Snorkelling with the whale shark

Western Australia! A Photographer’s Delight

If you’ve got a photographer hidden inside then Western Australia can reveal that photographer. Truly Western Australia can mesmerize you to open the shutter of your camera set the aperture and get going with couple of good clicks. Be it any form of photography landscape, portrait capturing the nature in your camera becomes the priority. Western Australia offers many picturesque views all the way starting form beaches to the golden outback, wildlife to under water photography.

The article talks about some of the beautiful places which can be visited for an extraordinary holiday. While talking about outback tours, Perth offers a variety of options which can be explored to make holidaying experience worth it. The indigenous Western Australia gives a variety of options for the amateur and the professional photographers to capture its mesmerizing beauty.

  • Flower Power: Here in the Western Australia there is a large variety of Wild flowers which cannot be seen anywhere in world. You can find these flowers throughout Western Australia including Margret River, Pemberton and Kings Park. You can find these wild blooms starting from June till November. You can get the varieties like banksias, honey pots, mountain bells, kangaroo paws and grevilleas. Plus you can always witness the lush green fields or rugged landscapes which come alive with the fresh scents and a blaze of vibrant colours  Western Australia is the home for more than 12,000 varieties of the wild flowers out of which 60% can only be found in W.A. Kings Park itself houses 1700 varieties of native wild flowers; it hosts an annual wild flower festival in September.
CC - Attribution photo by dorofofoto on Flickr

Banksias – CC Attribution photo by dorofofoto on Flickr – source

  • Wave Rock: Wave rock at Hyden situated at a 4 hours drive from Perth offers a great view to capture it on the lens. You can come here throughout the year it is a huge 2500 years old cliff made of granite it has a shape like a large wave. It is an arresting and natural adventure for enthusiasts.
CC - Attribution Photo by CamponeZ on Flickr - Source

Wave Rock – CC Attribution Photo by CamponeZ on Flickr – source

  • Big Fish: Western Australia has world’s most accessible reef where you can swim with the whale sharks and capture the underwater beauty on to your camera. Just slip into the diving gear and snorkel and you can swim with groups of brightly colored fishes, sea turtles and graceful manta rays. Ningaloo reef is one of the coral reefs that are accessible from the costs it’s the home to myriad of marine life. This reef is one of the very few regions in the world where the wild sharks gather in the coastal waters which are easily accessible to the tourists.
CC Attribution photo by Julie Edgley on Flickr

Whale Shark at Ningaloo Reef – CC Attribution photo by Julie Edgley on Flickr – source

  • Jewel in the crown: Jewel cave, situated in Margaret river area 3 hours drive from Perth is truly a wonder land. Deep inside the jewel cave hangs the largest straw stalactite of any cave which is open to public. The largest of which measures more than 5 meters in length. The cave complex descends to 42 meters inside the earth and is around 2 km long. These are just numbers and words you have to explore the beauty yourself. Visiting this cave truly is a mind blowing experience.
CC Attribution photo by Shiny Things on Flickr

Jewel Cave – CC Attribution photo by Shiny Things on Flickr – source

If you are visiting Western Australia then it is advised that you should consult a good travel expert, who knows in and out about the area. You can also arrange a tour to the golden outback where you can see historical marvels as well as feel the warmth of the native Aboriginals. Travel experts like outback tours W.A or outback tours Western Australia make your travel experience worth it. There are numerous locations where you can enjoy the photography at its max. One has to visit this enchanting place and feel the beauty words alone cannot capture the essence.

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Article provided by Ella Rich

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/03/2013