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5 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Conservatory

Your conservatory is designed to let in light. This makes decorating a conservatory quite easy to do. You never have to worry about what goes on the walls or doors.

A conservatory is a great place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s also an ideal place to host a late-night gathering for friends and family. At this point, the windows will be closed with blinds.

Too many homes fail to take into account what the conservatory will look like with blinds. The key to proper interior design is to think about what a room will feel and look like throughout the day and night.

We give you five useful tips for choosing the right blinds for your conservatory.

1. The Practical Side

Blinds that set of this part of your home are only useful if they’re practical. They aren’t there just to look good. They’re there to have a real practical use.

You need to decide what your conservatory is for. Is it for the children to play in, or a place for you to work in peace?

Additionally, you need to decide how your conservatory faces the rest of the house. Do you want to be able to see everyone in the living room from the conservatory?

Believe it or not, different blind types have different uses. Here are the four main ones:

  • Roller blinds. These offer protection from strong sunlight.
  • Vertical blinds give you better control over the amount of light let in.
  • Pleated blinds are safe for very young children to play with. They don’t have any potential choking hazards.
  • Venetian blinds are at the height of style.

2. Coloring In

The color can make or break a room. You have to decide how much you trust your own interior decorating skills.

One choice is to stick with neutral colors. Whites, beiges, and browns will work with practically any style and any home. They’re quite boring, though. They don’t do much to catch the eyes.

Light pastel colors generally make a room seem bigger than it actually is. They rely mainly on natural light from outside to flourish. If you’re looking for calmness and coolness, opt for pastel blues or greens.

Darker colors work to create a more private and intimate space. It’s why old-fashioned studies opt for dark wooden paneling and heavy red drapes. They make a room cozier and more enclosed.

Some ideas for darker colors include navy blue, dark browns, and rich reds.

Stay away from niche colors like purple. If you ever come to sell your home, you’ll need to have a more neutral color scheme to appear to every eye.

Get some inspiration from the Internet. Social networks like Pinterest have plenty of people showing off their own interior design creations.

3. The Rest of the Home

A conservatory’s style should match the style throughout your home. Your conservatory isn’t a separate outbuilding. It’s an extension to your existing home.

It’s all well and good having a modern pair of Venetian blinds. What’s the point of having ultra-modern blinds when your home is decked in original period decorations?

All that will happen is your conservatory will stick out badly. You’ll make your home a confusing and disjointed place to be.

What about if your conservatory is an outbuilding?

Some bigger homes do have a conservatory separated from the home. You can get away with a different style here. It’s easy to pass off this room as some sort of private retreat. Either way, we would still recommend having matching styles.

4. What about the Maintenance?

In the long-term, your wonderful style could take hours to maintain. A lot of people simply don’t have this amount of time. They need something that’s quick and easy to clean.

Just because you spend long hours out of your home doesn’t mean you can’t have stylish blinds. There are lots of options for people who only spend a limited amount of time in their conservatories.

Vertical blinds, for example, are ideal. They don’t retain as much dust because there are no platforms for it to settle on. A light dusting every so often is the extent of any maintenance.

5. Try and Test

Fashion changes all the time. What’s at the height of fashion now might be a faux pas in less than a year. Avoid keeping up with the fashions, unless you’re particularly interested in them.

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to try and test different blinds. Pick up a cheap alternative to a desired pair of blinds and see how they work. It’s difficult to imagine what something will look like until you put it up.

Interior decorating doesn’t always have to result in getting the right blinds straight away. Be willing to mix and match your blind choices and see what happens!

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By: Efi Kalaitzidis

Contemporary Bathroom Styles – Three Tips

There are millions of different ways to create a contemporary paradise in your home nowadays, from designer furniture and wall-mounted flat screens in your lounge to stylish islands and gadgets galore in the kitchen.

It’s never been easier to design your own modern utopia, but most of us think that the bathroom has to serve function first and form second. This isn’t strictly untrue, but there are some amazing modern design choices out on the market today that do a superb job of combining the two so you don’t have to forfeit one for the other. You no longer have to put up with a bog-standard bog, as it were.

There are some amazing little touches you can give your bathroom – and some large ones too – that are both useful and attractive and can transform even the most dull and dreary of toilets into something that would look right at home in the Guggenheim.

