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Amazing all time Travel photographers

Professional travel photographers go to places that people don’t get to go and they get to experience and see life from the lens that are amazing, beautiful and unique. Standing on the shoulders of great travel photographers like Margaret Bourke White, Robert Copa, Palani Mohan or Marie Hennechar, are today’s photo artists. There are no limits to a travel photographer’s portfolio because life is their canvas.

Travel photographer’s pictures are a visual image of life whose focus is different and artistic. Professional travel photographers usually work for themselves toward a book deal or to build a portfolio. They also generally work for a variety of publication employers in the field of natural graphic magazines, museums, travel, humanity organizations, governments and nature organizations.

The theatrical world also employs professional photographers to capture their stage presentations, such as in The Book of Mormon through photographer Johan Persson who is a travel photojournalist. The Book of Mormon box office has seen continual interest in this musical when photographer’s circulate their pictures of stage performers for billboards and flyers.

The best list of all time travel photographers would be exemplified through an organization that annually honors their top photographic artists. Trying to choose just a few of the best of the best is limiting great travel photographers, which is why the ten year old TPOTY (Travel Photographer of the Year) organization is a great start.

Beginning with years 2012 and going back to 2009 are the winners of the top travel photographers award, respectively:

2012 winner is British travel photographer is Craig Easton. He was born in Scotland, but his home has been Great Britain. His amazingly beautiful 20 year experience in travel photography has included landscapes, people, cars and structures. Easton won from among 90 other entrants to win the Travel Photographer of the Year.

Louis Montrose of the United States won the TPOTY in 2011 with his capture of people, landscapes and cultures of China, India, Morocco, Latin America and the western U.S. This photos have become part of TV and movie documentaries.

The 2010 TPOTY winner was Larry Louie of Canada. Dr. Louie is a physician of optometry and he has made his life’s work of restoring and healing eyesight’s of indigenous people around the world, part of his photographic work. His photography displays the strength and courage of all the people he meets as a doctor and a photojournalist. He has received numerous awards through the National Geographic Society and humanitarian societies.

GMB Akash from Bangladesh, won the 2009 travel photography award by travelling internationally to show, in vivid colorful detail, the heart of a country and its people. GMB Akash is globally renowned with international awards and has been published in leading global magazines in fashion, nature, top news and financial publications. As a travel photographer, his work shows the plight of people who ordinarily would not be heard or seen.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution photo by Vinoth Chandar – source

 Article by Kate Lawson

This guest post is written by Kate Lawson, aspiring filmmaker and collector of super hero memorabilia! She also enjoy cooking and occasionally, sketching. She works for and writes articles on Book of Mormon box office, theatre reviews, Travel, sports, Fashion, Lifestyle etc.

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Wedding - CC Attribution photo by Alexander Vorobiov

3 Aspects to Focus On When Planning Your D-Day

Love is a beautiful feeling and when it happens to you, you should consider yourself the most blessed person on Earth. If you think that, you have found your partner, then take your relationship to the next level and prepare yourself to tie the knot. When entering into this blissful union of two souls you need to organize a ceremony which is known as “wedding” by this nation. Every bride and groom wants this day to be special and hence it is meticulously planned right from the venue to the photographer.

Selection of the right wedding venue is very important as it makes a long lasting impression. Moreover, it should be centrally located with spacious rooms and adequate parking space. Decoration of the venue is an important aspect that needs to be taken care of. Take the help of a florist and find flowers that would add to the beauty of the occasion. You must put special emphasis on the entrance so that it looks breathtakingly pretty.

During the wedding, you are so engrossed with the ceremony that you hardly notice the special moments enjoyed by your near and dear ones. To capture these special moments and to keep the memories alive for the years to come wedding photography is of utmost importance. A professional photographer will be one who is capable of identifying these moments and capturing it in the right light. Wedding photography helps you to relive the memories of this special occasion. Hence, you must definitely find the best photographer in the industry which is available within your budget.

Wedding accessories are a must-have for the big day. Without these accessories, your ceremony will not be as charming as you have it in your mind. With the right set of jewelry, shoes, veils, and headpieces, you will look resplendent on your special day. All eyes would be on the bride and hence the need to look good becomes even more an essentiality.

