Image provided by Author (Source: World Architecture Festival 2012 )

When Architecture Becomes Art

When does architecture become art? Well in my opinion, architecture is one of the greatest art forms.

This is because architecture involves a certain way of thinking that other art forms don’t have to deal with. For example, an architect must think about the relationship between the piece of architecture and anyone that uses it, experiences it, or sees it. The architect must also think about how someone is going to perceive space whilst inside the building. This means that as an architect, you have a huge responsibility to your client, the people that use your creation and the public in general who come into contact with it in some way or other.

Image provided by Author (Source: World Architecture Festival 2012 )

Image provided by Author (Source: World Architecture Festival 2012 )

That isn’t to say that all buildings are architecture; this is evidenced by the highly amusing Eyesore of the month website, which takes a look at some of the worst buildings that have been constructed across the globe. In order for a building to be a piece of architecture, you must first create a work of art.

Real architecture is one of the only true synergies in the world, as the architectural creations are so much more than the sum of their parts. Nowhere is this as evident, than at the World Architecture Festival, which is held in Singapore every year.

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The World Architecture Festival is the perfect showcase for thrilling architectural artwork, celebrating landmark architecture projects that have brilliant building design at their core. As with any form of art, architecture is undoubtedly subjective and certain people will find value in certain things that other people don’t. However, most brilliant pieces of architecture have become their own benchmark for success.

There was a common theme that ran through many of the architectural entrants at the World Architecture Festival – many of the competition entries featured exterior cladding. According to a spokesperson from Sotech, a leading supplier of innovative exterior cladding solutions, the reason that exterior cladding is being used more and more in modern architecture, is that it has immense architectural fabrication capability. This means that exterior cladding has the ability to be used in various architectural applications and also provides a peerless aesthetic quality, due to it being available in a range of natural material finishes.

One example of this is the Cooled Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay, located in Singapore. This piece of architecture won the World Building of the Year award in 2012, and acts as the centrepiece of the Gardens by the Bay complex.

The Cooled Conservatory Complex is one of the largest-climate controlled glasshouses in the world; the two main conservatories are the ‘Flower Dome’ and the ‘Cloud Forest’, which each have their own personality. These two glasshouses highlight the powerful relationship between plant life and our plant, and they both aim to highlight the dangers of climate change.

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