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Cool Furniture Designs for Home

It’s really nice to see designers from all over the world come up with amazing designs for furniture which are not only attractive but are also practical to use. But with a wide range of designs to choose from, furniture shopping can be the most exhausting part of any home improvement project. But don’t worry, with the following cool design ideas, you can find the perfect piece of furniture for your home sweet home!


Image provided and/or licensed by the author

Image provided and/or licensed by the author

You must have gotten tired of your old rounded or maybe squared table in your living room so you think of buying a new one – something unique and more functional. Cool table designs available in the market today feature unimaginable shapes that are way beyond the traditional rounded or squared tables. Modern tables come in various shapes and sizes, colors, and accents. There are tables that are made from pure glass (from top to bottom) while others are made from elegant sturdy wood that has been curved to perfection. Some tables come with digital features, including beautiful lights. Others have built-in chairs, multiple drawers, hidden storages, and the like.

Sofa tables are a great furniture option too! These tables are very stylish, elegant-looking, and can perfectly fit a modern house. Sofa tables are accent furniture pieces that can revamp any space, whether a living room or a bedroom. They are designed to rest on the back of a sofa and are an excellent choice for a small space. Sofa tables are multifunctional furniture. Their usage features can help store more items and save space.


If you want your living space look really awesome, you should not forget to place an accent chair. Accent chairs come in cool designs, shapes and colors. They can break any monotonous arrangement in a living room, bedroom or outdoor space, and can give such area a very attractive eye-catching look. Most accent chairs are uniquely designed. In the corner of your living room, you can place a ball-shaped chair that has bright color and is made from unique materials. Just one cool chair can significantly revamp your space.


Cool cabinets are those that come with surprising shelves, hidden storage systems and stylish designs. It doesn’t have to be always the traditional ‘box’ type cabinets that you open like windows. There are cool cabinet designs that are custom-fit to any area. Among the most popular cabinet designs today are the built-in wall cabinets. They really look attractive. Aside from this, wall cabinets are space-savers. If you’re living in a small home or apartment, they are a great cabinet choice!

Cool cabinet designs are not only stylish. They are practical to use too. A good cabinet is something that has multiple functions, plenty of shelves or storage, and do not consume too much space.

Finding the perfect furniture for your home is actually easy. As long as you have an idea of what furniture type and design you want, you can find the best piece to compliment your home!

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Article by Jess Ross

Myself Jess Ross is graduated with a double major in English and Business Management from the University of Ohio. A Columbus native, I went back to my home city after graduation to work in several advertising companies, before striking it out on my own in Shanghai, China, working for an International furniture manufacturing company in East Asia. I helped increase the company’s sales by 30% and began expanding into Europe and North America. After working in China for a number of years, I moved back to Columbus. I worked for my family’s another store (www.SofasandSectionals.Com)(888-567-7632), and worked to expand their markets as well as their offerings into more like sofas, sectionals, sofa table, couches, loveseats and much more.

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Why Minimalist Design Shouldn’t be Ignored When Redecorating Your Home

In recent years there has been a trend back towards minimalist design. One of the reasons for this is the fact that we all lead much busier lives than in the past and the clean lines and spare look of minimalism make modern homes a lot easier to clean.

If you want your home to look contemporary and clutter free then the clean lines of minimalism is the way to go.

We all tend to have too much stuff, which makes our homes less comfortable rather than more because there is often something on every single surface. A minimalist interior will enable you to enjoy a much tidier and cleaner looking environment, where less is more.

Minimalist Interiors

It is easy to add a touch of warmth to your new minimalist home using cottage doors, interior designers love the richness that solid wood can give to a place. You may think that redecorating your home using minimalist ideas will be too expensive, but you’d be wrong. Minimalist interiors have less furniture but each piece is designed to make a statement as well as fulfil a function.

