Electronic Birthday Wishes

It’s becoming increasingly common to send electronic birthday wishes, with the most common form being eCards, which can also be sent to mobile phones. ECards are highly effective as ways to wish someone Happy Birthday – they’re easy to send, and can be extensively customised with photos and videos, as well as with special messages. What, then, are some of the main advantages of electronic birthday wishes, and what other alternatives are there?

Primarily, electronic birthday wishes will cut down post and packaging costs, and also reduce environmental damage by not using paper. By sending a card online, you also don’t have to worry about whether or not a card will arrive in the post on time. Going onto websites, you can find ready made templates, as well as complete cards that can be sent with options for adding in names to the design of cards, as well as photos and videos.

When deciding on what sort of designs you want, sending an eCard gives you the advantage of the broad range of card styles available online – this is typically much greater than the stock limitations of a high street card shop. You can find different templates to use for particular seasons or holidays, or you can work with different templates to produce something more personal, which can involve adding in your own photo to an animation.

At the same time, eCards can be sent directly to someone’s email address on their birthday, or can be distributed over social networks – the latter option is useful if you want an eCard to show up in your friend’s social feed – cards and animation for social networks can consequently be used as a complement to traditional cards, and can mean that you can keep on top of your card sending if you’re living abroad.

It’s also possible to send eCards to mobiles, which can be distributed as SMS messages, or as email attachments; many websites offer a straightforward sending service for mobiles, which means that individual eCards can be optimised to look better on smaller screens. One of the most common ways to send these eCards involves attaching them to a normal birthday text message – an SMS message will cost a little more than a standard email, unless you have unlimited text messages – this can be a better option, though, if the recipient doesn’t use the Internet very much.

ECards can be effectively combined with other electronic birthday messages, which might involve vouchers or online gifts, and can be sent as part of a package of different messages. When sending an electronic birthday greeting, make sure that you follow safety rules and use websites that send eCards that won’t be blocked as spam, or set up in such a way so that the recipients won’t be confident about opening an email attachment or a text message.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Will Clayton

Article by Rosette

Rosette has been sending birthday eCards to friends and family for many years, and particularly likes being able to put together animations for Christmas cards. She blogs about fashion and lifestyle tips.