The Pros and Cons of Adobe Creative Cloud: Is it the Right Choice for Your Business?

Photoshop, InDesign, and Fireworks have been a graphic designer’s bread and butter for many years. But new changes to the Adobe software packages are set to transform the way you access these programmes.

Gone are the days when you would pay a one-off fee for the Creative Suite, and receive a disk in the post. The all new Adobe Creative Cloud is just that; a cloud based version of all your favourite programmes where users pay a monthly subscription to access Photoshop via the internet.

But it the Creative Cloud really a giant leap forward, or is Adobe turning its back on its loyal following? Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of this new subscription-based Suite and ask is it the best decision for your business?

Pros of Adobe Creative Cloud

The first pro of switching to Creative Cloud is that you will never have to put up with outdated software again. As this new service is connected via the Internet, Adobe will be able to administer automatic updates and big repairs, helping improve the productivity within your business.

With the click of a button, you can have instant access to the latest upgrades and changes. This will give your team the chance to experiment with new add-ons right away; keeping your designs cutting edge and modern.

Not only this, but Creative Cloud is much more versatile and flexible that Creative Suite. For example, the new programme can be installed on two devices – one running Windows and one running OS X. Creative Suite made users chose one or the other.

Similarly, the online application is run via the cloud. This means that you can access your programmes and files on the move, rather than always needed to be at the same, static computer. This increased flexibility will only be a huge benefit for businesses. Cloud storage can incur huge costs, so this is something that businesses should consider.

The final pro is that you could save money by paying the monthly subscriptions. If you are a first time buyer, Creative Cloud can be cheaper in the long term. For those that have been using Creative Suite for a long time and have already been paying for upgrades, you might find the monthly fee a bit too pricey.

Prices are dependent on whether you pay an annual or monthly subscription, and whether you buy a personal or corporate license. While there is no alternative now, many users can save with a Creative Cloud subscription.

Cons of Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud has already faced a backlash, with over 5,000 customers signing a petition against the change. Disgruntled Adobe customers have claimed that they were forced to ‘upgrade at gun point’ with no choice but to switch to the new service.

The first con is that you will only ever be ‘renting’ the software. You will never really own it, giving you less freedom with the packages you download. Creative Cloud customers will have access to – and have to pay for – all applications, even if they only wanted to use one. The main criticism of this is that Adobe can increase their prices at any time, leaving users with no choice but to foot the bill.

The costs themselves are the second downside. As we mentioned earlier, people who have already been paying for the CD versions of Adobe products will feel that they are worse off paying a monthly fee. Creative Suite was a one-time payment and that was it; Creative Cloud is just another monthly bill to look forward to.

The final criticism is that the future of this new move is still unknown. It is clear to see why so many at sceptical to make the move; How often will prices be increased? Is Adobe trying to monopolise the market? How difficult will it be to move to a new service if the costs become too much?

All these questions, and many others, are what have left so many businesses confused about making the move to Creative Cloud. So, is this the right choice for your business? Our advice is to do your research and take your personal requirements into account. Look at alternatives to Photoshop and the other programmes, and decide what the best move is for you.

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Article publié pour la première fois le 07/06/2013