Okay perhaps that’s pushing it a bit so please excuse my hyperbole, but there is a lot of choice out there for the modern bathroom stylist now. It’s not like you have to be a movie star to be able to afford them either.

Here are three features that will bring your bathroom into the here and now.

Freestanding Baths

Space is a valuable asset in your bathroom and most of us don’t have all that much to play around with. For that reason you might think that a freestanding bath is just a pipe dream, but they now come in such a variety of different shapes and sizes that this may not be so.

Add this to the fact that you can save space by planning out your bathroom to the finest detail and you could realise your freestanding baths fantasy more easily than you might have previously thought.

Obviously if you’re planning on placing a bath in the middle of your bathroom floor you will have to think about how you will supply it with water. Freestanding bath taps will do the trick – not the most imaginative name perhaps, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. These large yet graceful looking taps fit to the floor and add something a little bit different to the standard bathroom.

Vertical Radiators

There are some components that can’t be chosen solely because of their aesthetic appeal. A bathroom radiator is one such component. Fortunately there are a range of modern radiators that cast off the traditional radiator design shackles and possess a look more akin to wall art.

Vertical radiators have another string to their bow too. They not only aid in giving your bathroom a minimal look but save crucial space by using the vertical wall space giving you more room for additional fittings at floor height. Many recent designs also hug the wall closer without surrendering their ability to heat the room properly either.

Counter Top Basins

Counter top basins are another great combination of beautiful modern design, functionality and convenience. The fact that they fit on top of a counter rather than attach to the floor like their pedestal design brethren means you have a bit more storage space at your disposal should  you need it.

The basins themselves come in various different forms too, some with sharp edges and shallow bottoms, others with deep bowls and gentle curves. No matter which design you plump for, they will certainly catch the eye. You shouldn’t have to worry about people washing their hands before dinner anymore, at least.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Efi Kalaitzidis

By: Ken Doerr

Three Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

With stiff competition from the kitchen, there is arguably no more difficult room to design for than the bathroom. It is these two rooms that draw so heavily on that difficult balance between form and function, which can become a stress as you want to fit something in that is really of aesthetic value when something productive might be the far more sensible option.

To help those of you currently at your drawing board with regards to your new bathroom, we have put together three fool-proof redesign tips. So put down your pencil for a second and have a scan of these…

Future Proof Your Look

Aubergine tiles with a magenta rim might seem so stark and edgy now that it would seem remiss of you not to fit them, but think things through. Fashion is by its very nature capricious, and in around a year – if you’re lucky – they are going to look horrendous, even to you. Plus, it’s not just you. Imagine if you want to sell your home soon. Think classic colours for the main things and save your own wacky ideas for the flourishes.

Think About (Natural) Light

Nobody wants to head into what appears to be a subterranean hole or dungeon to go to the bathroom, so always think about light. Position bathrooms on corners, if possible, to allow for more fenestration, or simply consider skylights. Light opens out spaces and is intrinsically pleasing. Don’t go all goth and seal up everything before slopping it in tar-like black paint. No.

Don’t Neglect Functionality

Those shower heads are very pretty, but the system in your home does not have the pressure to make them work properly; yes, that towel radiator is delightfully bijou, but it will not heat 10% of the room – you have to go bigger. Hypotheticals these, granted, but these are the kind of things you will have to consider. The bathroom is, first and foremost, a practical space. Fit the function and then arrange your own wonderfully attractive design pieces around that.

(Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Ken Doerr)


Design your Own Koi Pond

Design and Build Your Own Koi Pond

Over the centuries, koi have been prized for their beauty. These elegant and fascinating fish come in many colors and sizes. You can create a beautiful pond, and a healthy habitat for your koi by considering the following points.

Choose a location for the pond that will provide protection from too much sun, and prevent run off from draining into the pond. Choose a site that allows a nice view of your pond from your seating area or window. Be aware that any water feature can be a hazard to young children.

Size and depth

How many koi do you plan to keep? Use this number, plus a few, perhaps, to estimate your pond size. Experts recommend a minimum of 250 gallons of water per each large, full grown, fish. Less water will be needed for smaller varieties of koi.
When deciding on dimensions for your pond, be sure to consider the size of your fish at maturity. Japanese koi, for instance, are one of the largest varieties, and will grow to be around two feet in length. They will need plenty of room to swim comfortably.

