By: MonaLMtz

Photographer’s Library: Top Books to Improve your Photography Skills

Summer is always a lovely time to stock up and read books on the topics we love! In this list i present you my summer suggestions on photography books. This list contains books I have read and found interesting or i have marked to buy in the near future. And I think that they have something to offer whether you are a junior hobbyist photographer or a grizzled award winning professional.

Please vote for the books you are familiar with and check out those you are not. You can add your own book suggestions to the list and of course comment if you like, with your personal opinions on the books listed here. Eventually i hope that this list will expand and become even more useful resource for everyone!


Photographer's Library: Top Books to Improve your Photography Skills
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I hope you enjoy these books and help you improve your photography skills and become a better professional photographer!

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by MonaLMtz

Deone Higgs
Deone Higgs

Awesomeness, Spyros! Great list, mate! I don't believe I've had the pleasure of having read any of these. Looks like my wish list just got a little longer on Amazon. :)) Thanks for the recommendation! Good looking out!

Spyros Thalassinos
Spyros Thalassinos

Thank you Deone, glad you enjoyed the list! Hehe I know what you mean! Those Amazon wish lists never seem to empty :D