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The amazing Digital Art of Pierre-Alain D.

Pierre-Alain D., founder of 3mmi Design, is a french digital artist / illustrator & webdesigner who has developed a dark -but not only- and intense vision of graphic design through the years. Working mainly for the music industry, he also like to work on all kind of graphic projects.

Described once by a blogger as a “one man graphic army”, in addition to photomanipulation, he also like to work on photography, web design, programming, music and video report. He also created and managed for 6 years a musical webzine, which gave him a broad vision of music and its universes, and music is his main inspiration…

Let’s enjoy some of his amazing works:

That’s it folks! I hope you enjoyed the selections, and i am looking forward to hear your impressions!

 (Images are displayed here because they are licensed by their creator under Creative commons – Attribution. Exclusively to showcase and promote the artists work!)

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/12/2013

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