Plan to excavate to a depth of at least three feet in colder climates. In warmer areas, two and half feet is often sufficient. Extra depth helps maintain a stable water temperature in the pond, and provides a place for fish to escape heat and cold. Some pond builders dig an area of the pond floor extra deep, known as a “well”, which helps prevent winter kill and gives fish a place to hide.

A good pond pump is essential for oxygenating the water. Fish need this to survive. The pump can be combined with filter box to aid in keeping water clean. Be sure it is properly sized for your pond. Packages list how many gallons of water the unit will pump per hour. Many varieties can be found at home improvement centers.

Digging It:
The easiest way to build a koi pond is by using the rubber liner method, as the liner conforms to any shape you care to dig. Digging out your desired depth and shape is the toughest part of pond building. It’s worth it; just keep thinking about those beautiful fish. To protect your lawn, throw down some plastic sheeting to dump the dirt on as you shovel. While you are digging, add a sloping bottom to make cleaning of waste and leaves easier.

When you are satisfied with the shape, lay in the rubber liner, and smooth it across the bottom and up the sides of the pond. Leave at least six inches of liner around edges of the pond, and secure it with your choice of decorative rock, or one of the many types of attractive edging stones. Add some plantings if you like. You are now ready to fill your pond with water (be sure to treat it before adding fish), turn on your pump, and enjoy your koi.

Article by Joana Hall

Joana Hall is an avid writer who likes to write blogs on Interior Design. She has written many articles on koi pond construction. In this article she is providing the readers some valuable information on Design and Build Your Own Koi Pond.


The Importance of Door Handles in Kitchen Design

When it comes to designing your kitchen, there is one feature that many people either don’t care enough about to put any thought into it, or it just doesn’t occur to them that it’s an important decision- door handles.

The Importance of Door Handles in Kitchen Design   satin white york kitchen

The Importance of Door Handles in Kitchen Design   handlepage

Imagine your kitchen without the handles on the doors, not only do they serve a functional purpose (you’d struggle to get things out of cupboards or drawers without them!) but without them your kitchen just wouldn’t look right.

The same can be said for if you were to use handles that didn’t work with the rest of your kitchen design, they would look out of place and detract from the rest of the kitchen.

The lowly handle can in fact be the main element pulling a whole kitchen design together, by utilising the same handle on a variety of different drawer fronts or cabinets, perhaps they are different colours or materials, the use of the same handle can bring that cohesion to your kitchen that it might otherwise have been lacking.

Your handles don’t of course all have to be exactly the same, however if they share at least one attribute, such as design, material or colour, then the theme can be continued throughout your kitchen.

The Importance of Door Handles in Kitchen Design   natural oak euroline kitchen door

You must take into consideration the type of kitchen you are placing your handles in- for example a country kitchen would be more suited to a wooden knob style than a chunky chrome handle. Although realistically you are going to need a lot of handles to sort out your whole kitchen, this doesn’t mean you should cut costs by going for cheaply made ones- remember these are things you’re going to be using every single day to open your cupboards and drawers so they are going to be handled a lot and therefore need to be durable, which is a characteristic not possessed by cheap materials, so you must invest in good quality handles to be assured of a great and longlasting kitchen.

Images courtesy of Doors Sincerely.

creative storage solutions

Creative Storage Solutions for your Office

Take a look at these helpful and innovative storage solutions, perfect for the office environment. We’ve combined practical advice with creative ideas to make your office an efficient, yet unique, workspace.

(Featured Image via

Corner Office

If your room layout permits it, a corner desk is the best way of maximising work and storage space. While the actual surface area of the desk will be bigger, thus giving you more space to work, having your workstation tucked in the corner will free up the rest of the space.

This is also the best option if you need lots of shelving within reach of your desk, as you have two full walls to play with. Take a look at the range of office desks, including space-saving corner options, online at Viking.

Having a large corner desk also means that you have more space to store things like filing cabinets underneath, which is also going to free up floor space. You can also find a full range of office storage solutions at Viking.

Mug Tree

Mug trees are a bit of a nineties staple when it comes to kitchen interior design and I can’t remember the last time I visited someone’s house where one was actually used to store mugs. These days, their most common use if hanging necklaces and bracelets – and what a fabulous use that is!