One of the great things about minimalist interiors is that they are virtually timeless, which means that you will save money in the long run. Imagine how much character a period 4 panel oak door will lend to your minimalist kitchen. The reason that Art Deco style and furnishings were so popular in the twenties and thirties was due to its simplicity. Many people had been used to living with over stuffed Victorian furniture and fragile ornaments on every shelf and table.

Simple things such as bull nose skirting and nineteen thirties doors will help to transform your home into a comfortable space because of the feeling of warmth that these things can add to a room. Minimalist décor can make even the tiniest flat feel spacious. If you have too much stuff cluttering up your life, you will enjoy the impression that you have more room in which to move around.

Saving Money

Minimalist furniture and design is not as expensive as you think. Many people search antique stores and second hand shops to find singular pieces that they can restore themselves. When you get accustomed to the fine lines of your new home décor, you won’t feel the need to consistently purchase bits and pieces to ‘liven the place up.’

When you choose to change the look of your home you will actually spend less on furnishings because you will need less of them. An interior designer will help you to ensure that each piece you buy is the exact fit and looks as if it was meant to be in that place.

Make the most of your space with clever lighting and choose blinds rather than curtains because they give windows a much neater look. The futuristic look of a good deal of minimalist furniture means that your home will always look current. Why not give yourself the freedom from clutter that a minimalist room brings.

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Article by Amy Elliott

Amy has a passion for interior design and occasionally writes for UK Oak Doors, specialists in oak front doors and cheap oak skirting boards. Find out more about them and their products by clicking here  or by visiting their Facebook page.

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Add Character to These 3 Home Areas – Bedroom, Living Room, Conservatory

What does your home say about you? Whether or not you are aware of it, your interior décor is a reflection of your family’s character. Sentimental accessories and unique designs will truly transform your house into a home.

If you want your home to speak of your personality, you may think out of the box with these clever tips on how to add character to your living area, bedroom, and conservatory.

Living Room

The living room is one of the cosiest areas in your house and it can also be customized according to your taste. An extensive mix of your favourite collections can certainly bring appeal to your living room.

Family photos can help make your living space more personalized. Create a group of photos in black and white, put into similar frames with the same colours. You can combine portraits with the same colour to create a formal look. You can also buy collage frames to display your favourite colours.
You may also decorate your walls with special items. You can place a shelf underneath any wall art with other items that you want to display. To make it visually appealing yet simple, you may have the same item in a set of three.

In addition, you may add a bookshelf into your living room to make it appear more chic. You can also make use of items like throw pillows and candles. All of these decors enhance your space and make it cosier. You can also add a huge area carpet at the centre of your living area with a design you love.
Don’t forget to give each section of your living space a flattering glow to shed the finest light in every family moment.


Your bedroom is your private place where you can be yourself without any rules.Why don’t you let your own territory reflect your personality, tastes and moods, and hobbies?

First, sit and plan out a design that will greatly suit your interests instead of just picking randomly. If you are into music, sports, or books, then you use that as a theme to reflect your hobbies and interests.

Next, limit yourself to a few colours. Colours affect your mood, so you have to pick a colour of your own preference, such as the one that makes you happy or the one that makes you feel inspired and colour your room with that.

Add photographs and posters on one side of your wall. You may also put up photos of outings with your friends and families or posters of the exciting places you have visited, your favourite celebrity, music icon, and whatever else that you can think of.


A conservatory needs careful consideration just like any other parts of your home. There are modular designs available in different configurations, but the customized conservatory enables home-owners to choose a design according to their character.

For instance, if you want to transform your bland conservatory into a music room, then you can start by bringing in all musical instruments that you already have. Then, add some accessories that suit your favourite music genre.

On the other hand, if you are a bookish person and you want to turn it into a library, then you can buy bookshelves and place them at the edges of your conservatory. Then you can just add a modish table and comfy seating furniture at a specific part of the room. Also, make sure that you have good lighting to enable you to fully understand what you are reading or writing.

