Latest trends in Wedding Photography

Wedding pictures are no longer taken by a simple point and shoot process. Many photographers are artistically considering how they could capture the theme, the romance and the rawness of emotions behind your biggest moment of your life.

Boudoir photography

One of the latest trends catching on is boudoir photography. From its name, this photo session is all about taking pictures of your wife to be, posing provocatively. It is usually taken in the comfortable, private and secured rooms such as your home and hotel room. This kind of photography is typically intended as a gift for you.

Pre-wedding photo sessions

Getting your picture taken during the event itself can be a huge hassle. Just imagine: striking a pose every time the camera is in your face. When you opt for a pre-wedding photography, you can save yourself from the constant exposure to the camera. You can set a photo shoot a day before the ceremony, giving your photographer the chance to compile the pictures and prepare a slideshow presentation during the reception.

Vintage style

Even if it is 2012, you can always go back to 60’s or 70’s with your wedding pictures. Photographers are able to create such theme by choosing an antique setting complete with decoration and props. This type of wedding trend is the perfect choice if you want to have nostalgic and dreamy photographs.

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Photo booth

Having a photo booth at the reception is increasingly getting popular in weddings. When there is a photo booth, guests can comfortably and freely strike a pose. Also, it is easier to check who came to your wedding by asking your photographer to give you a copy of the pictures in the CD or DVD format.

Cherish the dress

If you want to have a picture of yourself wearing a gown at a different location apart from the venue and the reception, you can choose the trend called cherish the dress. This photo session is elegantly designed to show off your dress in the most fashionably possible at a place or destination of your choice.

The day after shoot

The day after shoot, popularly known as the morning-after photos, is yet another sexy wedding trend most couples are requesting. As the name suggests, the session takes place the morning after the wedding night. Photographers will drop by the home or hotel room to capture the newly married couple genuine happiness and intimacy after the ceremony.

These might be latest trends in wedding photography but it doesn’t mean you should follow them. If you still prefer a traditional style of taking pictures, go for it. Remember your wedding pictures are the only physical memories you can have for the rest of your life so it is important to have it just the way want it.

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Article provided by Katherine Flowers

Katherine Flowers chronicles her experiences doing freelance wedding photography in Melbourne. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge about design concepts and gadgetry.

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