Other accessories that you can incorporate in your ceremony are toasting flutes, guest books and unity candles. With the help of these you can create a perfect setting for your wedding day. It is all in the details and once you take care of it you will be able to create a dream wedding for yourself. Find out the right accessories for every budget and style and you will be able to make the D-day absolutely memorable. One of the unique selections of accessories is the cake toppers that reflect your personality and style. The toppers are available to suit different personalities and interests. From romantic to humorous to ethnic, you will find an eclectic mix of toppers. These will surely help you to add a personal touch to your wedding day.

When planning your wedding on your own it can be quite challenging. However, with the right vision and a pre-planned budget and adequate time you will be able to make your special day an experience of a lifetime. So, go ahead, start planning right away, and take the help of your friends and family members.

Featured Image: CC – Attribution photo by Александр Воробьёв – source

Article by Solanki Chakraborty

The author is a renowned writer who has written several articles on the wedding stream being an experience holder on wedding photography Atlanta. A patron of this area herself, she talks about the various aspects associated with this line of work.

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Stunning landscape photography

Landscape photography is intended to show different spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. Photographs typically capture the presence of nature and are often free of man-made obstructions. Landscape photographers often attempt to document the space as well as convey an appreciation of the scenery.

Many landscape photographs show little or no human activity and are created in the pursuit of a pure, unsullied depiction of nature devoid of human influence, instead featuring subjects such as strongly defined landforms, weather, and ambient light. As with most forms of art, the definition of a landscape photograph is broad, and now includes urban settings, industrial areas, and nature photography. Waterfalls, coastlines, seascapes and mountains are especially popular in classic landscape photography. Though most photographs are inspired by traditional landscape painting, the technique can be applied to other subjects; most places and things can be photographed as a landscape, a kitchen, a lamp, a wall, or even the human body.

Notable landscape photographers include Ansel AdamsGalen Rowell and Edward Weston.

Let’s see our today’s selection which come to us by the photographers Jakub Polomski, Jon Reid, Nandakumar Narasimhan, Navid Baraty, Patrick Galibert and Sander Koot!

Hope you enjoyed today’s article! Looking forward to hear your impressions!

See you next time!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as “Creative Commons – Attribution” works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)


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Colourizing Black and White Photos

Deep into the 19th century and even after the invention of coloured photography, monochrome images were still been produced by photographers in large quantities. The popularity of these image style (black and white photographs), stemmed from its perceived durability when compared to the coloured photographs of that time and till date, black and white pictures are still used to provide different effects which can be pleasing to the eyes.

Sometimes, the need to colourize monochrome photographs due to aesthetic reasons or just for fun may arise and in today’s modern digital society, there are different software such as Black magic, Photoshop etc. that can be used to achieve this. This article provides you with two practical techniques which can be utilized when using Photo shop to achieve photo restoration and we named these techniques; the Lasso technique and the Brushing technique.

Step 1:

Pick a scanned black and white picture (as your initial practice surface) with little fine multicoloured details and ensure the photograph is di-saturated and placed in the RGB colour space (by navigating to image~Mode~RGB colour).

Step 2:

Create an empty layer/surface on top your initial picture and then select the Lasso tool (by pressing the L key and selecting the highlighted tool) which lets you draw shapes that would be selected to be filled up with your chosen colours.

Step 3:

The next step in this photo restoration tutorial is editing the shapes you drew with the Lasso tool. Navigate to image–Adjustments–Hue and click on the colour box to preview your selected hue (you can also adjust the hue using the scale provided to your own taste) and then apply it to the selected areas.

Above is the first method that can be applied using Photo shop to edit a photograph.

The second technique which is called the “Brushing technique” involves:
Step 1:

After choosing your picture that needs photo restoration, repeat step 1 from the Lasso technique to create a new layer by clicking on the new layer icon.

Step 2:

Navigate with your mouse to Select–Inverse to pick the inverted picture surface, highlight or ensure the new layer is highlighted and then select the brush tool (click on B key and select the highlighted image).

Step 3:

Select the foreground colour located at the under the tools section, select your chosen colour, click and drag onto the new layer to paint its surface according to your needs.

Step 4:

To avoid spoiling the texture of the original layer, you change the new layer blending mode to Overlay. This let’s you see the texture of the original layer while monitoring the texture of your hue.

Step 5:

Continue selecting areas/surfaces that need painting and use your brush tool to apply the appropriate colours to these surfaces to achieve your required look.


To scroll round a picture, zoom in and out, and view your work from different angles, hold the ctrl key and use the plus or minus keys for rotation. If you couldn’t achieve the standard you require, outsourcing your images for editing to a professional service provider is recommended.