However, mug trees are also an effective office storage solution. Use one to hang your scissors and small metal buckets that can be filled with office supplies like paper clips.


I’m a big fan of using buckets as storage in the office. This nickel-plated container, available online from IKEA, is actually designed to hold cutlery, but it’s perfect for storing pens and keeping your work surface free of clutter too.

Another kitchen staple, an old spice rack – with the jars cleaned out thoroughly! – is the perfect place for storing miscellaneous office items like papers clips, pins and rubber bands.

Wine Rack

If your job requires you to produce large, detailed drawings that need to be stored rolled up, then an old wine rack could be the perfect place for keeping them tucked away. A rack designed to hold six bottles could hold close to fifty medium-sized drawings and won’t take up much floor space in your office.

Mezzanine Floor

Okay, so this might not be in everybody’s budget, but constructing a mezzanine floor in your office effectively doubles the amount of useable space. Use the upper level as your workspace and the lower for storage, or vice versa, depending on what you find more convenient. An office space like this one, is relatively inexpensive to construct, but will add value to a residential or commercial property.


Creative kid’s rooms

A child’s bedroom should capture their personality completely, becoming a fun place for them to hang out. Decorating your little one’s room can be a fun and exciting project where you can really channel your creative flair. Here are some great ways to unleash your inner child and get creative…

Wall art

Hanging picture frames in a kid’s room is simply an accident waiting to happen. With toys and balls being thrown about in play, it is a matter of time before they are knocked down and broken.

Instead, go for a foolproof way of injecting art into your kid’s room by painting designs directly on the wall. Select a theme that your kid’s enjoy, whether it’s princesses or dinosaurs, and let your creativity run free.

If you don’t have a steady hand, but still want to revamp their bedrooms, you could always use wall stencils instead of going freehand. Stencil Warehouse have a great collection of stencils, in a variety of shapes and sizes that will allow you to easily transform any playroom or bedroom.


While you let your creativity loose in your child’s bedroom, you can give them the opportunity to do the same.

Specially designed chalkboard paint can be painted directly onto any surface, whether it’s a wall or a wardrobe, to create a space for your kids to draw and get creative. This is great if your kids are messy, as the chalkboard will provide hours of entertainment, with the chalk simply wiping away when they’re done.


Plain, wooden furniture can look drab in your kid’s bedroom, but there are a number of simple and easy ways to update them.

Tying ribbons around the handles is a cost-effective way to liven up the furniture. Also, replacing the handles for funky designs, like jewels, is a great way to update your tired old furniture.


Home Office must-haves for Creatives

Creatives require a different type of office than the typical professional, with the average desktop computer and filing cabinet set-up unlikely to cut the mustard.

A more inspiring workplace is required to get those creative juices flowing, while flexibility is key to ensuring it can keep up with day-to-day demands as well as special projects.

A noticeboard

Fix a large noticeboard on an easy-to-access wall so that you have a convenient place to pin up pictures, text and other physical media that can be used to stimulate new ideas.

Whether you’re an interior designer who needs somewhere they can easily view new colours and materials, a marketing expert who wants to take inspiration from the latest print ads, or someone who simply wants to pin up a to-do list, it is sure to come in handy.


Every creative has those books they always turn to for guidance or ideas, so it’s a good idea to conveniently and attractively store them – go for a case or floating shelves depending on your needs.

Feature furniture

You of course need practical office furniture like a desk, but it’s also a good idea to invest in some statement pieces that will give your workspace some personality.

Eye-catching furniture in unusual designs and bright colours can be functional while also ensuring your room has the same edge of creativity you do.

A beanbag

Create a chill-out zone so that you have a comfortable space to sit, think and be innovative. If the layout permits it, section off a small area in the corner of a room –preferably by a window – and simply throw in a beanbag and some cushions.

You might also like to fix a whiteboard to the wall so that you have a place to scribble and doodle when inspiration strikes.

Magazine files and boxes a-plenty

Fill your shelving units with plenty of magazine files and boxes so that you can put all your supplies away tidily – a cluttered space causes a cluttered mind, after all.

Be organised and label them as you fill them to ensure nothing gets lost, and make sure to have a regular clear-out so that you always have plenty of room.

A flexible workstation

Make sure you have a flexible workstation as well as a regular desk for your computer to ensure maximum convenience.

