Mix of CC Photo by Fashion my phone

4 Easy DIY Smartphone Covers

Mix of CC Photo by Fashion my phone

Mix of CC Photo by Fashion my phone

Smartphone owners can protect their devices by keeping them in covers. If you can’t find a cover that you like, though, you have to get creative and make your own. Here are four homemade smartphone covers to inspire you.

Duct Tape Smartphone Cover

It doesn’t get much easier or cheaper than this duct tape smartphone cover. If you decide to make this kind of cover, double wrap the tape so that the sticky side is not left exposed. It’s easiest to cover your phone in paper and apply the tape to contour to the shape of your phone. Then you can simply slide your phone from the mold and apply tape to the interior of the case. Some even have carbineers on the back so you can attach it to your backpack or belt loop for safe keeping.

Remember to apply tape to the interior of the case as not tape your phone inside. A sticky interior will make it nearly impossible for you to slide the phone in and out. – Example

A Knitted Cover

You can keep any type of phone, from a BlackBerry 9310 to an iPhone, snug in this knitted cover. It offers cushiony protection from the elements and provides a bit of defense against those horrible accidental drops. Knitting requires a little more skill, though, so you might want to recruit help from someone with more experience.

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Then again, this is a relatively small project, so you could use it to improve your own skills. If you don’t like the results, you haven’t wasted much money or materials. You can always start again and avoid the mistakes you made last time. Eventually you can even start to make your own designs. – Example

Bedazzling Makes Everything Better

It looks like someone got a little carried away with the Bedazzler. But hey, if that’s what you’re into, then give it a shot. This form of do-it-yourself creating allows for much personal flare to be channeled through the design of your case. Adding trinkets and personal effects that are important to you will help to make your case unique and special. You can make this project easy by purchasing a bland cell phone cover and decorating it with your own flowers and fake jewels. Just use a hot glue gun to spice up that drab cover. – Example

Sophisticated Leather Cases

Some felt smartphone covers have a little button and tie that offer more security for your phone. Choosing out the material and print makes the project even more significant and special. Cutting, sowing and molding your felt case yourself will make you proud of your uniquely designed smartphone cover. If you’ve already made the basic felt covers above, you might want to try a slightly more sophisticated design that uses buttons and a variety of fabrics. – Example

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If you are feeling crafty or just want to save a few dollars, making your own smartphone covers could be the way to go. Use these covers for inspiration to help you create your own unique items. What kind of design would you like to make?

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