How to Make Sure Your Resume Read like a Fairytale

What makes a book irresistible to read? What gives readers the urge to carry on, right to the end, gripped until the last word? There are so many elements that make a successful book, and a fairytale usually has most of them. Your resume needs to have many of the same elements to keep your potential employer reading on, and by looking at what makes up a fairytale we can culminate the perfect resume that could lead to an international career just through visual attraction and creativity.

Good versus evil

Good and evil are the crux of any fairytale. There is always a baddie and a goody, ready to fight against each other and come out on top. What you need to consider when creatively writing is what aspects of your job history, experience and qualifications are good and what are evil. Promotions, qualifications and awards are all great things to include and should stand out on your CV near the beginning, giving your reader a reason to carry on. However, negative elements such as being fired, exam failings (or low grades) and referees who you know are not keen on you are definitely ‘evil’ aspects you need to leave out. Remember to format and change fonts to draw aspects out, bold the good and use lower casing with the weaker elements that make your resume look evil.

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Embellish the positive

Readers love to hear and see more positives than negatives, especially in the fairytale genre so make sure you talk about your achievements and skate quickly over anything which isn’t much to shout about. Go into detail about anything positive, highlighting what you did to achieve it and how you did so. Did you improve productivity, boost team moral, or get a great grade on a piece of coursework. Talk about it all and use positive words such as, ‘improved,’ ‘achieved,’ ‘impressed,’ and ‘gained.’ All these words will get your readers attention and keep them interested.

Impress with your strengths

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and so do fairytale characters, but most of the time, you would never know as they go to great lengths to hide their weaknesses and appear immortal. You can do this with your resume and make sure that your potential employer knows about every strength you have. Remember, you don’t need to highlight your weaknesses – ever hear Superman telling the baddies about his Kryptonite allergy? If you aren’t great at managing your time but are an excellent communicator and team leader, focus on that – they don’t need to know you need hone your time management skills. Great on a computer but really bad at English? Tell them all about your computer skills, your achievements using a computer, the software you know well and leave out your penchant for spelling incorrectly. We all have our weaknesses and a resume is not the place to highlight them.

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Use imaginative graphics to tell the story, illustrate a comic character and then state what your power is. Just being a little bit creative will have you noticed for a job in no time.

If you think of good and evil the entire time you are formulating your resume you should have a positive, enticing one before you know it. Your resume needs to draw the reader in, keep them in suspense and throw in interesting facts and figures along the way. It is essentially a positive story about you and why you could be a great employee. Finish by telling your reader why you think you would be great for them and what you feel you could learn from them. Let’s hope the sequel is all about you getting that job!

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Gangplank HQ