The Artistic Wedding Photography of Carlo Carletti

It’s a pleasure to feature an array of wedding photos by Carlo Carletti – lead photographer of the weddingphotos.it studio based in Tuscany Italy.

Carlo Carletti is an award winning wedding photographer with a unique informal contemporary approach to wedding photography. He was born in 1966 in Tuscany and always been passionate about photography. His talent was exposed very early in life as a creative photographer right from the start with his publications on the landscapes of Tuscany.

What I find interesting about Carlo’s work is the underlying narration of the event – the ability to tell a story and capture the emotions: people don’t remember what you say, what you do will eventually fade away with time, but they will never forget the way you make them feel and this is what makes this line of contemporary wedding photography such an intense narration – a timeless tale which comes to life every time the wedding photo album is viewed.

Carlo’s photojournalist career starts in 1987 as a freelance for newspapers and magazines in Tuscany, but immediately develops a liking for wedding photography as couples discovered Italy as a primary wedding destination. His vocation develops into a career in 1997.

Carlo’s motto: Embrace the Event, Live the moment – I’ll be your narrator

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Here are some Wedding photos by Carlo Carletti: