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Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Sean MacEntee

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Techniques to maintain and preserve antique images

We take pictures for one basic reason which is; having something physical to look at when remembering the pasts and photos are definitely a great way to chronicle one’s life. But all things are subject to time and photographs as great as they are also subject to the ravages of time, poor conditions and over exposure which can lead to the loss of great pieces of memory.

If you have lost an antique photo to age and poor conditions, do not be disheartened for I know how you feel which made me come up with several tips and techniques on how to achieve antique photo restoration. Before restoration, comes preservation and after restoration still comes preservation, therefore how you preserve old photos should be seen as the most important step in managing your memories and we shall be starting with:

How to Preserve Antique Photos

  • Storage– the general method of storing old items–in dark boxes located in your basement—might work for old furniture but doesn’t cut it for photographs for the lack of air and some light would have their effect on your images. Therefore, try to invest a little in plastic frames, cabinet cards, and air-tight albums made from polyester or polypropylene and antique storage devices to keep your precious memories safe.
  • Organization– do not stack your photos haphazardly against one another that is front to back with each surface rubbing onto the other because with time, this images would lose their coloring or sharpness to the surface of another. You can go back to the first point of how to store for more information.
  • Polythene bags– larger antique images that cannot be stored in albums needs some prior investments before adequate preservation can be achieved. Investing in specialized polythene bags, pure rag acid free mat board for attaching to your image surfaces and even polythene lined vaults for more expensive photos.

How to achieve Antique Photo Restoration

Thanks to the advent of the modern computer and photo editing software, the restoration of antique images can now be done from the comfort of your home or outsourced to a professional for more advanced image editing requirements. Different Photo restoration techniques and applications can be used to solve problems that include:

  • Color disfiguration
  • Missing parts
  • Torn photos etc.

The techniques used to repair the above damages include:

Color Restoration– which involves the use of color filters and gradient adjustments to restore faded colors where and when needed as well as to convert black and white images to its corresponding colored format.

Photo Restoration– software such as Photoshop, photo filter and co. can be used to design the missing parts of an image for a complete photo restoration of an incomplete antique photograph. Cropping tools, shading tools, adjust contract and lighting tools can all be used to create a new body for a torn photograph.

Digitalizing Photographs– this technique can be said to be more of a preserving technique than that of restoration for it involves the conversion of hard copy photographs to soft copies, so that they can be stored on your computer or on the web. This is definitely the best form of storage for nothing can depreciate the value of your photographs.

The Benefits of Antique Photo Restoration and Preservation

The benefits include:

  • Safe storage
  • Longevity
  • Online use- digitalizing your antique photos allows you share your favorite pictures with family and friends on your favorite social media platforms.

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Tips you need to take into account while considering mountains photography

The noteworthy aspect that associates with any form of adventure is the true sense of finding something new. Coming across an incredible piece of land and mountain arouses interest in the mind of an adventure admirer. Individuals who are more than interested to avail benefit of a perfect tour always prefers to use the services of a travel agent. A travel agent is the concerned individual who performs all the necessary arrangements related to the travel.

Avail Travel Agent

There is no point in opting for travel agencies without performing the necessary research. Launching an effective online research can assist you to find the travel agent who can suit your requirements in an appropriate manner. It is vital to perform a cautious selection of the travel agent. A reliable travel agent can assist you to decide on the travel packages that suits your requirement in a suitable manner. The fact that there are a number of agents offering their services makes it possible to make an appropriate choice suiting your purpose.

Enjoy Proper Guidance

Opting for a planned tour can relieve you from all sorts of worries. Adventure admirers can expect to gain true relaxation by considering the option of planned tour. Performing all types of packing activities on ones own effort cause hassles. The travel agents can ensure appropriate guidance and organization related to all tasks involved with travel packing. Apart from seeking help from a travel agent, there are a few other tips that can help to make your tour an indeed memorable one.

Perform Online Research

Gaining a clear conception about the place in advance is helpful in making your visit a truly memorable experience. It is truly a splendid thought to gain detailed facts and information about the food, culture and lifestyle of the place you are contemplating to visit. Adventure admirers who are planning to visit remote and local places can always consider holding a pre-travel notion related to the same. You can always perform an exhaustive online research and gain vital facts and details about the best places to visit and culture and lifestyle of the people of that area. It is a delightful thought to move around in a relaxed manner and gain a realistic conception about all aspects.

Photography Boosts Travelling Experience

Adventure lovers who remain interested to visit hill places must attach due importance to the aspect of mountains photography. However, you must gain a concrete idea about your exact location. It is equally vital to hold a clear understanding about the positioning and lighting effects if you plan to take the ultimate photograph. You must also remain creative if you want to take the best picture of the tourist attraction. The candid photos that are creative and appealing can help you to cherish the best moments of your life for an extended period. You must keep your eyes open for a long time so as to take the creative snapshot.

A majority of the individuals remains interested to take mountains photography since it helps to cherish the best travelling moments for an extended period. You can always consider your shots so as to make the memory exciting and long lasting. You can always carry along with you a tripod that can make the photographic experience even more exciting and hence make the tour enjoyable. Equally crucial is to make sure that the lenses and sensors are maintained in a clear condition so as to improve the photographic effect. A majority of the adventure lovers remains more than interested to visit mountains since it helps to enjoy the true beauty of nature. The thought of visiting hilly locations excites all individuals.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution photo by Raymond Bucko, SJ

Article by Ryan Holman

Ryan Holman is a published fine art photographer from USA. He is specialising in the nature landscape, mountains photography, city landscape and many more. He get inspired capturing images that make him feel emotional.

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Christy Thompson at Canal Room

Tips to Get Some Great Pictures on Events

Having been a part of some events as a photographer, I have come to understand that photography is more about catching the perfect moment rather than trying to make one. The beauty of the picture comes with the honesty and subtlety of the emotions that are being captured. Adding some simple touches to your work can make a world of difference to the results.

Introduce Yourself

At any event, a photographer is one of the people who will get in touch with just about everyone. Take a minute of the guest’s time and introduce yourself. Do make a polite request of photographing them so that once you take a picture, they do not express their displeasure on an unwanted picture being captured. Also ask them if they are interested in large size with relatively cheap canvas prints later on. Some might be interested in getting larger sizes of their snaps.

Study Your Audience

The people you will be photographing are your audience and like any artist, closely study them. Have a close look at their emotions of joy, pleasure, concern and care. Feel the energy and connect with them understanding their feelings.

Photograph with a Purpose

As you become more and more familiar with the event and the people, you will automatically be able to locate chances of capturing some great stills. As you have already sought permission, you can take some pictures without intimating the person who is being photographed. This often helps you bring out the very best of pictures. Many people are not comfortable with being photographed and act unnaturally in front of the camera. Catching them unaware can help you in taking some of their most memorable pictures. Also take the pictures considering that these may have to be printed on photo paper. If the pictures were to be printed on a larger size, for example, using canvas printing, will they look good?

Take Your Time

There are no prizes for clicking fast; it will only help you filling your memory cards with pictures that are not of good quality. Take your time if you want to get the best pictures. Make sure that the lens has been properly adjusted and lighting for the picture is adequate and you will not under or over expose the snap.

Take Multiple Photos

Make sure that you take at least two of a kind. Sometimes the best in the business are unable to deliver in a single snap shot or on occasions, a second shot is even better. Either way, having a back shot, if not two, is something you must do.

Get Closer

Although modern cameras allow you to zoom in from long distances, it is ideal that you get closer while you take a picture. The results in general get better and you are able to get sharper images. It also allows you to focus more on the person or persons you are looking to photograph and the distractions such as people moving around are least. A clearer picture will help in getting great results if one wants to have prints on canvas for these pictures.

Be Prepared

A great opportunity can arrive at any point. Never be in a slumber when you are working and be sure to have your mind ready for such an opportunity. As soon as one provides itself to you, pounce on it.

Be Yourself

Do not try to imitate other’s style of photography. Everyone has his or her own instinct and you must follow it. Know what suits you more and follow the style that you feel confident with. The rest will fall in place by itself.

Featured Image: CC NC Attribution photo by DeShaun Craddock – source

Article by Serven

Serven is professional writers he wrotes many article about different categories. Now is currently writing for photography tips.

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Why you should take Photos in RAW? (Infographic)

Why you should take Photos in RAW? (Infographic)

A very straightforward infographic demystifying why we should prefer capturing our photos in RAW when it is a choice! If you were hearing the term and couldn’t understand why you should care about it, well this infographic is for you!

Hope you found this infographic useful and informative! If you want to know more about designing infographics, check out our past articles: 9 tips for designing awesome infographics & Choosing the right infographic for your business !