With these easy suggestions, you can surely add character into your living area, bedroom, and conservatory. Always remember that whatever you do, ease and comfort comes first so you have to ensure that the interior design and furniture you have chosen is comfortable. And before you personalize your home interior; do not forget to check your budget.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Tami Hills

Article by Sophia Hayes

Sophia Hayes is the DIY consultant of Conservatory Info based in the UK. Her number one goal is to give the best conservatory design for every homeowner. She believes that every client deserves a perfect place to relax.

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When Budget And Discount Doesn’t Mean Used And Poor Quality

An article looking at how discounted rugs can be an affordable option for any home without having to compromise on quality.

Your Home
Your house and its interior design are unique to you. It is the place you can retreat to after a hard day’s work and is a place to feel safe in when life gets tough. You home’s ddcor expresses some of your personality to its visitors and may be full of little items you have collected from your travels and experiences in life.

Take rugs as an example. Many people see them as a costly item that is not so much a necessity but more of a luxury. You may want one in your home to protect your wood floor from the ash in the fire or your toddler’s over heavy use of pushing cars, but rugs are often seen as an expensive commodity. True, they can be expensive when you look around in various shops, but this isn’t always the case and they don’t need to be. Looking on the internet for budget rugs that fall into your price range won’t mean the rug will be poor quality and defective. The demand for such products is out there and more and more suppliers are trying to meet the demand whilst tapping into this new revenue stream.

Rugs can tie the colours of a room together or they can be bold and add a splash of colour to neutral tones in the room. Be it a hallway or dining room, a rug will not only enhance the warmth and feel of the room but it will protect the flooring too. With cheaper rugs you can feel secure that if you do spill that bottle of red wine on it then it can be replaced quite easily without breaking the bank. If you get bored of it then you can easily find another use for it without feeling guilty about how much you paid for it.

Budget And Discount

Regardless of how much money you have to spend on something, no-one wants to spend more than they need to. In this day and age very few of us have the luxury of not needing to watch the pennies each month. Cheaper options for decorating our home are being demanded but we want to be sure of the quality too. Do budget and discounted items necessarily mean used and poor quality? Not necessarily. Will it mean the product is defective if you buy the cheapest option? Probably not. Today there is a whole range of products for every level of the market. This means you can find the thing you are looking for in your home without it having to cost the earth and without it falling apart in the first month.

Whether you visit a DIY store, a local carpet shop, or an online shopping merchant for your budget rugs, your perceived lack of budget doesn’t mean that you can’t end up with a beautiful and long lasting new artifact in your home. Get out there and take a look and you will see what we mean.

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Article by Diyana Levi

Article written by Diyana Levi a freelance writer, who will often visit this page to look at different budget and style options and be inspired.

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Home Office must-haves for Creatives

Creatives require a different type of office than the typical professional, with the average desktop computer and filing cabinet set-up unlikely to cut the mustard.

A more inspiring workplace is required to get those creative juices flowing, while flexibility is key to ensuring it can keep up with day-to-day demands as well as special projects.

A noticeboard

Fix a large noticeboard on an easy-to-access wall so that you have a convenient place to pin up pictures, text and other physical media that can be used to stimulate new ideas.

Whether you’re an interior designer who needs somewhere they can easily view new colours and materials, a marketing expert who wants to take inspiration from the latest print ads, or someone who simply wants to pin up a to-do list, it is sure to come in handy.


Every creative has those books they always turn to for guidance or ideas, so it’s a good idea to conveniently and attractively store them – go for a case or floating shelves depending on your needs.

Feature furniture

You of course need practical office furniture like a desk, but it’s also a good idea to invest in some statement pieces that will give your workspace some personality.

Eye-catching furniture in unusual designs and bright colours can be functional while also ensuring your room has the same edge of creativity you do.

A beanbag

Create a chill-out zone so that you have a comfortable space to sit, think and be innovative. If the layout permits it, section off a small area in the corner of a room –preferably by a window – and simply throw in a beanbag and some cushions.

