By: Pascal

Melbourne: The City That Truly Admires Art

Melbourne has had a long time affair with art, which has reflected in the city from time-to-time. The proof of this lies in the exhibitions that took place in famous the Royal Exhibition Building build way back in 1880. The main purpose of this building was to promote European commerce and industry, along with art, science and education.

Since then and till date, Melbourne has hosted several art events, in a quest to nurture the artistic instinct of Melbournians and keep the creative industry of the city alive. This can be seen in various art galleries across the city and even in the streets of Melbourne.

Melbourne being an art city has unlimited art shows and exhibitions which keep most event planners Melbourne service providers quite busy. It has good number of commercial, public, and artist run galleries throughout the town and majorly along Finders Lane, which is most popular visual art destination of Australia.

Let’s have a look at few such places where you can find artistic display, artifacts, paintings, installations and much more:

1. The Johnston Collection – It is located in the residential area of east Melbourne. This art gallery has a breathtaking collection of Late W.R. Johnston, who was antique dealer and had an extraordinary collection. The collection comprises of the fine and decorative arts from the Georgian, Regency and Louis XV periods.

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2. The City Gallery – The City Gallery gets the art and heritage collection of the City of Melbourne together under one roof. This is an annual exhibition which is designed by specialist curators. Get a free entry to the gallery and explore the aspects of city’s cultural, historical and artistic life.

3. Twenty by Thirty Gallery – It is a nonprofit art gallery which is an initiative run by the artists. Here local and national artists along with the artists from around the world come to display their artwork. Every month you will find new collection of artwork here.

4. Royal Exhibition Building – As discussed earlier, The Royal Exhibition Building is one of the oldest international exhibition pavilions in the world. It has hosted numerous exhibitions till date. Artist from around the world come here to display their art work.

Art Installations

1. Giant Theremin -This is a supersized musical instrument and is more than seven meters tall. It is controlled by movement and up to eight people can play it at once.

2. Federation Bells – Situated at Birrarung Marr this is a permanent art installation featuring up to 39 upturned bells. These bells are struck by computer controlled hammers and are programmed by the music software.

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3. The Travelers– Home to the people from more than 140 countries. The travellers is a tribute to the multicultural heritage of Melbourne. It is an artifact of a Lebanese artist called Nadim Karam. This installation includes 128 glass panels placed along the bridge signifying Melbourne’s many waves of migrants.

4. Public Purse -You’ll find these Installations lying on the road. These are the purses functional as you can sit on these and take rest.

Public Art

In Melbourne you will find art every where, in the streets, by the river, in the gardens, along the pavements, along the road side or may be on he road too.  Let’s see how:

1. Unset Typologies – Commissioned by City of Melbourne Public Art Program, Izabela Pluta has been drawn on various sites for the public.

2. Our Flower Garden – It is lively, vertical garden of cloloured pinwheels, Planted in the heart of the city.

3. Neon Natives – Is a form of an artwork that portrays Australian animals on the geometric patterned background.

4. In the city – Within the city streets and in the intimate laneways you’ll find works of art in the surprising places.

5. Art on the waterfront – When you stroll along the banks of the Yarra, cross the bridges and dock lands to se the array of beautiful art by the water,

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6. Street Art – Melbourne is famous for street art and it is world’s great street art capital. It has unique expressions of art displayed on approved outdoor locations.

7. Art in the Gardens – The park and gardens of the city have an amazing collection of historical and innovative art.

Featured Image: Creative Commons – Attribution by Pascal

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/06/2013