Hands on Webydo: Transform the Way you Design on the Web

Did you ever wish you could create exceptional websites on HTML without writing a single line of code?

Well I am sure you have. For many designers having to turn their vision of the perfect website into code had been a barrier since the first days of the internet.

Let’s face it. You might design the most efficient or stunning layout in the world, but if your knowledge is lacking to implement it in code you can’t use it!

Webydo comes to fill this gap for designers providing them an easy way to create and manage their websites visually, without writing a single line of code. Furthermore you can easily publish your finished website to their cloud hosting servers without having to worry about any technical details!



So what does Webydo do exactly? Well you simply design your website visually and it automatically converts your graphic design into HTML code that also packs an integrated CMS backend for your client.

So now let’s dive into its features in detail.

Simple and Intuitive

Registration process is very simple, and you simply fill in your email, name and a password.

Next we can choose how we’ll begin creating our website. The three given options are:

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  1. Designstart with an inspiration. This option will provide you with some ready-made sites, that you can customize later to suit your needs.
  2. Layoutstart with a structure. This option will provide you (at the time of writing) 4 basic layouts to choose from: Corporate, Graphic, Portfolio & Wide Box layout.
  3. Blankstart from scratch. Finally you can begin with an empty canvas to fill as you desire.

Choosing any of these options takes you to the visual editor, where you can add your own graphics and elements, and create a website from scratch or customize the template you started with.

In the help section of the editor you can find video tutorials explaining the available tools, but if it’s not your first time designing a website you will find them all quite familiar.



The editor has all the tools you will probably need for adding videos, images, text, flash, forms, menus and widgets, as well as some extra goodies like setting up custom grids, rulers, and the option to repeat elements across all pages. You have a solid control on the typography and you can choose among 600 web friendly fonts! You can drag and drop all the elements, reposition them till you are satisfied and further customize them through their options.

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Managing your website pages is also a breeze and gives you some very interesting options like duplicating them, set if they’ll be visible on the menu, and of course a field to add them various SEO options.

Finally you can also set and adjust all your site wide options like its width, page background, color styles, even the favicon from a single window.

After you finish your website you simply hit publish, and all the HTML and CSS code will be generated for you. The generated code is not as clean as a handwritten one, but still is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, and will most likely improve as the product matures (it’s still beta at the time of the writing).

Easy content management

With Webydo is easy to update and maintain your content since it packs CMS like features. You or your client can change, delete or update any content element as many times you like. The content editing takes place in a word like processor where it’s easy to replace texts, add graphics, change images or videos, and once the content is upload it also gets published immediately.

Cost efficient

The free plan gives you a subdomain in Webydo, 15 pages, unlimited bandwidth and 1 GB of storage.

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From your account dashboard you can manage all the websites you have designed and if you wish, you can upgrade their plan to include your own domain name, unlimited pages and CMS users, unlimited bandwidth and 2 GB storage, as well as premium support. The yearly cost is 7.9$/month and you have a 14 days money back guarantee.


You can see the complete feature list on Webydo website and give a spin to the free plan to see if the platform works for you and your web design needs!

Article publié pour la première fois le 05/06/2013


Thanks for this great article, Spyros. It's clear you understand the essence of what Webydo is about. Our vision is exactly as you said, to allow designers to create beautiful websites without needing to know code. I appreciate you taking the time to review Webydo, and look forward to seeing your creations. Best regards, Shmulik Grizim CEO & Co-Founder at

Spyros Thalassinos
Spyros Thalassinos

Thank you Shmulik! I am looking forward to see how the product will further develop :)