By: Ian Lamont

Common Pitfalls that can affect Mobile App Development

The current time is that of mobile applications as more and more users are turning mobile savvy with more emphasis being placed on having smartphones that are internet enabled. A new genre of programmers of mobile app developers is coming up for want of new and unique mobile apps. With the rising demand of new mobile apps, there is also the advancement in the tools that are available for designing these apps. However, despite the best tools for mobile app development, there are certainly some great apps that do not make it to the app market because of some common mistakes committed by the app developers. Here are some common pitfalls that can affect the mobile app development and therefore, must be avoided:

Making the users wait: mobile app users perform multiple tasks while using the apps and they expect the same of the apps. However, if the apps are so designed that they take long to load, the entire purpose of using the app is gone and the user veers away to find a better and faster alternative. Therefore, app developers must ensure that their created apps do not take long to load.

Giving detailed tutorials: all new mobile apps have tutorials or usage information in some form to enable the mobile user use the app to his or her satisfaction. However, over explaining things is a common mistake made by developers as this makes the new users offensive. There is no need to keep giving information or tutorials at all points of the app. Instead the developer should urge the user to prompt a question asking for help on the usage of the app.

Complex User interface: often mobile app developers create complex apps that have a difficult-to-use-and-understand user interface. This puts off the user and he or she might switch over to a simpler solution. Therefore, instead of creating complex apps, the creators must concentrate of simple apps that can be used easily.

App not tested: often mobile app developers create the mistake of not testing their apps on the devices for which they are created. Things might be different when they are perceived and created, and different when they are actually implemented. Therefore, developers must continually test the apps on the devices for which they are created.

Pack too many things: often app developers in their enthusiasm to create new and unique apps try to pack too many things in one app. What they must understand is that mobile apps have a limited functionality and they cannot be similar to the applications designed for laptops and desktops. Packing more things in a small app created for mobiles increased the upfront development costs while becoming more complex for the users.

The Enterprise apps: most mobile app developers are creating consumer apps such as music apps, games, and social networking apps. What are being forgotten in this frenzy, are the enterprise apps that are not only unconventional but also very important. The enterprise apps that would be very useful include apps for training employees, apps that provide communication between employees and business partners, apps that can be used as reference tools, apps that can assist the sales and service personnel in the field and apps that facilitate the process of business.

Mobile app developers must therefore, try to avoid these common mistakes when creating apps for the mobiles. They must not only be creative but realistic as well and ensure that the features that they wish to incorporate in their apps are actually functional. The developers must also consider the keep in mind the capability of the phone while creating the apps.

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Article publié pour la première fois le 26/06/2013

Web Outsourcing Gateway
Web Outsourcing Gateway

Developing new applications for mobile is a big challenge in our time now, because people don't want to get used in only one application. Users want more instead of same applications as others have developed so, its better to avoid these pitfalls and start focusing on something unique yet interesting to use.

Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie

The advent and proliferation of moderately priced smartphones, the collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft and the other similar tie-ups that are expected to happen have marked a newly emerging trend in mobile app development.