Glass Painting is one of the Great Wonders

Glass Paintings are one of the greatest types of paintings. They are very beautiful objects which create a wonderful effect in any place. The original object of the glass paintings was the beautification of churches. Churches used the glass paintings for various divine reasons. But slowly glass paintings became a part of normal household and they were used for decorating peoples’ houses and offices. The two things, glass and colour create a wonderful effect together. Glass paintings are at present one of the trendiest art objects to have.

Some Facts about Glass Paintings

Glass Painting is an ancient form of art. It has been used for centuries for the purpose of beautification of churches. Various tales from the Bible were demonstrated through these paintings and they made the church look more beautiful. Gradually, they were used in people’s households as well. Glass Paintings became one of the most fascinating and beautiful art forms. The origin of glass painting took place in Europe and in later times it spread to other countries like India and Japan. In the present times, it is famous throughout the world.

Modern Day Glass Painting  

In the modern times, glass painting has become famous throughout the world. One of the best facilities for this art form is available in the American city of Los Angeles. One of the best advantages of this art form is that it can cover many different subjects which other art forms may not be able to do. This gives glass paintings a clear advantage over other types of paintings. Certain materials are required for painting on glasses. They include oil, hard resin etc. Watercolour and gum may also be used for painting on glasses.

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Famous Glass Paintings of the World

The most popular glass paintings of the world belong to the various churches and holy buildings.

One of the most beautiful is in the Chartres Cathedral which was donated by Blanche of Castile. It is the representation of Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven. One of the other most beautiful glass paintings is in Tiffany. It shows the technological advancement of painting glasses. These are only some of the most beautiful glass paintings created throughout the world. They have shown the world how beautiful glass paintings can be.


Glass Paintings are one of the most beautiful creations of humankind. The combination of glass and colours creates an awesome effect. It totally transforms any kind of environment, whether it is church or a house. Glass Paintings are one of the most sought after types of paintings in the world in the present times. Some of the most well-known glass painting artists of the 20th century include Theo van Doesburg, Douglas Strachan etc. These people have enriched the world of glass painting and have transformed it. They are the influencers of the new generation of glass painters today.

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