Article is Provided by SmartPhotoEditors 

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Facts and Principles behind Corporate Headshots

Headshot is a type modern day portrait where the photograph tries to reflect the personality of the photos subject (person). Headshots are primarily used in three fields- entertainment industry, fashion industry and the corporate sector.  Corporate Headshots photographers can be called in for a variety of purposes.


The major uses of corporate headshots are as follows –

  • Annual reports of companies
  • Candidate resumes (non standard)
  • Company catalogue, corporate brochures, advertising and promotional materials
  • For use in publications and websites of a company both internal and external.
  • For use in Press releases and other major  announcements
  • For use in marketing materials
  • For use in newspapers, magazines and online articles.

Features of a good corporate headshot

A good corporate headshot will feature these following attributes that will set it apart from not so good ones.

  • Quality – A corporate headshot must look professional and refined. It needs to leave a good, lasting impression. The photographer should have the proper equipment, should know the right techniques and should possess the talents to deliver impressive headshots.
  • Natural looking appearance – the subject of the photo should look relaxed during the shoot. Professional photographers know techniques that will make a person feel comfortable. They talk, play soothing music etc. as methods of relaxation.
  • Highlighting of the personality – A good headshot will reflect the person’s strength of character. It will show traits like self confidence, sense of humour, kindness, intelligence, and other positive traits that a person should have.
  • Styling – Unless the headshot is for a specific job, or looking to attract a specific type of clientele, formal business attire should be worn by the subject. Your hair should be neatly arranged and accessories should look appropriate with the dress.

How to prepare for a shoot

  • Preparation – make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. From what to wear to when to shoot, fix everything in advance so that the photo session is smoothly over.
  • Relax – you should get a good night’s sleep before the headshot session. This will help you to feel relaxed and bring about your natural look.
  • Attire – Dark clothes are more suitable for this purpose. Experts’ have advised to avoid turtleneck or short sleeve shirts. Also too loud checks or stripes should be avoided. A simple dark colour suit is considered by most to be the best.
  • Facial look – Men should get a good shave. Heavy beards are ok if they are part of your normal look. But unattended stubbles should be cleared away.  Ladies should be very careful about the makeup. It should neither be too heavy, nor too light. If you generally do not use makeup then you should try some for the photo session. It is better if you do not get a new kind of hair cut before the photo session.
  • The photographer – always brings experienced photographers to shoot corporate headshots as these photos will be used in the professional field.

Featured image: CC – Attribution Photo by ChrisDag on Flickr – source

Washington,DC is the latest hub for budding up passionate corporate photographers who can capture and enhance anyone’s zeal to work and personalities within the snapped photos. There are plenty of DC Corporate headshots photographers , but we will have to wisely select the most eligible among hem depending on his/her previous works.


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The heart-touching photojournalism photography of Patrick Galibert

Patrick Galibert is a professional photographer based in Toulouse France. His photography will definitely touch your heart, and give you glimpses of how people in other countries try to make their living. It’s always astonishing how many things we take for granted, how many pointless things makes us feel unhappy, and how much differently we could perceive the world if we had just been born in a different place.

Since today we are discussing photo journalism for the first time, let’s also see a short definition about it as well.

Photo journalism is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that creates images in order to tell a news story. It is now usually understood to refer only to still images, but in some cases the term also refers to video used in broadcast journalism.

Photojournalism is distinguished from other close branches of photography (i.e., documentary photography, social documentary photography, street photographyor celebrity photography) by complying with a rigid ethical framework which demands that the work is both honest and impartial whilst telling the story in strictly journalistic terms. Photojournalists create pictures that contribute to the news media.


I would love to hear your impressions on the selected works.

See you next time!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as “Creative Commons – Attribution” works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

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Snorkelling with the whale shark

Western Australia! A Photographer’s Delight

If you’ve got a photographer hidden inside then Western Australia can reveal that photographer. Truly Western Australia can mesmerize you to open the shutter of your camera set the aperture and get going with couple of good clicks. Be it any form of photography landscape, portrait capturing the nature in your camera becomes the priority. Western Australia offers many picturesque views all the way starting form beaches to the golden outback, wildlife to under water photography.

The article talks about some of the beautiful places which can be visited for an extraordinary holiday. While talking about outback tours, Perth offers a variety of options which can be explored to make holidaying experience worth it. The indigenous Western Australia gives a variety of options for the amateur and the professional photographers to capture its mesmerizing beauty.

