Recycled Clock Art by Dan Tanenbaum

Incredible Watch Art Pieces

When it comes to watches they are an essential accessory which is a part of most people’s lives. There are many out there who will not leave the house without having their watch around their wrist. They are a simple way to tell the time in an instant without having to stop and ask someone in the street or wonder what the time is as you wait around. However did you ever think that the world of art would collide with watches? These fantastic creations have been made out of watches so you could choose to wear a timepiece on your wrist or have them as an ornament.


The first item that I came across was a motorbike. I found a number of designs made from both mens and womens watches and they all look fantastic. The amount of detail that is put into the designs must have taken hours and certainly a lot of practice! I love this motorcycle in my favourite colour, pink! The creator, Dan Tanenbaum, has used the edge around the face as the front wheel and used the actual face for the back wheel, along with part of the wrist strap for the seat and other bits and bobs that are used behind the scenes to create watches. – Image Source

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Keeping with the theme of transport the next creation which was made by the same person as above, is a scooter. This cute little scooter looks like it has been made out of some old fashioned time pieces, and the face of the watch with the beginnings of the bracelet have been used cleverly as the handlebars and speedometer of the scooter. – Image Source


This piece of art almost looks lifelike and the artist Justin Gershenson-Gates enjoys creating a number of creepy insects out of watch parts. This scorpion has been crafted together from various pieces and you can see how the watch face has been flattened out and then cut to make ridges just like a scorpions back has. – Image Source


The final piece that I found which looks incredible is a watch carpet made by Heidi Voet. This colourful carpet is made up of 4,000 bright watches in blue, pink, yellow and red. Unlike the previous pieces they are all still in working order and have been set for all of the alarms to go off at the same time! – Image Source

Article by Zoe Robinson

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Article publié pour la première fois le 25/03/2013