By: Ken Doerr

Three Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

With stiff competition from the kitchen, there is arguably no more difficult room to design for than the bathroom. It is these two rooms that draw so heavily on that difficult balance between form and function, which can become a stress as you want to fit something in that is really of aesthetic value when something productive might be the far more sensible option.

To help those of you currently at your drawing board with regards to your new bathroom, we have put together three fool-proof redesign tips. So put down your pencil for a second and have a scan of these…

Future Proof Your Look

Aubergine tiles with a magenta rim might seem so stark and edgy now that it would seem remiss of you not to fit them, but think things through. Fashion is by its very nature capricious, and in around a year – if you’re lucky – they are going to look horrendous, even to you. Plus, it’s not just you. Imagine if you want to sell your home soon. Think classic colours for the main things and save your own wacky ideas for the flourishes.

Think About (Natural) Light

Nobody wants to head into what appears to be a subterranean hole or dungeon to go to the bathroom, so always think about light. Position bathrooms on corners, if possible, to allow for more fenestration, or simply consider skylights. Light opens out spaces and is intrinsically pleasing. Don’t go all goth and seal up everything before slopping it in tar-like black paint. No.

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Don’t Neglect Functionality

Those shower heads are very pretty, but the system in your home does not have the pressure to make them work properly; yes, that towel radiator is delightfully bijou, but it will not heat 10% of the room – you have to go bigger. Hypotheticals these, granted, but these are the kind of things you will have to consider. The bathroom is, first and foremost, a practical space. Fit the function and then arrange your own wonderfully attractive design pieces around that.

(Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Ken Doerr)


Article publié pour la première fois le 18/12/2013