam

Sam is a creative interior designer who is known for his beautiful DIY home decor ideas.