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4 Ways To Upcycle Stuff into Art

Decorating your home and garden well can get pretty expensive if you don’t want your place to look like the inside of a dentist’s office, with generic Wal-Mart paintings in kitschy frames stuck to your walls and your backyard design looking about as inspired as the plot of Eragon. Here are a few of the newest awesome low-cost trends in epic décor.

CC Photo by Stephen Shellard

CC Photo by Stephen Shellard – Source

Eye Bombing

As far as cost is concerned, eye-bombing is by far the cheapest option on this list. Eye-bombing is the practice of gluing little plastic eyeballs onto everyday items that can be made to appear humanoid through their application. Check out the linked site in the paragraph’s opening sentence to see a bunch of hilarious examples of eye-bombing genius. You can eye-bomb just about anything, from your door knobs, to windows, to toasters, to broken piping.

Painting Upgrades

With the internet at your fingertips it’s extremely easy to get your hands on some cheap framed art. Grab something classic that people will recognize and see what kind of modifications you can make. If you can be subtle enough about it that people don’t notice right away you get bonus points. Check out this version of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and you’ll see what I mean. Besides taking a second to catch, this particular artist (Terry Lightfoot) made a direct reference to Doctor Who, which pretty much identifies them as awesome right from the start, but the best part is that the artist manages to mirror Van Gogh’s style near perfectly so that it really takes a second to figure out what’s going on.

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Trash Eco-Art

In the last few years recycling has broadened from a planet saving initiative to a general movement centered around the cyclical use of resources for its own sake, which has brought us to the interesting world of garbage art. Check out this creative use of retired car tires for a great example. Different types of art range from old boots turned into flower pots, to cars filled with dirt and turned into gardens.

Creative Everyday Items

Getting creative to transform items that you use every day to express yourself artistically through your home is tricky, but if you can pull it off it’s the holy grail in DIY home décor. Check out this fork egg holder for a bit of inspiration. If you’re considerably more talented and crafty than I am you can consider attempting something more intense, like these toilet roll faces which might be the single coolest thing I’ve dug up on the internet today, or ever really.

With this type of art the sky is the limit. You’re only limited by the limits of your own imagination. If you’ve picked up nothing else from this article you’ll have notices that you can make some pretty amazing stuff out of otherwise innocuous everyday type of items. Don’t let this short list limit your options, get out there, pick a random item and turn it into your very own art.

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