Look out for those which can be adjusted to different angles and heights, and which can easily be moved around the room on castor wheels.

Specialised storage solutions

As a creative, you’re likely to have some more unusual storage requirements, so you need to be on the lookout for those solutions that will help make your working life easier.

Large shallow drawers might be good for those who work with blueprints or papers, while lots of small drawer systems will suit a fashion designer looking to store different buttons effectively.

Make the effort to find something which specifically accommodates your needs to ensure your materials stay in good condition and to increase convenience of use.


This article was posted on behalf of Viking UK, a specialist provider of office supplies including furniture, storage solutions and stationery.

By: Neil McIntosh

5 Interesting Arts to Decor your Home and Office

Some people might think that art is expensive or needs huge investment, especially when they see a neat office or a home filled with decors. Putting decorations on your home and office depends on creativity and imagination. Most of the time, it only requires being organized and having artistic ideas.

By simply looking around, you can discover that there is still a lot of space for art. Afterward, you can think of going to a décor shop or even make your own designs. These days, you can easily find a decor equipment store like Madison Art Shop, where you can buy all the things you need for decorating your area. Below are the most common interesting artwork for your home and office.


You can buy a painting made by famous artist, but that may hurt your wallet. You also purchase cheap paintings that can still amazing to the eyes. Another choice could be making your own painting. Paintings are expressions, and those who understand them focus on the color, tone, and their rhythm. They care for the smallest detail and the medium used in a certain painting. An abstract painting in an office can ease the pressure in work.


Drawings can be from real-life objects or result of imagination. A simple but creative drawing can make office visitors smile and be relaxed. A drawing of a happy family that is hanged in the living room reminds family members of their bonding moments. Young children are attracted to colored drawings. In fact, you can let your children draw what he likes. Then, place it in a frame and your wall will now have a memorable moment of his childhood.

Collage or mosaic

A collage is an artwork that consists of various materials, including newspaper clippings, pictures, photographs, ribbons or other objects that are glued together to a piece of paper or canvas. The word “collage” was derived from “coller,” a French word for glue. A collage is different from a mosaic because the latter is more of a combination of cut photos or broken ceramics or tiles. Either of the two can be an eye-catching scene at home or inside your office. 


A sculpture can be in the form of wood, ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass. While this artwork is most of the time found in schools, parks, and historical places, you can also include one at home or in your office. But of course, you should consider the space, especially in homes with young children running around. In offices, a sculpture is usually placed in the lobby and for visitors’ view. You can easily find one in stores, or hire a professional sculptor for the job. 


Just like sculpture, pots can also make a wonderful home décor. You can also put one on the lobby of your office. While some would suggest that pots should only serve as planters, there are people who love to collect huge and antique pots. These kinds of pots can be expensive, but are also good investments. There are also small pots can be placed on an office table or study table at home. They can be used as pen holders or to simply add design to the surroundings.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Neil McIntosh

Article by Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson is the Sales Executive at Madison Art Shop. Madison Art Shop is online art supply company in USA and they are totally focused on giving the widest product selection of art at the most competitive prices.

By: Reiner Kraft

10 Exclusive Home Décor Tips

Shifting to an empty home is just like starting drawing on a blank paper. You have an open ended question and countless answers to respond. For having a successful result you should be wise and decisive, so that you could opt for suitability yet beauty for your home premises. Presently the trend of interior designing is becoming increasingly popular. This emerging interest is encouraging many designers to write tips and ideas for having an exclusive home décor.

Different articles along with illustrations are making it easier for everyone to approach new styles and designs for decorating home environment.  For sharing more regarding this here I am going to describe 10 exclusive additions to your home décor.

1. Creative candles:

Small candles with creative stands look amazing in your dwelling. The empty shelves over your fireplace can be filled with these little candles. Depending upon your selected theme you can choose them in any style. They are available in different shapes like a wide range of spring flowers candles are visible in different stores.

2. Draped panels:

Sometimes little is more than enough same is the case with draped panels over curtains. By hanging a plain contrasting color fabric over your room curtains you can create a formal yet exciting feel. This is an inexpensive and admirable idea.