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/01/2013

10 Tips for Amazing Photo Editing

10 Tips for Amazing Photo Editing

With the growing technology, there are a large variety of cameras being available in the market with the help of which people can click the most wonderful pictures and retain their memories. But with the modern photography being increased on a rapid rate, a photograph is not complete with just making a single click. There are different kinds of cameras which help in clicking of the perfect pictures:

  • Digital cameras
  • Single use cameras
  • Twin lens reflex cameras
  • Bridge cameras

There are many image editing techniques available with the help of which one can edit the pictures in the perfect manner and some of the tips are

  1. Blacken the Deeps: By making the deeps black and dark, it increases the richness of the picture. In other words, it adds the texture and increases the richness of the picture and makes it attractive.
  2. Tweaking the Shadows: By adjusting the shadow levels of the picture, it also helps in increasing the richness of the picture and also adds a subtle contrast to the picture.
  3. Adding Vignettes: The Vignette effects are very easy to apply to a digital picture that adds to the quality of the picture and makes it good looking. Adding a Vignette to a picture makes the corners dark or light.
  4. Using of Filters: Adding a gradual filter to the picture helps in lowering the extreme effects in the picture and also adds a nice density to the picture.
  5. Adjusting the Skin Tones: A picture looks good when the skin tone and the clarity of the picture isadjusted. This helps making the picture attractive.
  6. Adjusting of the Luminance to the Picture: A picture does not looks good without adding the charm to the picture. Providing a natural look to the picture makes a photo perfect.
  7. Sharpen the Eyes: The eyes of the person in the picture are most important and it should be sharpened in order to make the picture look good and attractive.
  8. Adjust the Sharpness: Digital cameras normally provide a hazy finishing to a picture and adjusting the sharpness of such a picture would make it look good.
  9. Making the Perfect Size of a Picture: Resizing of a picture is very important as it helps in making a photograph look good and more attractive. This also helps in improving the sharpness of the picture.
  10. Do Not Overdo the Changes Made: This is the last step to be performed; the editor should not over do the editing done as it might affect the picture and make it look hazy.

This are some of the tips for amazing photo editing.

Article by Claudia

Claudia has been exposed to the world of photography for many years now. She also assists people in getting them the Microstrategy Online Training which helps them in getting the perfect education, follow me @ITdominus1.

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CC Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz

How To Get A Million Dollar Shot

Who says it’s all in the camera?  Something most important is the thought process that you put into your photo.  The skill and planning and the camera can get you the perfect shot worth a million. A perfect capture should stun the passer-by to look at it more intensely.  Get the following characteristics in your picture and make it your winning shot.

CC Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz

CC Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz – Source

  • The photograph should be such as to have an impact on the onlooker.  He should be stunned by what you are trying to portray in your picture.
  • Your focus in the photo should be so clear so the onlooker gets to it when he sees it, he should not scatter away in the background of your photo rather the point you want to make in your photograph.
  • Contrast and texture is what you want in your picture when it comes to lightening.  Too much or too little do not give you the required results.  Proper lightning is a must to capture the details you want for the perfect shot.
  • Get artistic with your image.  Use various techniques to make the image stand out.
  • Always have your photos in high quality prints. Shiny surface or matte, that is for you to decide.  Black and white looks great in grainy pictures.
  • Be imaginative with your photograph.  Let others see what you got and can do with a photograph.  It is time to be creative.
  • Create a drama with the colour and tones in the picture.
  • Always have a unique style for each photo on display.
  • For a competition, have a strong and different subject matter, for everyone to ponder at.
  • Printing and sharpness lend quality to your photograph.  Retouch it in a nice way to get the results you want.
  • The image should tell your entire story by just one look.

All these points will let you have a photograph of a life time. Also you can adopt the latest trend of digital world to convert your special photos to canvas printing. You will surely be complemented and appreciated for the style and the perfect photograph that has taken their eye.  The observer is compelled to look at the image and ponder over the subject matter.  What more could a photographer desire.  All these points when taking a photograph are worth the effort and will definitely win you the prize.

Article by Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell is an experienced content writer and currently working for http://www.just4canvas.co.uk/. Now you can get your favourite pictures printed on a personalised canvas prints and make them more special and really unforgettable.

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The Value of Photography (Infographic)

The Value of Photography (Infographic)

The following is a survey carried out on the Value of Photography. With the abundance of photography now online from mobile phones/ digital cameras etc, the value of photography is somewhat hard to quantify. With this survey we simply want to establish a price range to help amateur and professional photographers value their photography, while at the same time not devaluing their work.

Hope you found this infographic useful and informative! If you want to know more about designing infographics, check out our past articles: 9 tips for designing awesome infographics & Choosing the right infographic for your business !

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5 Hints for Taking Memorable Photos of Kids

Photography is a creative field that requires a knack of taking appealing snaps of different living creatures. As a fact, the skills required for photographing toddlers differ from those needed for taking the snaps of adults. Therefore, if you are of the opinion that there exists a common skill set for taking snaps of any living being, you need to rethink on it. Now, if you are thinking to take photos of toddlers such that they become the lifetime memories to savor, consider the following hints.

Let the Kid Be in Some Action

One of the best hints to ensure an impressive photo of a kid is to make her or him to do something at the time capturing. The kid can run, jump, play, tell jokes, or act funny. Just ask the kid to do something that interests him or her. This will ensure that the kid is likely to have more fun, instead of getting bored or grumpy of being photographed. The reason behind this is that no kid likes to sit still for minutes. This is also applicable for being photographed. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are actually doing interesting while you take their beautiful snaps. When a kid is at play, she or he makes up for an ideal photo.

Avoid Giving Orders

If you are simply a commanding photographer who does not understand the freedom desired by kids, your photography session will never yield the desired outcome. This is because the kids are surely going to lose interest quickly. So, you need to be genuinely interested in them along with the items that they love to have so that you can be appreciated well by them. This is essential for feeling comfortable so that you can capture their cute actions in photos. There is no point in getting bossy with them, which means no orders as well as no dos and don’ts. These are the things that they have more than enough from their elders. Now, even if you behave in that manner, they are more likely to spoil your session of photography. Therefore, it is better to ask what they wish to do and indulge them.

Keep Them Amused

Kids neither like to get bored nor do they love to see boring faces. Therefore, one of the essentials for having a good photographing session with kids is to entertain them. Kids are really innocent in the sense that they do not feel unsecured while being photographed, if you keep them smiling. So, consider some ways of entertaining them, such as making funny faces, speaking in a funny manner, making funny poses, showing some cartoon faces, and so on. After all, you need of photos of smiling kids, don’t you? As a tip, you can too become like a kid and act silly to make the actual kid happy throughout your photo session. This will go a long way to experience a happy photo shoot.

Kneel Down, Please!

One of the secrets to please the kids is to go down up to their own level. This can even mean to kneel down or lie on your belly. Such acts of yours tend to affirm the kids that you are their good allies and have come there to make them enjoy. Kids like this behavior probably it shows that you are different than other elders. Photographing with kids does not mean that you will experience a clean and painless session. Nobody can guarantee you a clean and easy session, especially when it is the matter of kids.

Show them Your Camera

Let the kid see your camera, allow her or him to hold, and also permit them to push the button. This will trigger their interest and eliminates their fear for such a big electronic device that will be looking at them.

Featured Image: CC – Attribution Photo by linh.ngan on Flickr – source

Article by Jack McElroy

Jack McElroy is a great fan of cameras and loves to try different models for fulfilling his hobby of photography.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/02/2013

By Thomas Abbs

Depth Of Field: Improving Your Creative Photography Skills

Considering how so many people are openly sharing their knowledge about photography, it’s no wonder why there are a lot of photography techniques to make your pictures look better.

CC Attribution by Jim Kelly

Although a professional photographer has several techniques up his sleeve, one that’s commonly used is the depth of field (DOF). Because of how dramatic the effects of depth of field are in your photo, mastering it will take your photography skill a notch higher.

But before we even start discussing about DOF, let’s get to its description first so we’d all be on the same page.


“The distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera.”

What does that definition mean to you? It simply means that you need to learn how make your image background super blurry so you can take cool photography! But there is a lot more to it than that. If you can master DOF then you can take creative photographs just like a pro. But to become a true master is an art.

Let’s now take a look at the things that you need to know about DOF:

1.)     Learning about aperture is a must

The Aperture of a camera refers to the lens diaphragm size that regulates the amount of light that’s allowed to pass into the camera at the moment of exposure. It controls your depth of field.

The larger your aperture is, the shallower your depth of field becomes. Conversely, the smaller your aperture is, the deeper depth of field you’ll get causing more focus on the entire image. The aperture is measured by using a scale of f-stops.

Since adjusting the aperture plays a key role when controlling your depth of field, having a camera with an aperture of full manual mode is highly advisable. This allows you more control by making micro level changes on your depth of field.

CC – Attribution by Tim Sheerman-Chase

2.)    The background and positioning matters

Regardless of how large your aperture is, if there is no object in your target image’s background, then you won’t be able to convey its depth of field effectively.

Having said that, aside from choosing the right aperture, be sure to position yourself accordingly so as to make the background visible when capturing photos.

The DOF also plays a key role in softening the background or blending your target object to the background. Through the use of depth of field, even if your background looks busy, you can still soften it by making the whole image cohesive.

3.)    Zooming in and out affects the depth of field

Now if you’re in a hurry, instead of adjusting your aperture to get the right figures, you can instead use the zoom in or zoom out feature of your camera.

Zoom in = Lowers/minimizes the depth of field

Zoom out = Increase/maximize the depth of field

If you have photography techniques that you’d like to share, I want you to know that I am as interested to hear about what you have to say. I urge you to share your tips in the comments section below so we can start learning form each other making each other better photographers one technique at a time.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Thomas Abbs

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/04/2013