Inspirational Logo Designs of the Week # 6

Hello and welcome to our fresh logo inspiration series! I hope you will find most of this week’s logos interesting, refreshing and inspiring. And if you are not a designer i hope that they will draw your attention, and begin to appreciate the beauty and the work involved behind corporate design.

Hope you’d enjoyed this week’s logos! And if you want to see more, you can find all the designers at Behance!

See you next time!

(These Works are displayed here because they are licensed as Creative Commons – Attribution by their designers, and for the sole purpose of inspiring and promoting design)

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I  Loved the creativeness in each logo, are this logo registered , can i use them for free please reply me on vishalnathwani5@gmail.com

sthalassinos moderator

@Vishal11 Hi. I doubt you can use any of these logos for free other than displaying them in a blog post ;) Besides every logo is (or should be) unique to a single business or individual. If you like a designer's work try contact him/her and hire them to design a logo specifically for your business.