Classic meets the contemporary in journey back and forth in time. Experience art & painting from Renaissance to Today. 


Who writes all this stuff?

The main author & editor of this blog is Spyros Thalassinos. For the curious, Spyros was a former C/C++ developer back in the dinosaur ages. He deeply fallen in love with visual arts though. So initially self learning, and then much later on attending a graphic design school, he set out to become a Designer!

Spyros has been working both independently (as a freelance designer) and in design studios since 2007. He currently works as designer at Extend Graphics and specializing in Brand Identity and Web Design.

If you are curious or want to hire him you can check out his portfolio and drop him an e-mail!

When he is not busy designing or referring to himself in the 3rd person, you can find him reading books and watching video tutorials to expand his knowledge. He also loves to blog here about his favourite topics: art, design and photography.

You can see all the social networks he is active and connect with him.

In addition we accept guest posts. And many of our amazing articles have been written by guest authors.

Do you still accept guest articles?

Yes but submit your pitch through “Write for us” page after you read and understand our submission guidelines! Pitches sent from any other form for guest articles, will be ignored!

Why my article has been deleted?

On 27/1/13 we removed over 207 guest articles from our website all coming from My Blog Guest gallery, due to disagreement with the site’s policies. If your article was one of those, we are truly sorry. Instead of wasting time contacting us, just go ahead and publish it elsewhere. 

We’ll also remove without hesitation any articles, that we suspect are re-spinned, stolen, inaccurate or outdated.

How can i advertise with you?

Make your ideas art is a non profit organization and we accept the minimum amount of advertising to support the site’s expenses. So don’t bother with low quality offers. You can visit the advertise with us page, and read more information.

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