Color 4/3 is electronic subscription magazine for lovers of color. The wide range of topics about the applications and the science of color will hardly leave the reader indifferent.

The magazine is aimed at those who love color and want to learn and be informed on all the aspects of it. The number of articles in conjunction with the virtues of design and organization of the magazine compensates the most discerning reader.

Color 4/3 is not a simple online magazine. Is multimedia e-magazine! This means that as well as you flip through the pages of the screen, you can watch video, tutorials, interviews, and even again flip through interesting forms and product catalogs.

Color 4/3 emagazine

The magazine will be bi-monthly and the first issue of the magazine will be released in April 2013. Our subscribers will be able to download the first issue for free! So go ahead and subscribe to our newsletter!