CC Attribution licensed project by Martin Oberhäuser

Targeting Your Audience Effectively with These Six Infographic Design Tips

Infographics have almost become a part of our lives. We can see infographics everywhere be it in the bus stop or in our offices and other places.  If you are still at lurch then let me make it clear. You must have seen giant animated images or a few words on the road or the stations or some pie charts or diagrams or bar graphs which mostly used by the experts while showing information related to finance or weather in various news or debates and quickly grab your attention.  Though these informative bars look quite boring still people find them attractive thanks to those colorful little buttons used in those charts and bars. These are called ‘Infographics’. Following are the few important tips that may help an infographic designer to design an effective infographic.

CC Attribution licensed project by Martin Oberhäuser

CC Attribution licensed project by Martin Oberhäuser – source

Be Simple: Many infographic designers tend to design infographics in complicated manner making the viewers confused. Infographics should be designed in such a way so that the people specially the laymen can understand the meaning otherwise it may appear boring to them. Designers designing infographics for general public face much difficulties than those who are designing for a specific group of viewers as they have fair idea about their viewers and the type of words or designs they have to use in their designs. Most of these types of inforgraphics are seen in various magazines which are categorized for the people belonging to different age groups.

Be Innovative:
Infographics facilitates the designers with the opportunity of sharing their messages and ideas using texts through various ways such as through advertisements or slogans. Apart from keeping it simple and user friendly the infographic designers also should also make their designs unique and innovative. They should try to update their designs by implementing latest ideas and thoughts. Apart from interesting images and fonts the designers should also try to incorporate some punch lines to make them more interesting if possible.

Be a storyteller: As a skilled infographic designer you should always present your infographic in the form of stories and you will be the story teller to your clients. The design should be so interesting so that the it force the people to go through the entire presentation.

Be colorful and vibrant: Color plays the role of one of the most important elements in designing a successful infographic. The correct application and mixing of colors can make an infographic the most interesting and a huge hit amongst the viewers. Using right colors is the basic of not only infographics but also all types of designing. It is suggested that the designers should always try to avoid the colors like shocking red and bright yellow which usually make the design lay out too clumsy and both these colors clashes with each other if they are used in the same design. Try to experiment with the colors and go to the most unconventional way possible. Always try to do something different such as if you like other designers want to apply some light colors as background colors then try to use anything that comes in the light shades apart from white. Because this color is used by most o all designers as the background color. You should always use the colors that perfectly combine the background and the text colors so that the reader can read the texts easily. Combinations like neon green font colors on black background should be avoided.

Do not use bar graphs: It is a very common perception that infographics contain lots of pie charts and bar graphs. In fact many companies want their infographics in that way. But showing bar graphs and pie charts not require infographics they can be shown through excel as well. As a designers it is your responsibility to decorate those bar graphs and chart and present them in the most attractive way possible.

Understand the information: As an infographic designer it is quite important for you to understand the information before start designing. Unless you have an idea of the design you will not be able to make your client understand your design.

Infographics are quite a popular concept these days. If you are an infographic designer then you can either work as a freelancer or with any reputed infographic design agency.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/02/2013