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The Amazing Fine Art Photography of Mariska Karto

Hello folks! For today’s inspirations we have with us the amazing fine art photography of Mariska Karto!

Be warned that Mariska’s work contain partial nudity, so if you are offended by it don’t read the article!

Mariska Karto is a photographer/illustrator born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in Holland. She started her artistic photography in 2010 with the urge to express her innerworld. What started as a urge to express her innerworld, is meanwhile mainly inspired, by the old world (she loves the magic of the old and dusty world), the magic of woman and the struggle of human emotions. A part of her work is translated in visuals from dark to bright.

Human feeling is the key that inspires her, human development related to spirituality is also an important factor.

Her images tells about stories of a world deep within us. They show us a dark world and secret atmospheres, but they also show us  a dreamy mood of a tender and  soft dreamworld. If everything is too much, if the feeling overflows, a new dimension excists. In this dimension Mariska shoot her visual storytelling images…

Let’s now enjoy her awesome works!

Hope you enjoyed today’s article! Looking forward to hear your impressions!

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See you next time!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as “Creative Commons – Attribution” works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/10/2012