CC Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz

How To Get A Million Dollar Shot

Who says it’s all in the camera?  Something most important is the thought process that you put into your photo.  The skill and planning and the camera can get you the perfect shot worth a million. A perfect capture should stun the passer-by to look at it more intensely.  Get the following characteristics in your picture and make it your winning shot.

CC Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz

CC Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz – Source

  • The photograph should be such as to have an impact on the onlooker.  He should be stunned by what you are trying to portray in your picture.
  • Your focus in the photo should be so clear so the onlooker gets to it when he sees it, he should not scatter away in the background of your photo rather the point you want to make in your photograph.
  • Contrast and texture is what you want in your picture when it comes to lightening.  Too much or too little do not give you the required results.  Proper lightning is a must to capture the details you want for the perfect shot.
  • Get artistic with your image.  Use various techniques to make the image stand out.
  • Always have your photos in high quality prints. Shiny surface or matte, that is for you to decide.  Black and white looks great in grainy pictures.
  • Be imaginative with your photograph.  Let others see what you got and can do with a photograph.  It is time to be creative.
  • Create a drama with the colour and tones in the picture.
  • Always have a unique style for each photo on display.
  • For a competition, have a strong and different subject matter, for everyone to ponder at.
  • Printing and sharpness lend quality to your photograph.  Retouch it in a nice way to get the results you want.
  • The image should tell your entire story by just one look.
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All these points will let you have a photograph of a life time. Also you can adopt the latest trend of digital world to convert your special photos to canvas printing. You will surely be complemented and appreciated for the style and the perfect photograph that has taken their eye.  The observer is compelled to look at the image and ponder over the subject matter.  What more could a photographer desire.  All these points when taking a photograph are worth the effort and will definitely win you the prize.

Article by Anthony Powell

Anthony Powell is an experienced content writer and currently working for Now you can get your favourite pictures printed on a personalised canvas prints and make them more special and really unforgettable.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/01/2013