3. Beads as separators:

Without spending much on expensive screens you can also create fabulous beads separators. Take colorful beads and fill them in a string, make several strings and then hang them between the door spaces. This will cover the space like a curtain and with give a beautiful glance along with soothing voice on every touch.

4. Textured walls:

Plain walls are becoming outdated; presently the trend of textured walls is prevailing all around. For having variety you can treat with any single wall of each room in a same style but with different colors. This will create harmony in your dwelling. It’s not always necessary that you opt for expensive patterns you can also paste cheap wall papers.

5. Unique lampshades:

Carved lampshades tinted in different contrasting colors are amazing artifacts. You can cover corner spaces by placing creative lamps. This will serve you in a multiple way.

6. Display kids art:

Kid’s room is also an important portion of your house. While decorating other portions you cannot leave this part as it is. For adding interesting feel you can display your kid’s art work through variety of ways. By hanging a colorful bulletin board, you can create a focal point in their sleep corner this will help you in displaying their cute drawings.

7. Framed old memories:

For adding more emotional attachment in you for your dwelling, you can select few of your memorable family pictures. Mount them with an attractive frame and hang them against the wall. Few framed photos will add up life in your space.

8. Striking table tops:

Empty table tops look informal and often untidy. To give them a nice looks, place small braided table clothes over them. This will look more pleasant and tidy.

9. Exclusive cushions:

Cushions covered with amazing styles along with interesting shapes look very attractive. Stitch small eye catching sofa cushions for your sofa beds and even for your bed to rise up its beauty.

10. Rugs:

Small rugs with traditional designs are much more fascinating. Cover your empty spaces with them and enhance the attractiveness of your plain floor.

These were the 10 cheap and exclusive ideas for your home décor. Add them in your house and enjoy the best surrounding. Hope you like it.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Reiner Kraft

By: Imobiliária  THÁ

A Pinch Of Creativity Accentuating Space In Your Home

You don’t have to necessarily be claustrophobic to feel the discomfort inflicted by a small spaced house. Small space around the house gets under your skin slowly and naturally. The condition gets even worse in summers. This is the time when you wish for a lot of space for simply lying around, ventilation or comfort.

There are a lot of simple and creative things one can do to better organize the house. This would bring out the space already present but littered with useless stuff. A little bit of creativity here would go a long way to spice up your dull surroundings.

1. Chase Away Dark, Bring In lights And Whites

Never splash your house with a dark/dull paint. This would give a feeling of walls closing in on you. Go for whites, light or pastel shades. This would impart a widening affect. If you live with kids, avoid excess of white as it would require a great deal of maintenance. Instead go for some other shades like beige, light green/brown/blue etc.

2. Accessories In Proportion

Never forget to choose furniture, racks, closets etc in conformity with the space available. Very huge furniture would suffocate your room and very small would serve no purpose. So, choose a design that best suits the geometry of the house. Go for daybeds, futon beds etc which serve as a wide sofa in addition to a decent bed. Murphy beds would be apt in such a situation. These beds are attached to the wall. These pull out of the wall with bedding’s on one side and a multipurpose table on the other. Choose a small bed over an elaborate one in small rooms.

Buy multipurpose furniture like convertible dining tables. These convert into a pool table when turned upside down. Go for sofa cum lounge beds, multipurpose tables and racks.

3. Space Around Your Bed

Do away with tables, chairs etc around your bed. Hang small utilities like watches, notebooks, cell phone accessories etc. in a bag on a hook over the wall. Attach a folding chair or table below the window sill to be used as an ironing board or study table.

4. Space Under Beds

Elevate beds and utilize the space beneath for storing cardboard boxes filled with less used items. You could also go for pull out drawers attached to the bed and keep clothes and other belongings there.

5. Window Treatment

Go for wide and tall window frames. This would dramatically give a very spacious and bright look to the house. Don’t use heavy, overly decorated window accessories. Use valence curtains or light see-through curtains to let more light diffuse inside. Match the color of the curtains with walls around so as to give an extended look. Use very light blinds on windows.

6. Flooring

Never contrast the color of the surroundings with the floor or floor rug. This would impart boundaries and give a patched look to the house. The floor rug should be covered within the furniture above it and should match with the style of the furniture.

7. Vertical Cabinets

Replace ground racks, closets, and shelves with vertical standing ones erected on the walls. This would supply more space for other big items on the floor.