  • Flower Power: Here in the Western Australia there is a large variety of Wild flowers which cannot be seen anywhere in world. You can find these flowers throughout Western Australia including Margret River, Pemberton and Kings Park. You can find these wild blooms starting from June till November. You can get the varieties like banksias, honey pots, mountain bells, kangaroo paws and grevilleas. Plus you can always witness the lush green fields or rugged landscapes which come alive with the fresh scents and a blaze of vibrant colours  Western Australia is the home for more than 12,000 varieties of the wild flowers out of which 60% can only be found in W.A. Kings Park itself houses 1700 varieties of native wild flowers; it hosts an annual wild flower festival in September.
CC - Attribution photo by dorofofoto on Flickr

Banksias – CC Attribution photo by dorofofoto on Flickr – source

  • Wave Rock: Wave rock at Hyden situated at a 4 hours drive from Perth offers a great view to capture it on the lens. You can come here throughout the year it is a huge 2500 years old cliff made of granite it has a shape like a large wave. It is an arresting and natural adventure for enthusiasts.
CC - Attribution Photo by CamponeZ on Flickr - Source

Wave Rock – CC Attribution Photo by CamponeZ on Flickr – source

  • Big Fish: Western Australia has world’s most accessible reef where you can swim with the whale sharks and capture the underwater beauty on to your camera. Just slip into the diving gear and snorkel and you can swim with groups of brightly colored fishes, sea turtles and graceful manta rays. Ningaloo reef is one of the coral reefs that are accessible from the costs it’s the home to myriad of marine life. This reef is one of the very few regions in the world where the wild sharks gather in the coastal waters which are easily accessible to the tourists.
CC Attribution photo by Julie Edgley on Flickr

Whale Shark at Ningaloo Reef – CC Attribution photo by Julie Edgley on Flickr – source

  • Jewel in the crown: Jewel cave, situated in Margaret river area 3 hours drive from Perth is truly a wonder land. Deep inside the jewel cave hangs the largest straw stalactite of any cave which is open to public. The largest of which measures more than 5 meters in length. The cave complex descends to 42 meters inside the earth and is around 2 km long. These are just numbers and words you have to explore the beauty yourself. Visiting this cave truly is a mind blowing experience.
CC Attribution photo by Shiny Things on Flickr

Jewel Cave – CC Attribution photo by Shiny Things on Flickr – source

If you are visiting Western Australia then it is advised that you should consult a good travel expert, who knows in and out about the area. You can also arrange a tour to the golden outback where you can see historical marvels as well as feel the warmth of the native Aboriginals. Travel experts like outback tours W.A or outback tours Western Australia make your travel experience worth it. There are numerous locations where you can enjoy the photography at its max. One has to visit this enchanting place and feel the beauty words alone cannot capture the essence.

Article provided by Ella Rich

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Mariska Karto→The old and dusty world3

The Amazing Fine Art Photography of Mariska Karto

Hello folks! For today’s inspirations we have with us the amazing fine art photography of Mariska Karto!

Be warned that Mariska’s work contain partial nudity, so if you are offended by it don’t read the article!

Mariska Karto is a photographer/illustrator born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in Holland. She started her artistic photography in 2010 with the urge to express her innerworld. What started as a urge to express her innerworld, is meanwhile mainly inspired, by the old world (she loves the magic of the old and dusty world), the magic of woman and the struggle of human emotions. A part of her work is translated in visuals from dark to bright.

Human feeling is the key that inspires her, human development related to spirituality is also an important factor.

Her images tells about stories of a world deep within us. They show us a dark world and secret atmospheres, but they also show us  a dreamy mood of a tender and  soft dreamworld. If everything is too much, if the feeling overflows, a new dimension excists. In this dimension Mariska shoot her visual storytelling images…

Let’s now enjoy her awesome works!

Hope you enjoyed today’s article! Looking forward to hear your impressions!

See you next time!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as “Creative Commons – Attribution” works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

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Fundraising with the help of sale of pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is a cliché that is often used whenever a picture that holds significance emerges. Pictures can be of various types and anyone who holds a camera can take one from their very own perspective. Much is left to the imagination of the person who takes the snaps.

