How the quality of website affect SEO success

The quality of the website affects the overall success of SEO. There are two basic reasons behind this:

It is the search engines which need to make sure that their users must have a positive experience after visiting the website from their search results. Therefore, to ensure the positive and effective user experience, the search results must include those websites which not only provide relevant and useful information but also provide you the best user experience on the website.

Secondly, website should be designed in such a way that it converts visitors into customers or sales. A professionally designed and a quality site is likely to give more positive and effective results and raises the conversion rate. First page rankings will not be of any use, if your site doesn’t turns out in customers.

Therefore, in this article, it is discussed about those tips about website design which would ensure a positive and effective user experience.

1.  Have a professional design: Having an appealing and a professional website design is one of the most important elements of user experience. A bad design may turn off your users and an attractive design can impress and involve your customers. A bad design will lead to high bounce rate and low conversion rate. If this happens, then the search engine will consider it as the negative signals and hence will reduce the ranking of your site in search results. Moreover, people are visual now days and make judgments on the basis of first impression. A common saying “ First impression is the last impression”

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2. Create informative and engaging content:  You must make sure that you write the content for your audience and not for search engines. In order to give positive experience to the users, you must write the relevant and the well written content. It must be easily understandable to the user and must fulfill their needs. If the content is of good quality, then people will like to visit your site again to get updated information, and even share your content if it meets their wants.

On the contrary, if you provide irrelevant and bad content to the users then they will never visit your site again.

3.  Provide easy and user friendly navigation: Once the user is impressed with the design and the content of your site, it is required to keep them on your site for a longer period and this can be possible only if you provide an easy navigation to the user. If the navigation on your site is easier to the user then he/she can view some additional information. If the users find it difficult to navigate the additional information on your site, then he will skip from your site and will move to another site.

4. Ensure quick page loading: No matter how great is your design of your website or how relevant or engaging is the information. It will only be useful if the loading time is less i.e. the page is loaded quickly and is visible to the users effectively. The slow page load speed results in the poor user experience. Therefore you must invest in high quality hosting solutions to ensure faster page loading speed.

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The characteristic features of a high quality website are – professional design, user friendly navigation and faster loading speed of web pages and all these are essential for a successful SEO campaign. A good ranking will be a waste if your website doesn’t comprise of these characteristics.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Anderson Brian

Julian Karstel
Julian Karstel

Cool article. Another valuable point which isn't really touched on here is the importance of Google on your SEO. Yes SEO is about the user but Google is the great denominator.

Spyros Thalassinos
Spyros Thalassinos

Indeed it is Julian! Google can make or break your website. But it rarely affects you negatively when your content and website is of high quality and don't use suspicious techniques to raise your SERP.