8. Mirrors And Frames

Decorate house with big sized mirrors reflecting a good amount of light. This would spruce up the surroundings by giving it visual depth and width. Place a large sized mirror in front of a big window to brighten up the room. Fix a group of mirrors of random sizes on the wall over the mantle or in the guest room to give it a trendy appearance. Stick no more than 2 photo frames on a wall in a small room. Keep it simple and tidy.

9. Furniture Traffic

Make sure the traffic and direction of furniture is well organized. Keep sofa, chairs, etc. away from the walls and don’t let one accessory intersect another. Make a point to leave space for comfortable trespassing.

10. Do Away With Big Sized And Idle Accessories

Sell, replace, or store the idle/ space consuming big sized items. For instance old huge sofa, entertainment systems, grungy closets etc. You need not necessarily dispense them away, you could go for self-storage of cherished/ inherited belongings. The idea is to clear out the space and let the hidden beauty surface.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Imobiliária THÁ

Article by Suzan Hall

Suzan Hall is a part time blogger. She covers various topic related to home, interior decoration, and Moving house storage etc. She loves to spend her time with family, friends and enjoys sharing tips and advises online.

By: J Aaron Farr

Design Tips for Enhancing the Look of Your Bedroom

If you are in the process of redecorating your house, you may want to spend a bit of time on the bedrooms, as this is a room where most people spend quite a bit of their lives. Simply by changing the furniture and the décor, you will be able to create a space that is inviting and easy on the eye. A change of colour can give the impression that the bedroom is far bigger than it actually is. You will also be able to purchase furniture and fixtures and fittings that have been designed especially with small spaces in mind. Wardrobes with conventional doors can take up quite a lot of space, as the doors need to swing out to open. By purchasing some sliding doors you will be able to utilise the area in front of the wardrobes in a much more efficient manner.

How to Make your Bedroom Look Bigger

Simply by rearranging the furniture in your room you will be able to gain quite a bit of space in most cases. You may also want to purchase some wardrobes with sliding doors and a bed with storage space under the mattress. Doors that slide take up far less room than conventional swinging doors and they are now available in a wide range of different materials and colours. You will be able to find many companies online selling space saving doors and other items to help you redesign the interior of your home or apartment. Companies like Spacelide have many different wardrobe and room sliding doors on their websites and it is also possible to order doors to your own specification.

Dividing a Room into Separate Areas

Depending on your existing decoration and furniture, you will be able to select from a wide range of designs and materials for your new sliding doors. One of the most common materials is glass, as it is hardwearing and also has the added advantage of letting in light. Investing in some room dividers is another option you have and by splitting your existing rooms up into separate areas you will be able to attain more storage space or even an extra bedroom. Once you have split your room into separate areas then you may want purchase some new, space-saving furniture for it. By positioning mirrors at strategic points around the room you will also be able to give an illusion that the area is bigger than it really is.

Space Saving Ideas for Bedrooms

  • Purchase some folding tables that can be attached to walls
  • Bunk beds can save a lot of space in children’s rooms
  • Recess shelving into walls
  • Install sliding wardrobe and entrance doors

Frameless sliding glass doors could transform every home in your property, making it a much more up-to-date place to live without having to purchase a new property. You will be able to buy space-saving doors and furniture for all of the rooms in your house from specialist companies on the Internet.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by J Aaron Farr

Article provided by Spaceslide

Spaceslide, a subsidiary of Portico Midlands Ltd., has partnerships with some of UK’s top ten house builders. This company produces and installs door systems and manufactures bedroom furniture.

By: Maegan Tintari

How to Start Up a New Vintage Style in Your Home

What is vintage interior design? Vintage style is a grey area when it comes to interior design. Vintage is a style anywhere from 20 years old to 100 years old, and it differs depending on who you talk to about it. Vintage is too old to be considered modern, and once you get past 100 years, furniture and decorations become antiques. Vintage style typically refers to pieces that have withstood the test of time and are still fashionable to this day. So, anything from 1915 to 1990 is in the vintage era. You can also define certain styles further by the time period represented within the vintage time frame. Examples would be 60s vintage style, Art Deco, and Mid-Century Modern.

