How Do You Repair a Heat Surge Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are new technology which ha entered into the market. The latest technology equipped machines are now trending in the market. The consumers have said that these solutions are helping them solve their regular issues very comfortably. There is no doubt that the brands are competing and when your requirements changed then the brands are also working on that end as well.

Almost every company product is reliable and works great for longer periods without any issues. Many brands make sure that the products and good which are leaving their factory are well checked and in working condition. A very traditional company said that their products go through over seven quality checks before you make the purchase the product.

Heat Surge Electric Fireplace

How Do You Repair a Heat Surge Electric Fireplace?

Sometimes things might work in your favor, and you might end up having issues in functions, and it takes a lot to get the fireplace back on. Unlike in past when the TV sets do not function, one tap is more than enough to make it work. However, the electric fireplace does work in that direction. If your unit does not feature regularly, then you can troubleshoot and try to figure it out yourself.

  1. Be sure to check if the plug is attached to the electrical outlet and if you are using a generator then check your generator.
  2. When the heater experiences a malfunction, then you can give your heater a rest for 10 to 15 minutes and then plug it on..
  3. Electrical surges and short circuits are common in the heaters, so you can turn the heater off and take the plug out of the power outlet and leave it for ten minutes. Remember, you can always use the “Reset” button.

Instant Support

Once you have tried out all troubleshooting options than it’s time that you seek some professional advice. Every company has an active customer support for 24 hours, and you can ask for help as well. Take you warranty card or paperwork out so that you can confirm your identity to talk to the customer care.

  • The client’s support will ask you to troubleshoot, but it’s your call, and you can tell about the troubleshoot methods you have tried on since then.
  • Check if you are under warranty because you can get free service from the company.
  • During the call, you can ask for a technician to test the issue, which is absolutely for free, if you are under warranty.

Heat Surge Electric Fireplace2

It’s Time For Professional Assistance

When you are sure about the problem is minor then you can try on other troubleshooting like,

  • Check if the “external support” like stabilizer is working fine or not, you can always unplug from the external power to direct electrical outlet.
  • Check if the wires are damaged or short-circuited because when the main cable is damaged the power tends to work improperly.

If nothing works out then its time that you involve a professional who can look into the matter and do the job for you. You can ask for the help because sometimes if the problem is major, then your efforts to make it work may cause more damage than it already has. In case you need to get a new one then Uphomes has reviewed some of the best electric fireplaces out there.

The technicians from the company charge you less and the company professionals have much deeper knowledge of the product than the third-party, so ensure you are taking company technician assiatance.


There are many reasons behind a electrical heater is not functioning properly. In few cases, a minor problem is fixed with troubleshooting, but in several cases, you need to make an effort by asking help of a professional. If you have any questions, then you can comment below to talk to the experts.


The amazing BW photography of Damien Vassart

Today we have with us 20 amazing black and white photographs by Damien Vassart.

“Born in 1984 in Belgium, and holder of an Audio Engineer diploma, Damien Vassart has always been responsive to art, in all its ways. During his youth, he particularly involved himself into drawing and playing music.

In 2007, photography became a new expression medium for him. His preference goes to black and white, although color also owns a place in his universe. Cityscapes and waterscapes have become his predilection themes, skillfully highlighted in surrealist pictures, inviting the observer to contemplation and meditation.


Beyond a simple aesthetic side, the art of Damien Vassart is also driven by his fascination for passing time, and impacts it has upon the natural and non-natural elements that make part of the world surrounding us. So as to transcribe that, he uses extended exposure times for his takes, most of the time released at dawn or at dusk, moments of transition, moments of switching from one state to another, between agitation and tranquility, that he considers as the most propitious to capture the time.

His pictures have already been published several times in magazines and across the Web, and permitted him to win several international awards. They are diffused around the world by various art distribution networks.”

Let’s see our selection and of course you can visit and see more of his work in his Behance portfolio!


Photography might appear very complicated and involved, but if you know what you are doing, it can be a very exciting recreational activity. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will have a lot of bad photos. Fear not, the tips listed below can help you avoid this.

With the ease of cameras today, it is very easy for a novice person to take some great pictures without a lot of knowledge. Having a high quality camera is the first step. Make sure that the camera, lens and equipment are all from a reputable company who makes quality photographic equipment.  it has upon the natural and non-natural elements that make part of the world surrounding us. So as to transcribe that, he uses extended exposure times

Select a subject and focus on it. Point your camera towards this subject or object and use the auto focus feature if necessary. If you do not do this, your picture will look blurry. Play with conventions and select an unusual point of focus if you want original pictures.

In order to take professional quality pictures, you will need to invest in a professional quality camera. Consider adding a digital SLR to your collection of cameras if you want to have optimum images. These cameras are used by professional photographers because they provide quality photographs. If you want the same type of photos, use the same.

A good photography tip is to focus on subjects that interest you. If you find yourself taking pictures of things that don’t interest you, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you see that people aren’t interested in your photographs. Picking a subject that you’re passionate about is very important.

So as you can see, photography is not as complicated as it may appear. It is involved in terms of research and practicing taking pictures, but it is worth it in the end. With the above tips in mind, you should be smarter when it comes to taking great photos.