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How To Discover The Traditional And Contemporary Chinese Paintings

When you will visit China, you will come to know about the customary Chinese calligraphy as well as paintings. If you explore the city of Guilin or Lijiang, or if you are visiting the famous mountain Huangshan, then you will come to know that the scroll of a Chinese painting is hugely popular that you will certainly like to purchase. Painting with the soft brushes is quite appealing as well as fascinating. If you love the art of China, then you must remember to take these things into your home. The Chinese painting can also be referred as the traditional or customary Chinese painting. As you can understand from its name, this type of painting is usually painted with the help of the painting tools of China, and according to the artistic standard of China.

A unique and distinctive style has been developed by the Chinese painting. The Chinese paintings are normally painted on the rice paper, Chinese ink and painting dye. According to the topics, the Chinese painting is categorized in 3 branches, which are landscapes, human figures, birds and flowers. Hence the mountain paintings, ladies paintings and fish and insect paintings represent the 3 branches separately. On painting methods, one is the customary realistic painting of China that is categorized by quality brushwork, and the other one is the freehand brushwork. The various tools of Chinese ink and brush have complicated functions as well as applications.

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Specialty of modern Chinese painting

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With time, the various works of the contemporary painters of China have started to rise to a large extent. You can see the paintings mainly in the museums of France. The heritage of various contemporary paintings of China is nearly 100 years old. These types of paintings reveal  the true beauty of ancient China with the help of modern foundations as well as western techniques.  The genuine Asian decorator also finds the product quite attractive as well as appealing. This type of the unique art form needs to be studied as well as appreciated with utmost care and attention. This type of art is considered as the significant opening into the thought, the essence and the culture of Contemporary China.

Figure Painting

It is a style of painting, which demonstrates the human figures. In short, ‘figure’ is referred as the main category of a Chinese painting. This type of painting is normally classified into Female images, Genre painting, Portrait etc.  This type of painting makes every effort for the realistic and accurate description of the personality, spirit as well as the outlook  of the character. In the modern age, this type of painting adds the western approaches, and made developments in both coloring as well as modeling.

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Landscape Painting

This type of painting frequently features water, mist or mountains that are symbolic.  Mist and water contribute good fortune as well as happiness. On the other hand, the mountains signifies a long life. Some of the artists, who wish to include animals, homes and people in the painting, attempt  to express the feeling of a happy and long life.

Bird and Flower Painting

13th century – Early Autumn by Qian Xuan.

The birds and flowers have carried out the images as well as the descriptions of various artists for many years. The pine trees signifies the immorality and the uprightness, and the orchid is frequently used for describing the scholars and the worthy artists.

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