You might also like to fix a whiteboard to the wall so that you have a place to scribble and doodle when inspiration strikes.

Magazine files and boxes a-plenty

Fill your shelving units with plenty of magazine files and boxes so that you can put all your supplies away tidily – a cluttered space causes a cluttered mind, after all.

Be organised and label them as you fill them to ensure nothing gets lost, and make sure to have a regular clear-out so that you always have plenty of room.

A flexible workstation

Make sure you have a flexible workstation as well as a regular desk for your computer to ensure maximum convenience.

Look out for those which can be adjusted to different angles and heights, and which can easily be moved around the room on castor wheels.

Specialised storage solutions

As a creative, you’re likely to have some more unusual storage requirements, so you need to be on the lookout for those solutions that will help make your working life easier.

Large shallow drawers might be good for those who work with blueprints or papers, while lots of small drawer systems will suit a fashion designer looking to store different buttons effectively.

Make the effort to find something which specifically accommodates your needs to ensure your materials stay in good condition and to increase convenience of use.


This article was posted on behalf of Viking UK, a specialist provider of office supplies including furniture, storage solutions and stationery.

Classic Hotel room featuring Natural color hardwood floor (Knotty Walnut)

The Art of Home Decoration after You Relocate

Moving to a new house needs the complete change up of living accessories and the stuff in the house. You have moved to a new home and left your old home. You have to start from the scratch decorating your home and setting it up for the house warming party and after living. It is recommended that you start decorating your new home after you have settled in for some time because you will get to know about the colors and the arrangement that will look good in your new home.

Turning your house to home is a tricky task and it involves the artist within you. Many people go crazy adding up all the artifacts and the antiques to the new home making it full of clutter. The key here is to keep the decoration natural and keeping it simple, because simple is beautiful. Below are some of the ideas that you can adopt to make your home more beautiful.

  • Clean the old house: After leaving your old home you must have cleaned the home and would have carried all the stuff to the new home using man and van service. It is important that at your old home you should categorize the items needed and the items that are of no use. So what’s the use of getting the stuff you do not need at all to your new home? You should hold a garage sale or donate the stuff to charity as you do not need to add clutter to your new home.
  • Start with bedroom: Bedroom is the place where you spend one third of the time when you at home. Assuming that you are on a tight budget then purchasing affordable bedding is the first thing to get. You can paint the walls of the bedroom with a color that compliments your furniture and the curtains. People who get up early should look for light and more translucent treatments. Your bed room should mirror your personality.
  • Don’t shop for all the things at once:  It is recommended that you should live at least for 2 months before you begin purchasing for the home décor items. Remember not to make your home a lifeless furniture showroom. Purchase the things slowly keeping in mind the theme of your home. You have to live in the house for some time before you have a hang of the theme.
  • Solve the practical problems without spending much: There might be some of the problems that arise while living in a place, like your kitchen cabinets are drab, then instead of getting a overly expensive cabinet will not be a good idea, instead you can paint it and change some hardware and a new looking kitchen cabinet is ready to be used.
  • Wake up the artist sleeping within: At the end of the day it is your home so you have to get your inner instincts to play some music. What I want to say here is that bring out the artist hidden inside and get some creative ideas and put them in place. You know best what your requirement is and what will go well in your home.

These were some of the tips which can help you to make your house a complete home. Rest anytime one can take the advice of friends or family members who recently moved, plus you can go through some of the home décor magazines and find some stuff over the internet.

Featured Image: CC Attribution photo by Mirage floors – source

Article by Tony Parker

Tony Parker is a writer and environmental enthusiast. Apart from writing about DIY guides, and home improvement tips, he is concerned about creating awareness about modern home décor ideas and storage ideas ,relocation tips some simple steps like Get the affordable services of Man and van Bath, saving money, using modern techniques and implementing right technology can help. That’s exactly what Tony loves to write about