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6 Australian Artists to Watch

Australia may not be the first country to come to mind when considering the world’s strongest artistic communities, however it is home to a great number of creative types, including ceramicists, sculptors, and painters. These are six of Australia’s most promising artistic talents:

Haze, by Johnny Romeo, acryilic on canvas, 2012

Haze, by Johnny Romeo, acryilic on canvas, 2012

Johnny Romeo – Johnny Romeo is an Australia artist acclaimed for his ability to mix word, color, and image into a style that’s been called “neo expressionist pop.” Johnny Romeo’s works focus on popular culture, the media, celebrity fetish, and brand name heroes. He mixes contemporary techniques with graffiti or street art to address issues of consumerism and society. His work is on display in public and private exhibitions in Australia as well as in international collections.

Michael van Langenberg – Michael van Langenberg brings substantial international experience to his art. His key focus is on the relationship between line, feel, and shade in various art forms. His painting plays with texture as well as with the layering of color in order to contrast the subject and the visual landscape. His works have been presented in individual collections throughout Australia as well as overseas.

Aelita Andre – Aelita Andre is an Australian painter known for her surrealist style. She began painting at just nine weeks of age and had her first public exhibition shortly soon after she turned two. Her first solo exhibition opened in New York City in 2011, when she was only four. Pieces by “the Pee-wee Picasso” routinely sell for thousands of dollars. If these beginnings are any worthwhile indication, Aelita is sure to have a long and successful career in art.

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Craig Ruddy – Born in Sydney, Australia, Craig Ruddy began practicing illustration in the late 1980s. In 2004, his portrait of Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil, “Two Worlds,” won the Archibald Prize, Australia’s highly regarded art award. Ruddy also won the Archibald Ancestors Choice Prize for his 2010 portrait of writer/director Warwick Thornton. The piece is known as “Prince of Darkness”. Despite his laudable achievements, Ruddy’s interest in art is unwavering. He credits his diligent practice of meditation and yoga with giving him the strength and courage to continue his craft.

Staring Down the Past, by Jason Benjamin, oil on linen, 2005

Staring Down the Past, by Jason Benjamin, oil on linen, 2005

Mesha Sendyk – Mesha Sendyk is an Australian abstract painter, who creates works of art that reflect on subjects of cosmology and the universe. Sendyk’s images have been described at “windows into consciousness.” Swirling solar systems and expanding universes raise questions of space and geometry. She is currently artist in residence for Galerie Art Seiller, Saint Paul de Vence.

Jason Benjamin – Jason Benjamin is an Australian painter, born in Melbourne in 1971 and now living in Sydney. In 2003, Benjamin became the youngest Australian artist to have sold a single work for $50,000. He was awarded the 2005 Packing Room Prize for a painting of actor Bill Hunter entitled Staring Down the Past, which he subject of the painting called “bloody marvelous.” Benjamin has won three Mosman Art Prizes and was a finalist for the 2011 Archibald Prize.

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