Contemporary Poster Design #1

Hello and welcome to our contemporary poster design series!

Today we have a stunning selection of 22 posters coming to us from the designers Anthony Neil Dart & Áron Jancsó! So lets enjoy their works!

Did you know?

Posters, in the form of placards and posted bills, have been used since earliest times, primarily for advertising and announcements. Purely textual posters have a long history: they advertised the plays of Shakespeare and made citizens aware of government proclamations for centuries. However, the great revolution in posters was the development of printing techniques that allowed for cheap mass production and printing, including notably the technique lithography which was invented in 1796 by the German Alois Senefelder. The invention of lithography was soon followed by chromolithography, which allowed for mass editions of posters illustrated in vibrant colours to be printed.

Hope you enjoyed this article and I am looking forward in hearing your opinion on the selected designs! See you next time!

( Posters are presented here because they are licensed as Creative Commons – Attribution [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0] works and for the sole purpose of promoting design and the designer’s works)

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/05/2014