Custom Web Design Advantages over Website Templates

Businesses an companies looking at cost cutting often face a dilemma. They reach a stage where they need to choose between a custom designed website or a website template. When money is an issue, using a template and creating a website in a jiffy sounds like a great idea. Just that, it isn’t.

Importance of a custom designed website

These days, a website is the face of a company. There is no way a company can get away without having to build a great looking and effective website. A website that doesn’t stand out from the rest of them in terms of design, interactivity and usability will soon be forgotten just like millions of other websites that are forgotten.

In order to ensure that a company will succeed in its enterprise, a company must brag about a website that is different from the rest. The website should be an extension of a company’s beliefs, personality and character. With that in mind, a custom designed website is certainly a better option for even smaller companies that may not have huge budgets.

Here are the major benefits of custom web design:

  1. A website that is custom designed offers individuality and uniqueness.
  2. Designers can discuss with clients what they exactly ant and what they have in mind. Specific requests can be considered and a unique website can be built based on client’s requirements.
  3. Careful consideration can be given to user experience, visual graphics, layout, color scheme and overall personality of the website.
  4. A custom designed website gives complete control to the website owner with regard to the way they are represented to visitors.
  5. Custom websites offer future growth, further customizations, fluidity for change and versatility in coding.
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Why hand-me-down templates are not good for business:

  1. The template will never represent the company in the true sense.
  2. It will be used and shared by many others, and thus robs the company f its individual face online.
  3. It may be cheaper, but in the long run, causes losses in terms of stagnancy and lack of profits.
  4. A template design can easily be recognized. People may just go to the next attractive website just because the template looked ‘cheap’.
  5. Templates may not support future changes in technology and trends on the Internet.

As any web design firm worth its salt would tell clients, choosing custom web design over website templates should be attempted even if the company is small or has limited budget. Though it may seem like a difficult thing to spend money on, in the long run it will companies to offset losses that occur due to loss of identity and uniqueness on the Internet. Professional custom web designers may even help companies to reduce costs by helping them to make certain decisions which may prove to be surprisingly economical. Templates may seem attractively affordable, but in the long run, the investment made on custom web design pays off.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Jeremy Keith

Article by Smith

Smith is a professional web developer who has ghostwritten several books on web design and Internet trends. His web design firm conducts workshops for upcoming web designers and helps them make important professional decisions.

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Is a bespoke site easier to optimise for Google searches?  Do the Google spiders "know" that the website is a template design?

Konstant Infosolution
Konstant Infosolution

Custom web design allows to implement a profound informational architecture of the web project. Web site templates restrict the development of the site. So I vote for the custom design development.