Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate→Street-Photography

The amazing street photography of Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate

Today we have with us 17 amazing street photographs taken by Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate! You can see more of his works in his Behance Portfolio.

“I started photography in 2009, but I wish I could have started it when I was 10… everything would have been way different I guess.

I work best in the streets, walking around and freezing candid moments, which from that moment will follow me and my life for ever. I also started doing some studio shooting, but I’m still in the process of learning how to master artificial light and how not to blush in front of gorgeous women :)

My camera of choice is a small Leica M6, mounting a 35mm F2 Leica (Dentone) lens. I usually use Kodak Tri-X, but I still have to try many more types of film. In studio I use a Nikon D700

I think my studio shots will be influenced from my street photography. For me street photography is the best way to learn to compose in the friction of a moment, to actually see what’s there, to understand it, to use it and to bend it. ”

Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate→Street-Photography

Hope you enjoyed today’s article with the stunning works of Matteo Alvazzi Delfrate! Looking forward to hear your impressions!

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(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as Creative Commons – Attribution [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0] works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

Article publié pour la première fois le 07/01/2014