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Amazing Fantasy and Sci Fi Art by Miroslav Petrov

Today we have with us 23 exciting sci-fi and fantasy paintings by Miroslav Petrov. Let’s learn a bit more about this awesome artist, before we get to enjoy his brilliant works!

Amazing Fantasy and SciFi Art by Miroslav Petrov

Amazing Fantasy and SciFi Art by Miroslav Petrov

” Somewhere between socialism and something else, in the very begining of the upcoming long and cold winter in 1985 was born Miroslav with a marvellous for the time almost 5 kilograms weight.

The creation of Miro:

Till the age of 8-9 the primary observation from teachers was to accept Miro as infant prodigy, BUT some years elapsed and they found that they are and were terribly wrong. For the biggest regret mostly for Miroslav, he didn’t evolve at all from then… the facts tell that it is either because of PC games or the invading age of the naked women on the home screen…
I’ve been drawing since the age of 16-17. I was playing games for more than 10 hours a day when suddenly my biggest inspiration came from Warcraft 3. Samwise and his art team inspired me to start pushing the pencil very hard.After lots of long, painful nights of hard work and skills improvement I decided to step into digital art. I was hired as a concept and texture artist at mastheadstudios.net. I still work there on an ambitious projects and search for fresh ideas… and women. ”

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Let’s now enjoy his cool paintings! And remember that you can find much more at his Behance portfolio!

Hope you enjoyed today’s article! Looking forward to hear which one is your favourite! See you next time!

 (Images are displayed here because they are licensed by their creator under Creative commons – Attribution. Exclusively to showcase and promote the artists work!)

Article publié pour la première fois le 25/11/2013