Loic Zimmermann→Illustration works, 2008-20092

Amazing Fantasy Illustrations by Loic Zimmermann

Loic e338 Zimmermann is a French Concept Artist and 3D Supervisor (he was named Maya Master by Autodesk in 2009), working on movies in Los Angeles : Xmen FC, Thor, True Grit, Percy Jackson, Underworld, Wolverine, Book of Eli…

His illustrations have been published in many magazines and books and his personal works has been shown in exhibitions in France, England, Germany, canada and the US with his first Solo Show in Downtown LA last year.

Loic is increasingly focusing on his own artistic journey, a place where digital tools meet silkscreen, painting and collage.

Let’s enjoy his amazing works! And as always you can find more at his Behance Portfolio!

Hope you enjoyed today’s article! Looking forward to hear which one is your favourite! See you next time!

 (Images are displayed here because they are licensed by their creator under Creative commons – Attribution. Exclusively to showcase and promote the artists work!)

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/06/2014


I particularly like the girl with the bird hat, smoking a cigarette with a holder. But, all of them are amazing! Thanks for turning us on to Loic Zimmermann! Su