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Top 10 Creative Business Cards

A business card is more than just a small piece of paper with your contact details on it.  A business card can be used as an effective marketing and branding tool, to say who you are, what you do and what you stand for.  Here are ten of the best creative business cards.

Grow your own lawn

Lawn and property enhancement company, Lush, came up with a novel idea to create a business card which perfectly sums up what their business does.  Designed like a small envelope, the inside of the card contains a handful of grass seeds.

By Struck, USA, advertising agency

The balloon business card

This business card was creatively employed by an asthma allergy centre in India.  In order to read the contact details, the user would need to blow the balloon up, which would also determine their lung capacity.

Advertising agency: Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai, India

Model kit

Model-making enthusiasts will love this business card by Tamiya, as the small letters and pieces in the card can be taken out and made into models.

Designed by Creative Juice

Spin the record

You won’t forget this DJ in a hurry.  Spin the record on the business card and it will reveal DJ Mohit’s contact details.

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Designed by Deepak Nagar & Nasheet Shadan

The tasty business card

Never has a business card tasted more delicious! This clever design from a chocolate company in India involved incorporating the business card into a chocolate, so that the user would have to unwrap the wrapper to find the contact details.  By eating the chocolate the user would be part of the business experience.

By Draft FCB & Ulka advertising agency, New Delhi, India

A meaty feast

Any recipient of a business card by a deli in Vancouver specialising in meat sandwiches, wouldn’t find it hard to work out what it had to sell.  Shaped like a circular slice of salami, La Charcuterie included its contact details on the back of the salami-shaped card and hung them in salami-inspired netting bags.

By Advertising/Design agency: Rethink, Vancouver, Canada

The furniture specialist

Here is yet another clever business card that doesn’t require much imagination to work out what it does.  The contact details of Casabella Furniture are easily displayed on this vibrant-coloured card shaped like a sofa.

By art director, Amanda Casabella

Relationship specialist

Couples in need of relationship advice or therapy are not likely to forget this business card in a hurry.  Shaped like a heart, the user has to pull back a strip cutting through the heart to reveal therapist Marisa Schmidt’s contact details.

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By advertising agency Master Promo, Curitiba, Brazil

The yoga mat

This unique business card will bring a smile to any yoga enthusiast’s face.  Rolled up like a yoga mat, the user needs to unfurl the mat in order to reveal the yoga specialist’s contact details.

The divorce lawyer business card

Divorce lawyer James Mahon has a clever way of giving his contact details to both parties going through the divorce process.  His business card can easily be divided into two, with each section detailing the same contact information.

By James Mahon, Divorce Lawyer

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