Selling photos can be an excellent idea for fundraising. One can make good use of these and hold a fundraising event for any given cause. The task needs proper planning and an ample supply of pictures that are put up for sale. There is also a need to promote the event well so that the patrons of this art are present at the moment to help you out further.

The Setting

The event should take place in a decent art gallery. If the funds needed from this fundraiser have a low target, you can also make a temporary arrangement in a community center. However, if you are looking to engage large level donors, you must be holding this event at a well known gallery.

You will also have to make arrangement for refreshments. Make sure that you have good quality catering and have professional servers at the event to facilitate the guests.

The Pictures

You will need to engage some good photographers for the event that are willing to donate their pictures. Some of these are likely going to ask for a percentage of the price of the pictures which is totally fine. The price will be set by either the photographers themselves or by and expert who values the art.

Also make sure that these pictures have their own unique elements and are not mere copies of previous works. Also acquire complete rights of the pictures from the photographers so that once a picture is sold, the person who buy it can use it whichever way he or she pleases. You will need to get this in writing from the photographer and a contract between the photographer and the buyer may also be needed.


There is a serious need to advertise the event. Make sure that people who are interested in particular art field are aware that the event is taking place. Advertise the event in the art magazines as well as in the newspapers. If you can get some ads on the radio channels as well, it should be to your advantage as well. The more the event is promoted, the more people will show up and thus, more funds will be raised.


Make sure that everything is executed as per the plan. Warmly receive all the dignitaries present at the event and leave no lacking in the quality of the hospitality. Also make sure that the purchase process is not too complicated and can be completed with ease. This will greatly help the guests as well as your cause at the same time and will add to the success of your efforts.

Featured Image: CC Attribution photo from Wikimedia Commons – source

 Article by Wilson

Wilson is senior content writer. He writes various article about many topics. Currently he is working for fundraising ideas that telling about how fundraisers ideas by sales pictures. He is also working for school fundraisers in Australia.

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Architecture portraits by Sergio Muscat

Hello folks! Today we have with us a very cool and stunning photography project by Sergio Muscat: Architecture Portraits.

The ordinary becomes extraordinary through the photographic medium. Through this medium, Sergio has explored life, nature and our environment in the simplest ways, observing what others do not see, manipulating reality through the camera’s restricted viewpoint.

He has received critical acclaim for his nature series and architectural portraits, most recently becoming the youngest photographer to be awarded the fellowship of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography.

Buildings are much more than the brick and mortar they are made of. Some buildings exude such energies that they feel alive. Architecture is a reflection of its creators – their thoughts, concepts, and sometimes their lives go into them. Like art, each building holds a little bit of the life energy of every person that has built, inhabited or visited it.

This project is an environmental portrait of buildings – their character, their life and their effect on their surroundings.

~ Sergio Muscat

So let’s enjoy Sergio’s Photography!

Hope you enjoyed today’s photography project and looking forward hearing your impressions on it!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as “Creative Commons – Attribution” works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

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15 Great Articles to Improve your Photography Skills

There are many tricks and techniques out there to help you improve the quality of your photos and your photography skills. Below I have compiled a list with great articles and resources that cover various aspects of photography and have been published in the past here at Make your ideas art.

Feel free to vote up the articles you found to be interesting and useful!

If you found this list useful feel free to share it and embed it in your own blog!

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Sean MacEntee

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012 by Joseph Eddun

Stunning fashion photography in nature

Photo by Andrey & Lili - Indonesia

Photo by Andrey & Lili – Indonesia

Fashion photography has been in existence since 1839. There was always the existence of fashionable dress, but the idea of taking photographs to help sell clothing and accessories had just come into play. Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items and is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines.

Over time, fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic in which the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories.

Today we have with us 16 stunning fashion photographs captured in nature by Joanna KustraJoseph EddunAndrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva from the Behance Network!! Lets enjoy them!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as Creative Commons – Attribution works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/12/2013

Photo by Joshua Nguyen on Flickr

Stunning Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is the process of taking photographs while under water. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while snorkeling or swimming.

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery on Flickr

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery on Flickr

Successful underwater imaging is usually done with specialized equipment and techniques. However, it offers exciting and rare photographic opportunities. Animals such as fish and marine mammals are common subjects, but photographers also pursue shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, underwater “landscapes”, and portraits of fellow divers.