How to start a vintage style in your home The most important thing to get right when beginning a vintage style makeover is the planning phase. What do you want your vintage style to look like? Do you want a 60s vintage look, or do you want it to look like your house is straight from the 30s? The trick is to stick to a theme. Do you want the pieces to fit into a certain color scheme? It is all up to you. Will your vintage style work with your house? Will the items you want have enough space to fit in your house?

You can also outfit your home with vintage styles used around the world. For example, you could have a vintage style used in France or the “French Colonial” style from some Caribbean islands. Once you know where you want to go with your vintage interior design, you need to find the right individual pieces.  Making sure to plan will show guests that you are serious about vintage interior design, and nothing you have will feel out of place.

Where to get your items Going to garage sales can be a good practice for getting great-looking vintage furniture at affordable prices. You can also search the Internet, of course. You can check out websites that sell vintage furniture, or you can go look on websites like EBay or Amazon. If you find a piece of vintage furniture in mint condition, you should expect to spend a hefty sum for it. A lot of times a person will hold an unused piece of décor or furniture just to capitalize on it when it becomes a sought-after item. Whichever way you choose to get your vintage items, you are getting closer to having a house full of your favorite vintage style.

In any case, it is all up to your creativity. People will buy a used piece of furniture and restore it or just keep it as is to show that it has had an interesting past. Whatever vintage style you like, you should use. Even if you have a variety of vintage items from different time periods it is all up to your preference – just make sure they mix well! If you keep using these tips, you will have a house that screams “tasteful vintage” to show off to your friends and family.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Maegan Tintari

Article by Gabriel Nelson

Gabriel Nelson works with High Camp Home, a company that specialized in décor. Gabe has written and produced many types of content for many types of websites, especially in the home improvement area. Gabe loves to read, write, play video games, go swimming and fishing.

By: Lindsay Grant

Top Tips for a Creating a Stylish Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place where you can escape the rest of the world and lie back in a hot bath, leaving your troubles outside the door. There is no better way to chill out and relax after a long day. However, all too often our bathrooms become cluttered and messy, preventing us from getting as much out of them as we should be.

If this is the case with your bathroom, here are some quick tips to make it into the most stylish, relaxing room in the house in no time at all.

Give It A Makeover

One of the best ways to make an instant difference is to make all of those minor repairs and changes that you have been meaning to do for so long. Before you do anything else, fix those cracked tiles, clear up the mould and fix any dripping taps. These minor changes can mean a big difference for you.

Buy a New Bath

A great way to make your bathroom a place where you want to spend as much time as possible is to invest in a new bathtub. If you have been stuck with the same old standard model for years, it’s time to treat yourself and get something really special.

A new bath won’t be cheap if you want something really special, but it will be money well spent. A free-standing bath is one of the most stylish types of bath that you can get. You will need the space for it, but if you have a large bathroom then it can be ideal.

Alternatively, opt for a whirlpool bath complete with a shower. This is the ultimate in luxury and will be like your own mini spa waiting for you after work every day. Throw in some stylish chrome taps and fittings and your new gorgeous bathroom will be well on its way.

Fit Stylish Lighting

Bathrooms can enjoy a huge boost from a few carefully placed lamps. Try to find some lighting solutions that are specially made for bathrooms, and then fit them in the corners and alcoves. You can even fit a light in the shower if you want. Use features like dimmers so that you can get the atmosphere just right, and make sure there is a place to light some candles.

Keep It Minimalistic

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom into a stylish room where you want to spend more time is to get rid of all of the clutter. This includes all of those bottles that have built up over the months. Buy yourself a simple cabinet if you don’t already have one, and keep everything out of sight to create a more minimalistic style that will help you to relax.

Make It Bigger

If space is lacking in your bathroom, a simple way to make it seem bigger is to add some strategically-placed mirrors. By adding mirrors you can help to make the rest of the room feel bigger so that you don’t feel so confined. It’s quick and simple, and you can make the mirror a feature of the room on its own by adding a stylish metal frame.

Get the Bathroom You Deserve

It’s not hard to get the perfect bathroom, it just takes a bit of work. Start with the tips above and see what changes you can make to your bathroom, and in a short space of time you could easily have the bathroom that you have always dreamed of.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Lindsay Grant

Article Joshua Lewis

Joshua Lewis is an expert on all things related to the bathroom. He works at Better Bathrooms, where you can find stylish and unique features for your bathroom.