Architecture portraits by Sergio Muscat

Hello folks! Today we have with us a very cool and stunning photography project by Sergio Muscat: Architecture Portraits.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary through the photographic medium. Through this medium, Sergio has explored life, nature and our environment in the simplest ways, observing what others do not see, manipulating reality through the camera’s restricted viewpoint.

He has received critical acclaim for his nature series and architectural portraits, most recently becoming the youngest photographer to be awarded the fellowship of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography.

Buildings are much more than the brick and mortar they are made of. Some buildings exude such energies that they feel alive. Architecture is a reflection of its creators – their thoughts, concepts, and sometimes their lives go into them. Like art, each building holds a little bit of the life energy of every person that has built, inhabited or visited it.

This project is an environmental portrait of buildings – their character, their life and their effect on their surroundings.

~ Sergio Muscat

So let’s enjoy Sergio’s Photography!

Hope you enjoyed today’s photography project and looking forward hearing your impressions on it!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as “Creative Commons – Attribution” works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/12/2013