Since underwater photography is often performed while scuba diving, it is important that the diver-photographer be sufficiently skilled so that it remains a reasonably safe activity. Good scuba technique also has an impact on the quality of images, since marine life is less likely to be scared away by a calm diver, and the environment is less likely to be damaged or disturbed. There is the possibility of encountering poor conditions, such as heavy currents, tidal flow, or poor visibility. Underwater photographers usually try to avoid these situations whenever possible.Underwater diving training providers such as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) provides courses to help improve a divers diving skills and underwater photography skills.

The primary obstacle faced by underwater photographers is the loss of color and contrast when submerged to any significant depth. The longer wave lengths of sunlight (such as red or orange) are absorbed quickly by the surrounding water, so even to the naked eye everything appears blue-green in color. The loss of color not only increases vertically through the water column, but also horizontally, so subjects further away from the camera will also appear colorless and indistinct. This effect is true even in apparently clear water, such as that found around tropical coral reefs.

Underwater photographers solve this problem by combining two techniques. The first is to get the camera as close to the photographic subject as possible, minimizing the horizontal loss of color. Wide-angle lenses allow very close focus, or macro lenses, where the subject is often only inches away from the camera. Many serious underwater photographers consider any more than about 3 ft/1 m of water between camera and subject to be unacceptable. The second technique is the use of flash to restore any colour lost vertically through the water column. Fill flash, used effectively, will “paint” in any missing colors by providing full-spectrum visible light to the overall exposure.

Let’s now enjoy a selection of beautiful underwater photography

Photo by Taras Kalapun on Flickr

Photo by Taras Kalapun on Flickr

Photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr

Photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr

Photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr

Photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr

Photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr

Photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr

Photo by Ludovic Bertron on Flickr

Photo by Ludovic Bertron on Flickr

Photo by Cavalo Marinho - Arraial do Cabo on Flickr

Photo by Cavalo Marinho – Arraial do Cabo on Flickr

Photo by Joshua Nguyen on Flickr

Photo by Joshua Nguyen on Flickr

Photo by Tanaka Juuyoh (田中十洋) on Flickr

Photo by Tanaka Juuyoh (田中十洋) on Flickr

Photo by prilfish on Flickr

Photo by prilfish on Flickr

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery on Flickr

Photo by Official U.S. Navy Imagery on Flickr

Photo by Jacrews7 on Flickr

Photo by Jacrews7 on Flickr

Photo by Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten on Flickr

Photo by Ilse Reijs and Jan-Noud Hutten on Flickr

Hope you enjoyed the article as much as i did compiling the info and the images! See you next time!
Articles’ Images are Creative Commons – Attribution and you can find them on Flickr.

This Articles’ text is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA License since it partially uses material from Wikipedia.

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The amazing BW photography of Nathan Wirth

Today we have with us a stunning selection of black and white photographs by Nathan Wirth!

The amazing BW photography of Nathan Wirth

The amazing BW photography of Nathan Wirth

Nathan Wirth, a native San Franciscan, is a self taught photographer who uses a variety of techniques– including long exposure and intentional camera movement– to express his unending wonder of the fundamental fact of existence. Wirth, who earned both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in English Literature from San Francisco State University, brings a deep appreciation of poetry to his explorations of place (especially the sea). Poets such as George Oppen, James Schuyler, Seamus Heaney, Lorine Niedecker, Elizabeth Bishop, William Wordsworth, Robert Frost, and George Mackay Brown have played a fundamental role in shaping his attention to the things and places that he photographs. Often returning to the same locations many times, Wirth seeks to explore the silence and the sublimity of those places.

In addition to poetry, Wirth is profoundly influenced by the paintings of Edward Hopper, Mark Rothko, Caspar David Friedrich, and Camille Pissarro and the photography of Michael Kenna, Michael Levin, David Burdeny, Edward Weston, and Ansel Adams– as well as the wonderful photography of his friends Ian Graham and Joel Tjintjelaar.

Wirth makes his living teaching English Composition at City College of San Francisco.

Let’s now enjoy his awesome works!

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (1)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (2)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (3)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (4)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (5)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (6)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (7)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (8)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (9)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (10)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (11)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (12)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (13)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (14)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (15)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (16)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (17)

Slice of Silence Trilogy by Nathan Wirth (18)

Hope you enjoyed today’s article with the stunning works of Nathan Wirth! Looking forward to hear your impressions!

See you next time!

(These photographs are presented here because they are licensed as “Creative Commons – Attribution” works and for the sole purpose of promoting photography and the photographer’s work)

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