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Are Gift Baskets Trendy Again? 7 Reasons to Make Your Own

The gift basket is making an unexpected resurgence as a preferred way to give a gift for virtually any occasion. Putting together baskets is nothing new, but modern arrangements provide an opportunity to customize your gift as well as hunt for affordable items on sale to create a gift that is personalized, meaningful and one that fits with your budget.

If you have a special occasion coming up, start by creating a list of a few theme ideas that might be suitable. Think about the recipient and their hobbies, likes and dislikes as well the occasion. Is it a more formal event? If so you want to theme the basket accordingly. If it is a less formal event such as a birthday, then you can take a little creative license to make the basket fun with novelty items and activities.
Where to Look for Inspiration

It’s no surprise that Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration when it comes to creating your own gift basket. Tap into the social network as a creative resource to help you get started with a few ideas that are easy to produce in your own home. Forget what you thought you knew about traditional gift baskets and explore some brilliant alternatives that will make an impression without breaking your budget!

1. Baby Shower

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Folding wash cloths or receiving blankets into lollipop shapes creates a cute and affordable gift basket for any baby shower. Wash cloths are very affordable to purchase in gender neutral colors and any Mom will tell you that you can never have enough of them. It is a great design to make a large stylish impression on a small gift budget.
Take some large ice cream cones and get creative with inspiration from this baby shower basket. It uses onesies and socks to make a deliciously sweet baby basket. It’s a gift everyone will remember for under thirty dollars, so remember that when it comes to creating baskets, less can definitely be more.

2. Housewarming Ideas

The purpose of a housewarming gift is to give something that is practical and useful. Typically housewarming gifts are under $50 and meant to simply help your friend or family member get established in their new home. It’s also a great opportunity to give them innovative gadgets and fun tools for use around the house.

Using dishtowels to create a custom basket, this theme has affordable kitchen tools bundled up for a gift that will be appreciated. Don’t forget the man of the house. If he loves to barbeque then gift him with a custom basket of grill gadgets and special seasonings. Anything that inspires him to cook dinner is a good thing.

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3. Bridal Shower

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your gift basket personal for a bridal shower. The focus should be on the couple and their future together, so when you design your basket build in some words of wisdom or encouragement for the couple and their upcoming milestone.

We liked this simple basket with “great pairs” inspired by the Bride and Groom. Affordable, romantic and deeply sentimental. Organizing a wedding is hard work! What about creating a serenity or relaxation themed basket to encourage some couple time in the middle of the mayhem. It is a gift that is bound to be appreciated by both the bride and the groom.

4. Birthday Baskets

Creating a themed basket for a birthday is a great idea. For the gardener consider a tool belt full of gadgets and useful items to help keep their vegetable or flower gardens in order. For the aspiring home bartender, try a creative spin on a cocktail basket with all the essentials to celebrate in style!

5. Engagement Party

When a couple announces their engagement, it is a special time for both families and friends. And with so much planning to do, the couple will be glad to get a little help and guidance. Consider a basket of ideas to get them started on their event planning. Every day office supplies coupled with magazines and other conveniences make for an endearing basket that shows them you can’t wait to share their day.

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6. Anniversary

Couples gifts that you can use together such as novelty beverage mugs can be included in a gift basket for your partner. Mix and match useful kitchen or other gadgets with fun good humored ones for a personalized gift you will both enjoy. We also liked the idea of a year of envelopes to inspire “couple time” with some date ideas and novelties.

7. Baskets for Kids

Remember that when it comes to gift baskets for children don’t be afraid to have a little fun! Unleash your inner child and create a novelty or activity basket that will keep them busy laughing and learning new things. A little bit of candy won’t hurt, but try to keep the basket full of healthier, engaging experiences instead.

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